How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms

By Laura Sorkin Shiitake mushrooms require faith in the unseen. The fungi flourish under the cover of bark for nine to twelve months preceding the first harvest, during which eternity you can do little more than cross your fingers. Once established, though, the crop will produce fruit for approximately seven years. Plus, these umami bombs fetch as much as $20 per pound at farmers markets. Up for the challenge? You’ll want to get started now, harvesting the logs that will serve as your growing medium before trees bud out and

How to shovel snow

The TreeHugger guide to snow shovelling will help you survive the winter.

Smartphones have made parenting harder than ever

Giving a kid a phone “feels a little like trying to teach your kid how to use cocaine, but in a balanced way.”

This Amber Teething Necklace Will End Teething Woes

As parents, just about all of us have been there: your baby has started teething, and you have no idea what to do. Or maybe our toddler woke up in a great mood, only to dissolve into a sad, drooling mess halfway through the day. Whatever the age, the next steps are usually the same: you panic, flail around trying to figure out the best way

Trending: New Cross-Industry Partnerships to Give Circular Design Major Push

The circular economy continues to gain steam as key players in the sustainability sphere join forces to unlock new opportunities to create positive impacts. First, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) have announced a new partnership designed to drive momentum towards a circular economy. For the past two years, C2CPII has been an affiliate member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s pre-competitive innovation program — the Circular Economy 100 (CE100) — and contributed to

Philip Morris Is Giving Up Cigarettes — and Asking UK Consumers to Do the Same

Although it may seem counterintuitive for a company to discourage consumers from buying its products, we have seen this strategy work in brands’ favor in the past — Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign resulted in an overwhelming positive response from consumers who took extra time to learn about the brand’s mission before making a purchase. Now, one company with a notoriously controversial product is attempting to pivot its business model to be more socially responsible — and

Slowing Our Metabolism With Nitrate-Rich Vegetables | Care2 … –

Care2.comSlowing Our Metabolism With Nitrate-Rich Vegetables | Care2 …Care2.comThe reason greens are associated with a significantly longer lifespan may be because, like caloric restriction, they improve our energy efficiency.and more »

Green Living: Artist’s salvaged exhibition forces Vancouverites to face waste –

Straight.comGreen Living: Artist's salvaged exhibition forces Vancouverites to face wasteStraight.comConstructed from recovered trash, Asim Waqif's immersive Salvaged installation runs at the Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite until April 15. Lucy Lau. If you've walked, driven, or cycled past the Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite, an outdoor exhibition …

‘Clean Energy Is a Fundamental Civil Right’: Major Campaign to Expand Access to Solar

The NAACP is launching a major environmental justice campaign on Jan. 13 to mark the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. The ” Solar Equity Initiative ” aims to provide solar job skills training to 100 individuals, install solar panels on more than 30 homes and community centers in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, and strengthen equity in solar access policies in at least five states. The first panels will be installed on transitional housing for domestic violence survivors being served by the Los Angeles-based Jenesse Center , a nationally recognized non-profit domestic violence prevention and intervention organization

What Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About Medical Marijuana

By C. Michael White On Jan. 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole memo , a 2013 document that limits federal enforcement of marijuana laws. This opens the door for a crackdown in the nine states with legal recreational marijuana. The Cole memo is one of two documents that prevent the U.S. Justice Department from treating marijuana as a Schedule I drug , defined as a substance with no accepted medical treatment and high potential for abuse. The other is the 2014 Rohrabacher–Farr amendment . This legislation bars

Another reason to avoid free two-day shipping: they are shipping dogfood by air

The carbon footprint of air freight is ten times that of truck freight; perhaps it’s time for “slow shopping.”

Dental extractions are at an all-time high among British children

They’re eating far too much sugar.

Nissan-Renault Insists It’s ‘Not Going to Relinquish’ Leadership on Electric Mobility

Nissan Motors did not unveil a new electric vehicle at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The Japanese automaker had a sizable expo display, but opted not to hold a high-production-values press event. Instead, Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of France-based Renault, chairman and former CEO of Japan-based Nissan, as well as chairman of Mitsubishi

2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #2

A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook page during the past week. Editor’s Pick Climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam Harvesting rice. Phuong D. Nguyen / The Vietnamese Mekong Delta is one of Earth’s most agriculturally productive regions and is of global importance for its exports of rice, shrimp, and fruit. The 18m inhabitants of this low-lying river delta are also some of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change. Over the last ten years around 1.7m people have migrated out of its vast expanse of fields, rivers and canals while only 700,000 have arrived. On a global level migration to urban areas remains as high as ever: one

Five Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen

Forget the expensive beauty treatments that you buy in a store and which cost you half of your paycheck to purchase. Some of the best beauty products available can be found right on your kitchen shelves. Here are the top five beauty treatments that you could walk into your kitchen and make or use to improve your beauty regimen today. #1: A Teeth Whitener Like You’ve Never Seen Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but all you need to make the most amazing teeth whitener are some strawberries and some baking soda.

Trending: New Tools Help Companies Measure Workplace Culture, Employee Impacts

Companies are increasingly becoming aware that the business case for corporate social responsibility has grown beyond environmental sustainability and social impact to include positive workplace culture and employee well-being as values necessary to remain competitive in a rapidly changing economy. WeSpire, an engagement platform that provides sustainability and social impact programs to global corporations, has expanded its SaaS platform to include two new modules: Well-being and Positive Culture. The new modules aim to enable forward-thinking companies to improve employee well-being and create and sustain positive organizational values, behaviors and cultures. With Forbes dubbing 2018 “The Year of Employee Experience,” WeSpire’s expansion is a timely one. New research conducted by Gallup has also demonstrated

Can Huawei Crack the US Market Without Environmental Credentials?

Your bus shelter and web browser may soon be blanketed with ads promoting “The best phone you’ve never heard of,” heralding the arrival of a new smartphone that has finally come to town. Who is this mysterious “newcomer”? None other than Chinese IT giant Huawei. Huawei, which is already the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the arrival of its flagship smartphone, the Mate 10 Pro, to the US market. This breakthrough marks Huawei’s latest attempt to wedge into the US market. Huawei already holds nearly 11 percent of the global market share in

We are all social entrepreneurs

We need to foster people using business for a higher purpose. The good thing is, people don’t need to start or own a business to participate.

What is an Eco Lodge? (The Top 10 Eco Lodges in the World)

What is an Eco Lodge? (The Top 10 Eco Lodges in the World) originally appeared on Green Global Travel. One of the questions we get asked most frequently by our readers involves how to choose a responsible tour operator, eco lodge or green hotel.   Research shows that global interest in ecotourism (which was defined by The International Ecotourism Society as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people”) has grown rapidly in recent years. According to the Center For Responsible Travel’s 2015 Travel Trends & Statistics report

Looking for Work One Minute, Lighting Up the NBA the Next: That’s Gerald Green – Bleacher Report

Bleacher ReportLooking for Work One Minute, Lighting Up the NBA the Next: That's Gerald GreenBleacher ReportCHICAGO — You laugh, but when Gerald Green says it with a straight face, you realize he's not joking, that in fact the newest member of the Houston Rockets didn't have a trainer working with him as he waited for an NBA team to call. He didn't even …

Bremer Punkt – ARCHITECT Magazine

ARCHITECT MagazineBremer PunktARCHITECT MagazineThis combination of loggia and kitchen creates a high quality living space, where cooking, dining, playing, and gardening are made possible. The green living quality is accentuated on a variety of scales through the careful placement of the cubes, as …

EPA Rule Change Would Expose Teenagers to Highly Toxic Chemicals

By Farron Cousins The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) is taking aim at two rules designed to prevent exposure to toxic chemicals by workers under the age of 18. The agency has filed notices with the federal register of its intent to either tweak or outright eliminate these protections for underage workers. The first rule the agency is looking to change is one the Obama administration adopted in 2015 which prohibited farmworkers under the age of 18 from handling and dispersing certain pesticides deemed too toxic for public sale. Typically, the pesticides used on large agricultural sites contain far more potent and toxic chemicals, and these pesticides

China to Plant New Forests the Size of Ireland This Year

China ‘s government announced plans for a major reforestation project. The country aims to grow about 6.66 million hectares of new forests this year, an area roughly the size of Ireland. The announcement was made last week by Zhang Jianlong, the head of China’s State Forestry Administration, in an effort to shed the country’s image as a major polluter and become a global environmental leader, the Telegraph reported. China is the world’s largest emitter and remains heavily dependent on coal, but the country has been cleaning