Episode 107: State of Green Business hits and misses; mainstreaming climate risk

In this week’s episode, the bell curve for connected cars, corporate energy buyers face tax changes and climate disclosure gets serious.

It’s time to give funds for sustainable infrastructure and other ‘real assets’ a closer look

The potential upside: predictable returns and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a low-carbon future.

2017 was the year that …

It wasn’t all horrible, really.

AXA: 4C warming makes the world uninsurable

Insurance giant vows to quadruple green investments, as Dutch bank ING strengthens its policy on coal investments.

Why the U.S. must show up for global climate finance

The credibility of the nation’s climate movement hinges on finance initiatives for climate-vulnerable countries.

Sustainability metrics should grow along with bond yields

Less than one-third of U.S. publicly traded companies are quantifying sustainability risks and opportunities in SEC filings, and that’s a problem.

Why 2018 could be a breakthrough year for SASB

Investors: Keep disclosures of material climate risks specific and simple.

Influential investors urge 100 carbon-intensive companies to step up climate action

The list includes fossil fuels, aviation, automotive and consumer products firms representing 85 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

Utilities juggle approaches to power procurement

From batteries to blockchain, new technologies in the energy sector carry the potential to upend traditional infrastructure and business models. and business models.

Fertile soil: The growing world of forest conservation finance

Why it’s time to accelerate investments in natural infrastructure.

Think ahead to this $2 trillion opportunity

Investors such as Comerica Bank already are mitigating risks and finding value in circular supply chains. Let’s make more connections.

Build less, measure more: A fresh model for conservation finance

A closer look at Restore the Earth’s bid to calculate the ROI of land-restoration projects. VMWare, Entergy and others are taking notice.

Momentum picks up on Paris Agreement goals

Amazon, Ikea, Kellogg’s and more corporates continue making low-carbon policies, low-carbon investments and participating in the Paris Agreement.

Using finance to shatter the fossil fuel economy

Nick Silver, economist and onetime finance professional, says that avoid damage to society and the environment, we need to re-engineer the system.

4 market signals to watch at COP23

What will make tangible, constructive progress on the Paris Agreement?

This fund seeks to accelerate business solutions for the SDGs

A new United Nations accelerator will be financed by national governments and private investors.

Look out, banks: Sustainability funding gets creative

Emerging fintech options can back a range of risky business ventures, such as sustainable agriculture, local resilience projects or startups.

The real impact of impact investing

Finding the right balance between doing well and doing good in the investment space isn’t as simple as choosing a socially responsible fund.

New forest resilience bond blazes a trail

A public-private partnership can address this burning problem.

Most investors plan to cash in on climate action

HSBC finds that two-thirds of investors plan on climate mitigation, but many are frustrated over “highly inadequate” information from companies.

5 ways city-focused climate funds drive efficient buildings

It’s a $290 billion opportunity in commercial buildings alone.

ESG is incomplete: An investor’s perspective

Here are three reasons a common approach fails — and the best investment questions to ask.

Sustainability finance lessons, from Adidas to Starbucks

Green bonds are just one creative approach retailers are taking to boost sustainability.