Does Yosemite need a Starbucks?

More than 20,000 people have signed a petition asking that a new Starbucks be stopped from opening in the national park.

Ozone hole is officially shrinking, proof that international treaties can be effective

New NASA study offers first direct proof that the ozone hole is recovering thanks to the Montreal Protocol treaty and the international ban on CFCs.

Jargon Watch: Design for Disposability

Leyla Acaroglu explains how we got into this mess.

Britain is frantic now that China won’t take plastic waste

For 20 years, China has essentially been the UK’s plastic dump. Now that door is closed and nobody knows what to do.

Staggering e-waste numbers revealed in grim new report

Picture this: In 2016 the world generated enough e-waste to fill a line of 18-wheelers from New York to Bangkok and back.

Forget Bitcoins; invest in green renewable energy with WePower tokens

They are a new way to raise money and build green power.

The solution to single-use plastics is simple: Ban them

The UN Environment Assembly is putting together a “political declaration on pollution,” but we need action more than words at this point.

Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante drastically cut by Presidential decree

But this won’t go down without a fight.

If you support walkable and bikeable cities, then support Small Business Saturday

This year, take a side in the war on the car, and support stores on your neighborhood bike lane or transit route.

Giving thanks for four decades of protecting turkeys

The wild turkey is one of the most enduring symbols of Thanksgiving – but you may not know how close we’ve all come to losing these birds. As recently as 1973, there were only about 1.5 million wild turkeys in all of North America.

After 139 years, General Electric stops making light bulbs

There will be indignation, but this is the result of one of the most successful transformations of a market in our lifetime

What happens to old smartphones?

From grinding to melting, e-waste recycling is a sadly inefficient and ecologically disastrous business.

What can we learn from a radioactive cloud over Europe?

Can a rare metal travel without a passport?

Leaf blower wars are getting serious as Senator Rand Paul gets mauled

It is hard to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when there is so much noise.

We could all use a little more Lykke

It’s the Danish word for happiness, which these days seems in short supply.

Why Amazon’s headquarters are like the Plotnick Diamond

Cities competing in this cattle call should be careful what they wish for.

This monster is urging Starbucks to use recyclable cups

The coffee chain sends 8,000 non-recyclable cups to landfill every minute worldwide.

Japanese aluminum company fabricated data about strength, durability

Another reason that we have to use less of the stuff.

4 things that sustainable, ethical brands have in common

Learn how to detect if a brand truly lives up to its green promise — or if it’s all greenwashing.

Trees provide $500 million in services per megacity every year

From reducing air pollution and saving energy to mitigating climate change, researchers place a price tag on the work that urban trees perform.

World’s biggest tuna company promises to clean up its act

It’s good news… but we shouldn’t be eating tuna at all.

Julie Payette, engineer, scientist and astronaut, to become Governor General of Canada

Because we all need role models and she is the living embodiment of the term.

McMansion Hell update: Electronic Frontier Foundation to the rescue

The non-profit defender of civil liberties online responds to Zillow’s unfounded legal claims