Norwegians suffer from desperate shortage of parking, will come to America in droves

We learn from Streetfilms that they are removing all the parking in Oslo; no wonder they want to leave.

Remembering conservation visionary Leon Rajaobelina

Conservation International remembers Leon Rajaobelina, longtime head of the Madagascar program.

8 Hacks to Making Your Workspace More Inspiring –

Care2.com8 Hacks to Making Your Workspace More InspiringCare2.comWhat does your workspace look like? If you're actively working at your workspace, it may be covered in an eclectic layer of paperwork, electronic cords and old yogurt lids. And let's face it, that's not an inspiring place to work. The design of your …

‘Green Fleet Radio’ coming to Lakeshore Public Radio –'Green Fleet Radio' coming to Lakeshore Public Radionwitimes.comA new show about green living, improved air quality and renewable energy is coming to the local National Public Radio affiliate. NPR affiliate Lakeshore Public Radio will start airing South Shore Clean Cities' "Green Fleet Radio" on Jan. 17. “South …

The Power Forest

In the course of writing a book about what free-living animals learn from each other, I find myself on the Tambopata River in southeast Peru. The nearest town is Puerto Maldonado but from there the trip is all upriver. Wheeled vehicles are useless in this forest, and there are none. The surrounding forest has been officially protected with designations of national reserve and national park. Perhaps the strangest thing is that while it takes very special skills for humans

Scientists Are Making Carbon Fiber From Plants Instead of Petroleum

Carbon fiber is the Superman of materials. Five times stronger than steel and a fraction of the weight, it is used in everything from tennis rackets to golf clubs to bicycles to wind turbine blades to passenger airplanes to Formula One race cars . There’s just one catch: Carbon fiber is made from oil and other costly ingredients, making the end product exceptionally expensive. That’s why carbon fiber shows up in race cars but rarely makes it into minivans. That could change. Scientists say it may soon be possible to make carbon fiber from plants instead of petroleum, driving down costs, making the material more widely available for use in cars, planes and other vehicles. Carbon fiber is made from

Lobsters to get a slightly less horrific death in Switzerland

Live crustaceans will no longer be forced to lounge on ice or be thrust into boiling vats of water without being stunned first.

The Ray: 18-mile stretch of road is a testbed for a "regenerative highway ecosystem"

What will the highways of the near future look like? This road project aims to create “a corridor that reconnects and restores us.”

5 Hacks to Successfully Start Anything –

Care2.com5 Hacks to Successfully Start AnythingCare2.comYes, eating the pie is your ultimate goal, but to get there, you must take many small bites. And odds are, you'll be more focused on enjoying each individual bite than you are on finishing the pie. Think: what is one thing you can do

Green light for Edinburgh Marina retirement living scheme – Scottish Housing News

Scottish Housing NewsGreen light for Edinburgh Marina retirement living schemeScottish Housing NewsA 'unique' waterside retirement living scheme which will form a key element of the forthcoming £500 million Edinburgh Marina redevelopment has secured detailed planning permission. Living for Retirement has been designed by Wilson Gunn exclusively for …

World’s Largest Solar Plant Secures Key Milestone in Development

South Australia—home to the world’s largest battery —is one step closer to also hosting the world’s largest solar thermal power plant following developmental approval from the state government. California-based SolarReserve is behind the $650 million, 150-megawatt ” Aurora ” project that will be located 30 kilometers north of Port Augusta. Solar thermal plants are different from traditional photovoltaic panels on rooftops and solar farms. These plants, also known as concentrated solar plants, consists of a large field of moveable mirrors, or heliostats, that concentrate the sun’s rays to a central

‘Tide Is Turning’: Cheers Erupt for NYC’s Suit Against Fossil Fuel Giants and Divestment

By Andrea Germanos Climate advocates hailed what they say is a “watershed” moment on Wednesday following two announcements by New York City: that the city would seek to divest its pension funds from fossil fuels within five years, and that it filed suit against give five fossil fuel giants for their role in driving the climate crisis . “This is a first-in-the-nation step to protect our future and our planet—for this generation and the next,” said Comptroller Scott M. Stringer. Stringer announced last month that he would soon bring a proposal to the trustees of the pension funds that included divestment. Following through

Meet the man who flies with the birds in order to save them (video)

A former meteorologist, Christian Moullec flies an ultralight to guide vulnerable birds on safe migration routes.

7 beauty trends that have us excited for 2018

Could the mainstream beauty industry finally be embracing healthier, greener habits? It appears so.

Who’s Googling Environmental Terms? –

Earth911.comWho's Googling Environmental Terms?“We need to continue connecting to people and exploring the social interest in sustainability and green living if we're ever going to move forward in a way that is good for the planet and good for the people living on it.” As the Salt Lake City results …

Green Blades Garden Club: Designer Gillian Drummond on living with flowers – Tryon Daily Bulletin

Tryon Daily BulletinGreen Blades Garden Club: Designer Gillian Drummond on living with flowersTryon Daily BulletinThis Thursday, Jan. 11, at 1:30 p.m. at Tryon Fine Arts Center, the Green Blades Garden Club will host its January program, The Inspiration of Living with Flowers, featuring guest speaker Gillian Drummond of Drummond House Interiors. Audience

Hundreds of Flying Foxes ‘Boil’ in Extreme Australia Heat

The catastrophic heat wave in Australia led to the death of hundreds of flying foxes in the Sydney suburb of Campbelltown on Sunday. Temperatures hit 117.14 degrees Fahrenheit in the Sydney metropolitan area that day—its hottest temperature in nearly 80 years. “So many little lives lost due to the extreme heat and not enough canopy cover to shade them or keep them cool,” the Help Save the Wildlife and Bushlands in Campbelltown campaign posted on Facebook. “As the dead bodies were recovered and placed in

Clean Energy in 2018: Here’s What to Expect

By John Rogers While the year 2017 is one I don’t mind seeing in the rear view mirror (and I’ve got colleagues that would agree ), in the field of clean energy we made a whole lot o’ progress. A new year, if I’ve done my math right, means 12 more months to move the ball forward on clean energy. Here are a few things I’ll be keeping my eyes

How one couple adapted their tiny home to welcome a baby

Take a look at how this tiny house couple modified their home to make it safe and comfortable for a new addition to the family.

These electric car charging stations help drivers fuel up on sunshine

Brightfield’s Solar Driven charging stations generate clean electricity, feed the grid, and charge electric vehicles.

Cut Your Energy Bills with One Simple Step –

Care2.comCut Your Energy Bills with One Simple StepCare2.comIf you live in a cold climate, it can be expensive to keep your home comfortable during the winter. You may have buttoned up your home by putting weather stripping on your doors and windows, programming your thermostat, switching your ceiling fans to …

Tips for Living With Blind Cat or Dog – One Green Planet

One Green PlanetTips for Living With Blind Cat or DogOne Green PlanetBlind dogs and cats are just like any other animal; they feel, they love, and they can lead perfectly normal and healthy lives. But of course, just like living with a dog with three legs, or a cat who has experienced previous trauma, there are certain …and more »

4 Key Questions About the Surprising Winter Storm Grayson

By Erika Spanger-Siegfried On Thursday in Massachusetts we were asking ourselves questions that have rarely, if ever, needed asking. What happens when half-frozen seawater suddenly floods onto roadways? Can something the consistency of a milkshake and 3 feet deep be plowed? There’s a large dumpster floating down the street … What depth of water is sufficient to do that? What happens if some of this water freezes in place before it retreats (as I write this, the temps have plummeted to 12 degrees F and