Is Your State Bicycle-Friendly?

By Davis Harper Do you live in the safest or the most dangerous state for riding a bike? The 2017 Bicycle Friendly State Report Card has the answer. Each year, the League of American Bicyclists , an advocacy group founded in 1880 to improve street conditions for bikers, releases a detailed ranking that cyclists can use to track where it’s safe, and not so safe, to hop on wheels. The group also monitors each state’s progress toward increased bicycle safety. The rankings are derived from a variety of factors, including five key bicycle-friendly actions, federal data on bicycling conditions, and summaries with feedback on how each state

How to avoid using paper towels

Paper towels may be convenient, but washable, reusable cloths are better for the environment.

Minimalist aVOID tiny house is an ever-transforming living experience (Video)

It’s a multifunctional space that hides everything behind its pared-down walls.

The Cooking Oil that Could Damage Your Memory and Cause Weight Gain –

Care2.comThe Cooking Oil that Could Damage Your Memory and Cause Weight GainCare2.comWhen we think of dementia, most people think of aging, brain injury or a symptom of a brain disease. Few people consider their cooking oil as a culprit in memory loss or dementia, but research suggests maybe we should look no further than our frying …

Is Obsessing About a Healthy Diet an Eating Disorder? –

Care2.comIs Obsessing About a Healthy Diet an Eating Disorder?Care2.comFor most of us, taking some extra care to make healthy food choices often leads to better health and quality of life. But for some, striving to eat healthy can become a potentially dangerous eating disorder known as orthorexia. Read on to find out how …

The Most Valued Anti-Poaching Equipment May Surprise You

By Heartie Look In recent years, the battle against wildlife poaching in Africa has taken a high-tech turn. Night-vision goggles, body armor and unmanned aerial vehicles have all become part of the modern ranger armament. But for rangers on the ground, their actual requests are often more everyday—starting with a good pair of socks. “It is not always the fancy kit that rangers need,” said Keith Roberts, executive director for wildlife trafficking at Conservation International (CI). “It is rather the basics

Watch: Poke Bowls Are Trendy, but Are They Sustainable?

Poke, a dish made from raw tuna, is enjoying huge popularity far beyond its native Hawaii. But where is all that fish coming from? It turns out that tracking down the source of that tasty yellowfin or bigeye can be a hard task—and that raises some major sustainability concerns.

43.6% of Denmark’s electricity came from wind last year

And the number of turbines has actually decreased…

Trying to get pregnant? Avoid polluted air

A new study has found that exposure to air pollution around the time of conception increases risk of birth defects.

Which Fruits and Vegetables Boost DNA Repair? –

Care2.comWhich Fruits and Vegetables Boost DNA Repair?“In the light of strikingly consistent observations from many epidemiological [population-based] studies, there can be little doubt that the habitual consumption of diets high in fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the risk of development of …

National view: Energy favoritism is clear in all the hype for renewables – Duluth News Tribune

Duluth News TribuneNational view: Energy favoritism is clear in all the hype for renewablesDuluth News TribuneIgnoring these subsidies creates a deeper, more obstinate problem, a sort of Potemkin Village effect that magnifies public enthusiasm for the green revolution. This leads advocates to overstate the public's desire for green living, in some cases …

10 Top Conservation Tech Innovations From 2017

By Sue Palminteri Technology is changing how we investigate and protect planet Earth. The increased portability and reduced cost of data collection and synthesis tools, for instance—from visual and acoustic sensors to DNA sequencers, online mapping platforms and apps for sharing photos—have rapidly transformed how we research and conserve the natural world. These tools afford research and conservation projects across the globe an unprecedented capacity to access, collect, organize, analyze and convey information. But these new tools are being developed and deployed so quickly, it can be hard to stay on

Why a Crawfisherman Is Fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

By Emilie Karrick Surrusco Jody Meche and his family have harvested crawfish from Louisiana ‘s Atchafalaya Basin for generations. When he set his first trap in the 1980s, he hauled in an abundant catch. These days, his traps come back full of dead crawfish. Meche holds the oil and gas industry responsible for the steady destruction of a way of life that depends on the bounty of our nation’s largest river swamp. The industry dodged

Ozone hole is officially shrinking, proof that international treaties can be effective

New NASA study offers first direct proof that the ozone hole is recovering thanks to the Montreal Protocol treaty and the international ban on CFCs.

Bellcycle is a weird front-wheel drive bike that you assemble yourself

With a totally unique upright riding position, front wheel drive, and the ability to assemble it in different configurations, the Bellcycle might just be weird enough to catch on.

Meat Industry Reaction To New Cancer Guidelines | Care2 Healthy … –

Care2.comMeat Industry Reaction To New Cancer Guidelines | Care2 Healthy …Care2.comWhat was the meat industry's response to leading cancer charities' recommendation to stop eating processed meat, like bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausage, and lunchmeat? The industry acknowledges that the most recent international cancer prevention …and more »

10 Ways to Start 2018 on a Green Foot –

Care2.com10 Ways to Start 2018 on a Green FootCare2.comWith 2017 come and gone, there's no better time than now to turn over a new leaf. The beginning of a new year brings new possibilities, and we make resolutions that we hope will stick over the next 365 days. Whether you're hoping to hit the gym more …

Let’s Make 2018 the Year We Rise Up and Regenerate!

“…the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.” — Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays. It was a soil scientist who reminded me recently of something we self-obsessed humans often forget: We don’t need to worry about saving the planet. The planet will save itself. Planet Earth will survive in one form or another, no matter what damage we

New Study Showing Ozone Recovery Hailed as Model for Tackling Climate Crisis

By Jake Johnson Hailed as an example of how concerted global action can help solve a planetary crisis, a new study conducted by NASA scientists documented the first direct evidence that an international effort to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) has led to the recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole . Published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters on Thursday, the study uses satellite observations to demonstrate that the decline in atmospheric chlorine that resulted from the implementation of the Montreal Protocol , enacted in 1989, has led to “about 20 percent less ozone depletion during the Antarctic winter

Why you should avoid free two-day shipping

Speedy deliveries of online purchases come at a much higher environmental cost than slower ones.

Jargon Watch: Design for Disposability

Leyla Acaroglu explains how we got into this mess.

In South America, are the tides turning against illegal fishing?

A Conservation International scientist explains how the Ecuadorean government handled a case of illegal fishing.

Best of 2017: The most valued anti-poaching equipment? It may surprise you

One of the most important pieces of equipment for rangers is their socks.