Episode 107: State of Green Business hits and misses; mainstreaming climate risk

In this week’s episode, the bell curve for connected cars, corporate energy buyers face tax changes and climate disclosure gets serious.

This reversible glue puts a screw in manufacturing

It works like a screw and “unclicks” when exposed to a signal after use.

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

When most people first delve into the minimalist lifestyle, it is fairly common for them to make hard and fast rules about the sort of things they plan to have or not have in the home. They might consider “clutter” to be all the stuff laying around that makes their house look unkept and untidy and they think about what they can donate to various groups. As they learn more about this process though, they will realize clutter can include their wardrobe as well. All your clothes, neatly hanging in hangers and tucked away by the closet door, is a big source

UK Unveils National Action Plan to Slash Plastic Waste by 2042

The UK government has unveiled a national action plan to eradicate avoidable plastic waste by 2042. The announcement aims to quell concerns of critics regarding the potential negative impacts Brexit could have on the UK’s sustainability performance. The plan outlines actions the government will take over the next 25 years to address the issue, such as extending a 5p charge for single-use plastic bags to all retailers, encouraging supermarkets to create plastic-free aisles and introducing a tax system for single-use plastic packaging, such as polystyrene

New GIIN Report Helps Investors Ensure Sustainable Impact After Exit

With impact investing on the rise, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has published a new report highlighting a range of strategies investors can employ to strengthen their ability to exit impact investments in a way that meets liquidity objectives while continuing to promote positive, sustainable outcomes. According to GIIN’s 2016 Annual Impact Investor Survey, more than 80 percent of impact investors believe that they have a responsibility to try to ensure continuity of impact after exit. GIIN’s latest

The future of upland farming in the UK: what farmers are facing

This post is by Chris Clark of Nethergill Farm. It is the first in a short series about the options for the future of upland hill farming in the UK. With the increased uncertainty regarding the viability of hill farms, the time is now ripe for farmers to think radically about hill farm management and consider new alternatives in a

8 guiding principles for building ethical global supply chains

A peek into the sourcing framework used by essential oils company doTERRA.

Steep utility fees are killing electric-car charging stations

Sales of EVs are on a roll, but high rates are putting the brakes on fast-charging infrastructure.

8 Hacks to Making Your Workspace More Inspiring – Care2.com

Care2.com8 Hacks to Making Your Workspace More InspiringCare2.comWhat does your workspace look like? If you're actively working at your workspace, it may be covered in an eclectic layer of paperwork, electronic cords and old yogurt lids. And let's face it, that's not an inspiring place to work. The design of your …

‘Green Fleet Radio’ coming to Lakeshore Public Radio – nwitimes.com

nwitimes.com'Green Fleet Radio' coming to Lakeshore Public Radionwitimes.comA new show about green living, improved air quality and renewable energy is coming to the local National Public Radio affiliate. NPR affiliate Lakeshore Public Radio will start airing South Shore Clean Cities' "Green Fleet Radio" on Jan. 17. “South …

The Power Forest

In the course of writing a book about what free-living animals learn from each other, I find myself on the Tambopata River in southeast Peru. The nearest town is Puerto Maldonado but from there the trip is all upriver. Wheeled vehicles are useless in this forest, and there are none. The surrounding forest has been officially protected with designations of national reserve and national park. Perhaps the strangest thing is that while it takes very special skills for humans

Scientists Are Making Carbon Fiber From Plants Instead of Petroleum

Carbon fiber is the Superman of materials. Five times stronger than steel and a fraction of the weight, it is used in everything from tennis rackets to golf clubs to bicycles to wind turbine blades to passenger airplanes to Formula One race cars . There’s just one catch: Carbon fiber is made from oil and other costly ingredients, making the end product exceptionally expensive. That’s why carbon fiber shows up in race cars but rarely makes it into minivans. That could change. Scientists say it may soon be possible to make carbon fiber from plants instead of petroleum, driving down costs, making the material more widely available for use in cars, planes and other vehicles. Carbon fiber is made from

Lobsters to get a slightly less horrific death in Switzerland

Live crustaceans will no longer be forced to lounge on ice or be thrust into boiling vats of water without being stunned first.

The Ray: 18-mile stretch of road is a testbed for a "regenerative highway ecosystem"

What will the highways of the near future look like? This road project aims to create “a corridor that reconnects and restores us.”

Nature’s year ahead: 3 must-read environmental books for 2018

Here are three books about the environment that you should add to your reading list.

The Next 5 Years in Energy Storage, According to 500 Energy Professionals

Last month at Greentech Media's Energy Storage Summit, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel, Crowdsourced Market Insights: Role of Energy Storage in Creating the Grid of the Future. This panel employed a unique structure where our experts on stage were asked to interpret and weigh in as 500 attendees answered live polling questions on the top themes in the market. The results, with additional context from our research, are presented in a

Battery storage opportunities offer consistency for customers

It’s becoming increasingly clear in high-renewable electric grids that flexible resources are more valuable than flat, unchanging generation and load.

The 4 benefits of building a green home

Americans do want greener homes. They just don’t call them that.

How Contaminated Water Affects Children

Growing children need anywhere from five to eleven cups of fresh, clean water a day, depending on their age and sex. Water helps keep young bodies hydrated and functioning properly. The body is made up of more than 60% water which helps to lubricate joints, maintain blood volume, and remove toxins. Water also helps the body to regulate its temperature while transporting oxygen and nutrients to its cells. Water Related Illnesses With the increased reports of illnesses related to tainted drinking water, it is important to know exactly what

Beauty from India via SkinYoga

press sample International Beauty via Cosmoprof… Today we have Beauty from India that our editor/founder/chief beauty junkie Stef discovered at Cosmoprof last year, SkinYoga. So, settle into your asana and read on… SkinYoga was founded by three sisters who grew up with a chemical-free lifestyle that was deeply rooted in nature, with a strong belief in the importance of mental, physical and emotional balance. Sisters Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika personally seek out the best sources for their all-natural ingredients, which are inspired by ancient skincare wisdom throughout the world. And of course, they never test on animals (SO important to this animal lover!) I got to check out two products from the

Sustainable Value Chains & Blockchain: Practical Applications

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has certainly earned its space as one of the most talked-about topics of 2017. Regardless of whether one views these new ‘currencies’ as an investment opportunity or bubble waiting to burst, the underlying technology has already demonstrated the ability to rapidly and dramatically alter markets, and many in the sustainability sector are asking — and experimenting with — what will come next. For many organisations, the question is not whether blockchain will become relevant to their business (it will), but what the impacts will be on their day-to-day

New Calculator Illustrates Extent, Environmental Impacts of US Meat Consumption

The US consumes more meat than any other country in the world. But what does this mean for consumers on a personal level? Blitz Results has created a new calculator that shows users the impact of their dietary decisions on the environment. The tool calculates the resources required for an individual’s consumption of meat, and provides users with a glimpse at how eating vegetarian alternatives can help drive down their impact. Over a period of 10 years, the average US consumer eats 2653 pounds of meat, the equivalent of 2.1 pigs, .7 cows and 288 chickens. The Meat Blitz-Calculator allows users to visualize how many animals were slaughtered for their dietary

Here’s what Theresa May should now do to end plastic pollution

After years of waiting, we finally have it: this morning, Theresa May launched her government’s 25 year plan for the environment. By far the most talked about aspect of the long awaited and wide ranging strategy is the prime minister’s promise to “demonstrate global leadership” by addressing needlessly produced plastic. This will be achieved, she vowed, through action “at every