Kuli Kuli: A superstar of superfoods

First in a monthly series highlighting women-led ventures in the green economy.

This solar startup wants to help you and your business kick the water bottle habit

If the electric grid can be decentralized, why can’t the water system?

Panasonic to Transform Denver Into Smart, Sustainable City of the Future

Though widely known for its consumer electronics products, Panasonic is using its tech expertise to focus on a new venture: creating smart, sustainable cities of the future. Building on the success of its Sustainable Smart Town in Fujisawa, Japan — a factory turned thriving community complete with EV charging stations, IoT-enabled homes and businesses, and a renewable energy system providing a five-day storage of off-grid power

Trending: Fossil Fuels Finally Taking a Back Seat to Wind

Wind’s potential to fuel the next economy is no longer speculation, but rather fact. According to new research by Research & Markets, energy statistics from Denmark and a pledge made by the UK government to phase out coal by 2025, fossil fuels are officially on the decline. The global market for wind turbines

Big New Year questions on the environment and politics

New Year articles and blogs often predict what is going to happen in the year ahead. But after the political upsets of the past couple years, it seems more appropriate to pose questions than predict outcomes. So here are some of the important questions that need addressing this year, starting, inevitably, with Brexit. 1. Hard questions on post-Brexit trade deals

The Inconvenient Youth: Pestering others on pro-social behavior

Two researchers set out to learn how, and how much, young people can influence others to change their environmental behaviors.

Why voluntary climate risk disclosure is going mainstream

When the G20 speaks, investors and companies listen.

Why the Sharing Economy Will Matter (to Your Life and Business) in 2018

The sharing economy is proving to be the biggest business trend of all time; and as we say goodbye to 2017, we could look back on the year that saw potential valuations of this new economy soar to $2 trillion[1] and to the battles in cities across the world to adapt to new models of accessing shared resources. Instead, I’d like to look forward to what’s in store for 2018. Others may predict mainstream adoption of AI, increased live interactions, live-streaming video content, social learning, blockchain adoption by big players, breakthroughs in zero-emission cars, the Indian economy

‘Blue Planet II’ Demonstrates Mainstream Media’s Role in Driving Consumer Behavior Change

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral part of business practice, but consumers continue to hold the key to achieving long-term change — a concept that has been widely observed by consulting firms and multinational corporations alike. New data from online search behavioral specialist Hitwise reaffirms this and demonstrates how mainstream television can be used to inspire consumers into action. The study centered around Blue Planet

Why Siemens, GE and Rolls-Royce are turning to 3D printing

Inside the pluses and minuses of additive manufacturing.

The circular economy keeps innovation in play

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: Dame Ellen MacArthur discusses how the circular economy is transforming businesses.

Cargill, Techstars Aim to Future-Fit the Food System with Farm-to-Fork Accelerator

Cargill is betting on tech to future-fit the food system: the agricultural giant has partnered with Techstars and Ecolab to launch the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator in an effort to accelerate food industry innovation. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the Accelerator will kick off in the summer of 2018. “We are thrilled to welcome some of the brightest minds in food and ag tech into Cargill and

Trending: Barclays, TD Bank Catalyze Low-Carbon Economy Through Sustainable Finance

Catalyzing the transition to a low-carbon economy will require more than just innovation — capital is required to bring meaningful solutions to scale. Banks have an important role to play, providing investors and businesses alike with the tools necessary to incentivize and drive change. Following in the recent footsteps of ING and

Northwestern Mutual Campaign Challenges Consumers to Redefine the #GoodLife

Financial security company Northwestern Mutual has launched a new brand campaign with the aim of reframing people’s idea of the #GoodLife, by helping them plan for their financial futures and feel empowered to make the most of enjoying life every single day. “Our research uncovered the constant struggle Americans are experiencing between living for now and saving for later,” said Aditi Gokhale, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern Mutual. “People are in a balancing act of how they can enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow,

NRDC Mapping Tool Links Apparel Brands to Their Suppliers’ Environmental Performance

A new mapping tool created by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and China’s Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) is ushering in a new era for transparency in China. The IPE Green Supply Chain Map — the only of its kind in the world — openly links multinational corporations to their suppliers’ environmental performance. Based on publicly available data from the Chinese government, IPE’s database and map provide real-time data and historical trends in air

Here’s an optimistic, forward-looking ‘year in review’ for 2018

It’s up to the corporate world to help make these dreamed-for accomplishments a reality.

Designing a company that nurtures big ideas

The key to developing people and creating a regenerative business.

Trending: Local Solutions Could Hold the Key to Reducing Global Food Waste

While food industry giants and software companies have played an important role in creating solutions for reducing food waste, local community members are proving to be just as critical in driving the movement forward. Efforts to curb food waste in Europe, the UK and North America are on the rise, with new solutions

New Business Models Disrupting Mobility in Latin America

New analysis from business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has revealed that the Latin American market is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift in regards to mobility, with greater emphasis being placed on the creation of an on-demand, integrated, multi-modal mobility network. The transition is being driven by changing demographics, preferences and technology. Frost & Sullivan’s Latin America New Mobility Business Models, Forecast to 2023 explores the market for, and impact of, new business models in Latin America, and analyzes the growing trends in shared and integrated mobility towards 2023, focusing on Argentina, Brazil, Chile and

Business leaders can rally to these promising policy battles in 2018

Here’s where you’ll find opportunity for greatness and innovation fit for the future

Episode 106: Resilience is the ‘new normal’; rebuilding PR’s grid

In this week’s episode, the circular economy helps the developing world, taking ‘net positive’ with a grain of salt and avoiding the climate apocalypse.

Trending: Norway Driving Low-Carbon Mobility with Lighting Tech, Enticing Incentives

Norway is paving the way to a more energy efficient, low-carbon future through new intelligent lighting technology and strong financial incentives. The Norwegian government is rolling out a new lighting technology that aims to reduce energy consumption on the country’s less-traveled roads. The system, which is being piloted an hour outside of Oslo in the small town of Hole, relies

Trending: Circular Sportswear Is Next on Sustainable Fashion’s Checklist

Circular design principles continue to infiltrate the fashion industry as fast fashion giants and emerging labels alike turn their attention to sustainable activewear. Despite recent criticism over its decision to send its discarded clothing to Swedish incinerators, H&M continues to stride forward on its mission to accelerate the circular fashion movement. The fast fashion brand has expanded its Conscious Collection to include an activewear