For this woman, van dwelling is her solution to high rents (Video)

High rents in the city prompting this young woman to look for an alternative — in a van conversion.

Big doors & windows make this all-season teardrop trailer feel open

Nimble and functional, this teardrop trailer features lots of nice views out.

Norwegians suffer from desperate shortage of parking, will come to America in droves

We learn from Streetfilms that they are removing all the parking in Oslo; no wonder they want to leave.

How one couple adapted their tiny home to welcome a baby

Take a look at how this tiny house couple modified their home to make it safe and comfortable for a new addition to the family.

Minimalist aVOID tiny house is an ever-transforming living experience (Video)

It’s a multifunctional space that hides everything behind its pared-down walls.

Should we really be building out of plastic? No.

I thought it might be a way to use up all that plastic that they are going to make, but I was wrong.

Jewel-like micro-apartment gets multifunctional makeover in Paris

This small 118-square-foot apartment holds a few pleasant, space-saving surprises.

On Stanley Jevons and LED lights

And why LEDs are different than other ways of improving energy efficiency- we keep finding new ways to waste energy.

My New Year’s Resolutions for writing in 2018

No more being seduced by objects of desire, it is time for serious sustainability.

2017: The year in urban design and transportation

There is a bit of repetition here. Sorry, but I have had a really hard time with cars clogging up our cities.

Fossil fuel companies are fueling a global plastics binge; what will we do with it all?

They are building hundreds of new “cracking” facilities to make 40 percent more plastic. Are we going to drown in it?

Why we should build our homes the way we build cars

It’s almost 2018 and we are still building our homes like it’s 1918. It’s time to fix this.

Co-living apartment designed as "social overlapping" experiment for students

This experimental co-living design scheme aims to foster communication, responsibility and human relationships.

The Future We Want: The year in Elon Musk

But what about the future we need?

Mechanical engineer’s $1,000 van conversion has a quick-folding bed (Video)

Wanting a comfortable place to live in while traveling across the continent, this avid rock climber transforms a van into a small home on wheels.

Rotating futuristic off-grid camper easily expands into two-bedroom dwelling (Video)

Powered by sun and wind, this road-worthy, two-bedroom camper can transform into a fully featured home at the push of a button.

Guastavian vaults are still being built, and are as thin and elegant as ever

They are so thin that it’s hard to believe that they stand up.

Egg-shaped Escape Pod is a flexible small space for work & play

This compact, cedar-shingled structure hides a restful interior that can be made into an office or guestroom.

Built on a tilt: climbable bookshelf is also earthquake resistant

It’s wood, it’s small, it’s resilient.

Your McMansion with your big open kitchen is a firetrap

According to UL study, “It burns!”

It’s 1900 in Germany. What will the world look like in 2000?

Another great set of cards that get a lot of things right

Firefighter’s self-built tiny house is inspired by earthships (Video)

This man is able to live a mortgage-free lifestyle by living in a tiny house in the backyard, while renting out the main house.

3D printed modular units for the homeless would use under-utilized vertical walls

This project proposes bringing back the single-room occupancy unit, but built vertically up on New York City’s walls.