What Is Permaculture Gardening? An Intro to Permaculture Design and Principles

What Is Permaculture Gardening? An Intro to Permaculture Design and Principles originally appeared on Green Global Travel. Conventional gardening tends to use a one-size-fits-all method for growing food. Its central concepts are based on what gardeners want to grow rather than on what plants best suit a particular piece of land. Permaculture gardening, on the other hand, is based on the concept of using the perfect plants for the climate, and utilizing only what works best for the local environment. Dry climates require a different approach than humid climates. Hot

Six Gardener Holiday Gifts from Black Thumbs

Holiday shopping can be tough if you have to get a gift for a gardener and you don’t have a green thumb. Well, girlfriends, I have you covered with 6 gardener holiday gifts that they will dig. I know since I am “one of them.” We live and breath

Egyptian Spinach: Got Spinach Frustration? Grow This Heat Lovin One Instead

Are you completely frustrated by grown spinach? I am since spinach doesn’t like the heat and our springs are just too short.   Since I discovered a spinach alternative,  heat loving Egyptian spinach (also known as Jews’ Mallow,)  I no longer grow spinach.  And I have never looked back. Anna, tell me more. I thought you would never ask. First things first. Egyptian spinach doesn’t resemble or even taste

Greenhouse: Greenhouse Construction & Gardening Box Set (Greenhouse, Greenhouse Management, Greenhouse Growing, Greenhouse Plans, Greenhouse Gardening, Greenhouse Gardening for Beginner)

Greenhouse Construction & Greenhouse Gardening Box Set Today only, get this Amazon book for just .99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at .99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover the proven methods that will help you build your own Greenhouse Garden. This book goes into […]

Greenhouse Gardening: Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners: Absolute Beginners Guide to: Greenhouse Garden-Greenhouse Construction-Greenhouse Plans-Greenhouse … Plans, Greenhouse Growing, Garden)

Discover how to construct Greenhouse Garden inexpensivelyToday only, get this Amazon book for just .99 for a limited time. Regularly priced at .99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover the proven methods that will help you build your own Greenhouse Garden. This book goes into all […]

Tips on Creating An Indoor Herb Garden and Its Benefits

Are you planning to build your indoor herb garden? Did you know that having your indoor garden has a lot of advantages? Get to know how you can create your indoor herb garden and the benefits that you can get from them by reading the information below. People who are a big fan of homemade meals with fresh herbs will love the comfort of having an indoor herb garden. Just a few leaves can bring out the rich flavor of the meal. If you have a window in your home that can get enough sunlight of at least 4 hours, there

Using Targeted Pest Control To Protect Wildlife

Wildlife pests are extremely frustrating. They dig up our flowers, devour our vegetable gardens, and potentially spread disease to our pets or even to people. When we find out we have a wildlife problem, we get very emotional and develop a serious vindictive streak. All we can think about is revenge when we find our juicy tomatoes laid to waste or our meticulous garden work dug

Had Enough of Mowing Your Lawn? Here Are Some Lawn Alternatives

Unless you are running a farm there is really no need for an excessive amount of grass. Are you spending a lot of time and money on your lawn? You can now stop. Green lawns are nice to look at but they waste a lot of water, fertilizer, and gas taking

How to Grow Plants From Produce

Plants are a great way to spruce up your home, and plants from produce add function too! All you need to get started are groceries, planters (get creative by upcycling containers), soil (or a bit of quality compost), and a patience. Herbs Rooted herbs are hardy and often available in organic

7 Permaculture Gardening Techniques To Try This Spring

7 Permaculture Gardening Techniques To Try This Spring originally appeared on Green Global Travel. Conventional gardening tends to use a one-size-fits-all method for growing food. Permaculture gardening is instead based on the concept of adjusting for the climate and utilizing only what works best for the local environment. Dry climates require a different approach than humid climates. Hot climates support different flora than cold climates. So permaculture techniques are incorporated from many different sources, allowing anyone to adapt their permaculture garden to whatever methodology their plant hardiness zone‘s climate dictates. Many permaculture methods work well across a broad variety of climatic conditions. Besides climate, permaculture gardening techniques also focus on

My Three Favorite Vertical Gardening Tools for a Better Gardening Season

Another garden season is almost upon us, and are you feeling a mix of excitement coupled with dread from the lackluster or not so great harvest of last year?  Or years past?  Been there.  So, four years, ago, I got smart and started to garden vertically.  Gardener to gardener, I want to share my 3 favorite vertical gardening tools in a free mini e-course. Why? Because I doubled my harvest.  You can too.  I know you too will  fall in love with vertical gardening.  Think how will it feel to be happy with your gardening

Delicata Squash: Oh So Delicious. Move Over Butternut

This was my first year growing Delicata squash.  It reminds me of a striped zucchini with a hard shell.  I am in love with this squash since it is easy to grow and easier to cook.  Here’s the scoop about why Delicata squash should be on your table. I call it the new butternut!    My First Date with Delicata Squash. I saw these little squashes at a farmer’s market and

Harvesting and Preserving Swiss Chard

In my experience swiss chard is incredibly easy to grow. It tolerates the cold well so you can start growing it very early in the spring and have fresh greens even when the weather is still chilly. It handles itself well even in the hot temperatures and lasts well into the return of the cold. When the temperatures start

How to Grow Lemongrass

Lemongrass is an absolutely beautiful plant for your garden and so easy to grow.  Every part of this gorgeous plant is edible.  So what is not to love?   Keep reading to learn how to grow lemongrass.  It is so easy. How to Grow Lemongrass Lemongrass seedlings remind me of grass when they

The Best Sweet Potatoes Growing Tips!

I think I found the secret to growing amazing sweet potatoes.  Seriously.  It only took seven years of growing sweet potatoes to discover this trick. *Sheesh.*  So come closer and I will share my newest best sweet potato growing tips. Realize it can be simply dumb luck or Mother Nature was taking it easy on me. Doubtful.  She is pretty tough on me. How to Grow Sweet Potatoes from a Sweet Potato. Sweet potatoes grow from slips.  A slip emerges from a sweet potato.  Have you ever seen your sweet potatoes sprout?  If you allow it to continue, it will look like the picture below. I have written about growing sweet potatoes

Swiss Chard Stem Soup. Move over Celery.

I adore Swiss Chard. But did you know that you can not only use the leaves, you can use the stems too?   Don’t compost or throw out the stems.  They taste similar to celery. So, let’s make soup–Swiss Chard Stem soup! Once I tasted the Swiss Chard stems, I knew that I could substitute them for any recipe that uses celery.  I adore celery/potato soup so I made a faux version with the stems. The recipe is a mix of this recipe and this recipe

How to Defeat the Squash Vine Borer

I have been gardening for years and I have dealt with a variety of pests and bugs. I have grown pumpkins for many years and never really had a problem with anything munching on them. Then we moved to our new homestead and I started a new garden in a totally new space. Let’s just say that my first year in our new space has been a real challenge. It has left me

Poison Ivy Remedies From a Veteran Poison Ivy Getter

Poison Ivy and I are not friends.  Half of the time, I don’t even see it.  I think the oil lurks in my wood mulch or I touch it hidden among my plants.  Every year–especially when it gets hot and humid, I get those obvious bumps and familiar itch.  With 10 year of gardening under my belt, and countless rashes, here’s what poison ivy remedies works for me to reduce my misery. My Favorite Poison Ivy Remedies Tecnu–my #1 choice! Tecnu may not be a green product but I use it every time I come in from the garden.  It helps with poison ivy and other oils

Swiss Chard: How to Grow it & Eat it!

If I  had to pick one vegetable that is extremely easy to grow, Swiss Chard would be my #1 pick. While other greens are wilting or bolting from the heat, Swiss Chard just laughs at the heat and flourishes. In addition, it is a stunner in the garden with its bright leaves and matching ribs. You could easily plant it among your other landscape plants to create a

Test Your Soil! 1st Rule of Gardening.

With gardening you learn something new every year. I am an avid reader of gardening blogs, YouTube, and garden Web forums.  So, when I hear add eggs shell, Epsom salt, and everything under the sun to to my soil, it peeks my interest.  I too want a HUGE harvest.  Last year for some unknown reason

Grow Vertically Using Trellis for Your Best Season Ever.

Sometimes aggravation is the mother of invention.  I have been gardening for over 10 years and really enjoy taking on new challenges such as growing pumpkins, squashes, watermelons and other vining fruits and vegetables.  However, like everyone else, I am limited in space and got tired of stepping over my vines and watching my hard earned vegetables rot on the ground.   Or worse yet, watch the wildlife eat them. (Have you been there?) So, I

5 Composting Myths Debunked

Did you know that it is International Compost Awareness Week? Say what? Yes we have a week dedicated to composting awareness and I think it very much warranted. There is so much misinformation out there about composting. I want to pull my hair out every time I hear someone say they want

Garden Markers and Labels

Do we really need garden markers or labels? Well, if you are anything like me you go a little crazy when it comes time to plant seeds in early spring and then seedlings in late spring. Some plants I am used to because I plant them every year. I can identify them rather easily. Others are new to me and rather than be left scratching my head wondering what in the sam hill I planted in various spots around the garden I like to use garden markers. They also help my