Save Money & Trees by Cutting Your Toilet Paper Usage in Half

When you ask minimalists, frugalists, or tree huggers how you can get by with no wasteful toilet paper or “less” toilet paper you will typically hear them sing the praises of family cloth. I have dabbled with it myself over the years but usually return to toilet paper, for the sake of less laundry. Family cloth is is basically the use of reusable cloth rags or wipes instead of toilet paper. You have a collection of the cloths by

Tips on Creating An Indoor Herb Garden and Its Benefits

Are you planning to build your indoor herb garden? Did you know that having your indoor garden has a lot of advantages? Get to know how you can create your indoor herb garden and the benefits that you can get from them by reading the information below. People who are a big fan of homemade meals with fresh herbs will love the comfort of having an indoor herb garden. Just a few leaves can bring out the rich flavor of the meal. If you have a window in your home that can get enough sunlight of at least 4 hours, there

Fascia Blasting Resources, Products and Supplies

Fascia blasting has turned out to be a more involved process than originally thought. You see, you need to heat your body internally and externally for the best results. You need to exercise specific muscles in specific ways to fire and build the underlying muscle. You also need slippery oils (DIY or purchased) and a way to store your devices without breaking them. It can get quite pricey when you add up

How Parents Can Protect Their Children When They Are Online

The World Wide Web is endless, providing people from all walks of life entertainment and information at will. Children are especially curious, so they are more than likely going to spend more time surfing the web than adults. For this reason, parents need to find effective ways to keep them safe, when they are online. If you are not familiar with

Spruce Naturals Deodorant

I have written about deodorant many times here over the years and reviewed my fair share of products to find the best ones. It is actually a tall order to find a good, natural deodorant. You may find many that are made of safe and natural ingredients, that part is not hard. But finding one actually works like their conventional, toxic counterparts is quite a bit harder. The ingredients list may be impressive but the ability to actually control odors for more than an hour is usually what is lacking. It smells mice, it feels nice going on, and then an hour or two later you reek and you walk around wondering

Best Foods to Beat Stress

Did you know that making a few changes to your diet can help you beat the stress you experience at home and at work? When you eat junk foods, you don’t feel as great about yourself. Foods that are high in sugar and junk carbs can leave you feeling bloated and tired, which will make stress even worse. Choosing the right foods can improve your general health and leave you smiling when you encounter stress. You can even toss in

Geology Lab for Kids

Want some activity ideas for your kiddos that will provide fun and education. Always! As a big fan of unschooling, even though my children are in public school, I am big on games, crafts, field trips, and activities that involve learning without really trying. Enter Geology Lab for Kids – 52 Projects to explore rocks, gems, geodes, crystals, fossils, and other wonders of the earth’s surface. The book breaks up into 12 fun unit studies so this is really kind of perfect for homeschoolers and unschoolers who want to use it for some science learning and fun. It is a year’s worth of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities. Here are a few

How Being Organized Can Save Time and Money

So are you bad with money or are you just disorganized? So many folks who think they just aren’t “good with money” are in actuality lacking good organizational skills. Being good with money is more about having a good mindset and good habits. Those habits need to be rooted in a very organized system. It is time to release your inner nerd and GET ORGANIZED! Once you do that, the money stuff will flow a whole lot easier. The same applies to time mismanagement. You have all the time you need, you just need to allocate things better and organize your life better. Organization is beneficial for everyone

Ylang Ylang and Fennel Ice Cream

The inspiration for this ice cream began when I had a similar flavor at a local artisan ice cream shop. The sweetness of fennel and the floral notes from the Ylang Ylang essential oil just sang to me. And because I can source grassfed cream from the same local farm, making our own version was a no brainer. It is good….no REALLY good. It is silky, sweet, and luxurious. The addition of the candied fennel seeds also gives

Instant Pot Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls

So I got a wonderfully large head of cabbage from my local CSA delivery service this week and I wanted to try my hand at making cabbage rolls. As often happens though, when the time comes to actually make the recipe, it seems like too much work. Blanch the rolls to soften them, fill them up, roll them, cooking time is too long, etc. Instant Pot to the rescue. I took all the ingredients I wanted to use for my cabbage rolls and tossed it all in the Instant Pot. In six minutes we had a lovely deconstructed cabbage

GloryBrew 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Every morning for the past few weeks my day has begun with GloryBrew coffee, bulletproof of course. Yes these are coffee pods and yes we do have a Keurig (the 2.0 specifically). My husband adores it…seriously its a little concerning just how MUCH he adores it. So I embrace the Keurig and its kcups too. Marriage

Frugal Friday – Feeling the ibotta Love

Here are my recent wins with money… ibotta – So I am a bit late to this game I think. I joined the app about a year or so ago and quickly decided that the rebates offered where not for stuff I would normally buy. So just like coupons for random stuff you don’t need, this app was not a good fit. Fast forward to NOW and

Eco Stuff to do With the Kids This Summer

With summer vacation approaching, you might be wondering what your children are going to be doing this year with all that time off. We’ve put together some things to try out with the kids that’ll keep them busy and hopefully save you money too. Do some decorating Whether it’s painting the walls, upcycling a chair, or scouring curbs for tossed treasures, summer is prime time for decorating and designing. The warmer days should make paint dry faster and you’ll go back to school or work knowing that you’ve improved your home. Yard sale If

Natural Ways to Remedy Vaginal Dryness

This may be one of those taboo subjects for you, that you don’t like to discuss. But a mom/woman striving for health should always consider her own reproductive health and the health of her sex life. All too often when we experience a health issue we reach for a prescription bottle, which may help with the symptoms of initial concern but they open up a whole other can of worms, such as low sex drive or dryness. Perhaps these issues are creeping up on their own due to

You Just Bought a House! Don’t Go Broke Making Improvements

So you just bought a house. Congrats! A place of your very own, you are adulting for real now. You are probably itching to make the place the your own and who can blame you? Tap the breaks just a wee bit though. Buying a new home can actually end up being way more expensive than you bargained for when you start decorating or begin a series of renovations. Now is the time to practice contentment and to track every penny in your budget because new home fever can set in and it can get ugly. 

Try to Eat Veggies or Fruit With Each Meal

One of the best and easiest steps you can make towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family is to simply eat veggies or fruit with each meal. Sounds easy right? It actually is. Reaching your health goals means adjusting your diet. Small changes make things a bit more “digestible”. Add Them to Food You Eat One of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your diet is to add them to foods that you

5 Steps to Help Encourage Your Kids to Love Nature

Do you ever worry that your children don’t seem to love being outdoors as much as they should do? There’s so much to enjoy about nature, but in an age of gaming, virtual reality and relentless selfie-taking it can be hard to imagine how our children are ever going to appreciate the world outside their

Got Goals? Ready to Try Meditation?

Due to the fast pace of the modern world, making time to relax and focus has become a difficult task. Even when we make time, we often feel as though we can’t truly relax and live in the moment. Our mind wanders to our struggles, our busy schedule, our conflicts, and our worries. A truly healthy mind requires training to be able to accomplish that kind of focus. Learning the skill of meditation is a great way to achieve a high level of focus and control over your mind. It has a variety of benefits to reveal if you are willing to take the time to develop the skill.

Using Targeted Pest Control To Protect Wildlife

Wildlife pests are extremely frustrating. They dig up our flowers, devour our vegetable gardens, and potentially spread disease to our pets or even to people. When we find out we have a wildlife problem, we get very emotional and develop a serious vindictive streak. All we can think about is revenge when we find our juicy tomatoes laid to waste or our meticulous garden work dug

Stop Complaining and Focus On Solutions

I have some brutally honest words to share with you today and for some of you, it will not be the easiest thing to read and come to grasp with. I know, I have been on the other end before and thought…”Geez…what do they know! They don’t know me or what I struggle with!” I’m sharing this because it’s important to me to see you succeed and to make a real positive change in your life and your level of courage and self-confidence. I hate when women

DIY Cellulite & Fascia Blasting Oil

Are you a blaster yet? As in a Fascia Blaster? If you have no idea what I am talking about I recommend you visit the FasciaBlaster® web site, watch the YouTube videos associated with the woman behind this company, and also join the private Facebook group with almost 300,000 members. Oh

Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone want a lovely white smile right? Well, whitening your teeth can be a costly process. If you commit to a professional tooth whitening routine, you have to pay for routine visits to your dentist. If you want to do it from the comfort of your home, you may end up purchasing several kits. There is a much bigger issue than cost though. Both of these options use chemical bleaches that are far from natural, safe

Making Yogurt in a Lux Instant Pot

So you have an instant pot and you want to make yogurt. Everyone is making yummy yogurt in their Instant Pot’s right? Sadly, all the recipes you come across tell you to use the yogurt button and you don’t have that button because you have the Lux version. Well you too can make yogurt, no worries. Here is is the