The Best Green Cleaning Brands You Need Under Your Sink

Get the scoop on the the best green cleaning brands that really work! Shout. Lysol. Windex. Clorox….Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

While some might argue that food waste isn’t the most exciting topic, I’m here to say that it’s an important one. According to the National Resource Defense Council, 40% of food in the United States goes uneaten – that’s wasted time, money, and resources that pollute our environment. Luckily for us, there are a few quick and easy ways you can help reduce the food waste epidemic. Make a List, Check it Twice To curb overshopping, try writing a list of EXACTLY what you need

Three Hearty Dishes That Are Big On Flavour And Small On Cost

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or hunkering down and keeping warm and dry inside you need some top-quality fuel to maintain your energy levels. The good news is that there are plenty of options waiting to provide you with big-tasting meals that can be yours for a surprisingly small outlay. The one thing that they all have in common is that they can be made using surprisingly few ingredients – a big factor in keeping the cost down. All the recipe ideas serve four. Versatile vegetable soup The great thing about this recipe is that it’s adaptable enough to be able

20 DIY Upcycled Christmas Decorations

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31 DIY Christmas Trees made from Recycled Materials

The carbon footprint of commercial Christmas tree farming, harvesting, distribution and disposal is astronomical. According to data from the Nielsen Research Foundation, approximately 21.6 million real trees and 12.9 million artificial trees will be purchased by U.S. households this Christmas. A study by the American Christmas Tree Association found that consumers

3 Totally Awesome DIY Bike Lights

pic by In the last couple of weeks, two of my nearest and dearest have been on bike rides that came to a sticky end. In each case, they narrowly escaped major injury by wearing their bike helmets (let that serve as a cautionary tale), but evaded detection by oblivious motorists. What’s to be done? There is only one logical recourse: pimp that bike to make you SUPER visible to even the most somnambulistic drivers. cycEL Glow Bike by (pictured above) Well Ta friggin DA! This easy-to-follow instruction guide gives you awesome step-by-steps that help you to turn your doh! bike into

How to Live Greener Every Single Day

It can be a simple decision, to live greener but it’s not always so simple to do. At least not at first. Living greener often has a snowball effect, where the first act of green living will evolve into the next as we learn more and more about the environment and our effect on it. […] The post How to

DIY Upcycled Halloween Costumes

The scary season is almost upon us and if you’ve just realized you only have a week to get your costume together, then relax. We have some amazing DIY Halloween costumes for every family member. Resist, at all costs, the temptation to pop down to the store and buy another cheap outfit that will end up in the landfill and give Halloween a little love with these upcycled costumes you can make in no time at all! A large plastic soda pop bottle makes the perfect scuba tank for young divers. Octopus: 4 pairs of leggings is all this costume needs. Yellow yarn for pasta with some pompom meatballs and you’ve got yourself a great

How You can Help Train Crows to Pick up Garbage

Crows are known to be among the brightest of our feathered friends. So it should come as no surprise that a new startup, Crowded Cities, is enlisting them to help clean up cigarette butts. Yup, these butt-busting birds are fighting litter for treats. Cigarettes are the most widely distributed garbage on the planet with 4.5 trillion cigarettes tossed to the curb every year. Since they take 12 years to decompose, cigarettes pose a major threat

This Tiny House Comes with it’s own Greenhouse

One way to combat the small living space that is inherent to tiny houses is to create outdoor spaces that increase your living space without increasing your floor space. You see, one of the advantages of tiny houses is that they are smaller than conventional homes and on trailer chassis so they don’t require building permits. This reduces the cost of building homes and makes them mobile. Having outbuildings and add-ons that aren’t part of the

How Sheep From New Zealand are Revolutionizing Home Energy Efficiency

Building codes and savvy homeowners are both seeing the value of an energy-efficient home. Your home’s building envelope—the exterior framing that keeps your warm indoor air in and the cold winter air out—must be effective if you are to reduce your energy consumption and create a comfortable home. Traditional insulation, while effective, can off-gas chemicals and, from production to landfill, doesn’t have a particularly eco-friendly footprint. But, a healthier, more sustainable option is available

Win in our Barefoot Venus Pamper Hamper Giveaway!

We’re in love with the Barefoot Venus range. This delightful company still hand-makes all their beauty products in small batches so you know they’re made with love. Their products are botanically based and contain natural ingredients. We’re giving away a little ‘pamper hamper’ of our favorite Barefoot Venus products because we want you to have nice things! Our prize hamper includes their signature Mustard Bath Soak– the only therapeutic product, containing wonderfully simple ingredients as well as Wintergreen, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils instead of perfumed fragrance. The  Wild Ginger and Sweet Orange argan body oil also contains Ginger essential oil along with a Tuscan Blood Orange fragrance. The  Barefoot Venus Instant Hand Repair 

11 DIY No-Carve Decorated Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkins are great natural, eco-friendly fall decoration options. If you opt for these DIY no-carve pumpkin ideas, they will last longer and you don’t have to deal with all that gunk! Here are some of this year’s best no-carve pumpkin decor ideas that are perfect for Thanksgiving too. These gorgeous indigo pumpkins are super

Home Meal Delivery Service Reviews

A few months ago, on June 16th, Amazon announced the acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.8bn. For many, this wasn’t seen as a huge surprise considering that Amazon has been aggressively expanding their “Prime Pantry” section of their business. If you aren’t privy to what ‘Prime Pantry’ is, then all you need to know is that it’s the grocery section of Amazon where you can purchase ingredients for delivery. While it may seem foreign to some, the act of ordering ingredients or even prepared food online has been picking up steam over the last few years.

5 Homemade Gummy Bear Recipes that Will Make Life Better

We all like a sweet snack every now and then, but store-bought gummy sweets are packed with chemicals and sugar. Now you can make your own healthy gummy bears so that you can enjoy your favorite treats guilt free. You can choose from vegan, sugar free or juice-based gummy bear recipes to find the one that rocks your boat. Use this recipe from

How Louis Pasteur Helped Prevent Food Waste

Few people know Louis Pasteur by name, even though they’ve benefited greatly from his brilliant mind. Of all the memorabilia and historical autographs for sale from leading curators like the Raab Collection, Louis Pasteur’s is among the most coveted for science enthusiasts. Why? Because his discoveries are credited with saving countless lives. French-born Louis Pasteur was one of the greatest chemists and microbiologists that ever lived. His discovering helped to improve food production and reduce waste. Louis Pasteur’s Contribution to Sustainability After studying at

Foraging for Edible Wild Flowers

Whether you lost your food stash to a bear, need a little more to bulk up a meal or just want a colorful garnish to finish your dish, these edible flowers grow in the wild and are easy to identify. Always check that your flowers aren’t growing in a polluted area and be sure to clean them really well as they are likely to be home to a couple of bugs. Also; use your noggin! If you aren’t sure about a flower or can’t identify it 100%,

7 Cool DIY Toys you can Make with your Kids

Teach your kid some mad skills, have fun and make cool toys from used materials. These awesome upcycled toys and recycled toys are an easy and fun way to introduce basic electronics, photography, woodwork and science techniques. LED throwies by Instructables Make your own LED throwies Add a splash of color to your home or neighborhood with these easy to make LED throwies for about a dollar each. What you need: Diffused LED (any color) CR2032 3

Your Happy Pills are making Fish Sad

One fish, two fish, sad fish, blue fish…. Recent studies show that the proliferation of antidepressants are harming aquatic life. When antidepressants end up in our waste water, there is no way to remove them before they end up rivers, lakes and oceans. Anxious Minnows Scientists have observed a number of different

23 Awesome Things to Do with a Cardboard Box

Summer holidays are almost here! If the soundtrack of your summer is usually; “I’m bored!” then we have a cure that’s cheap and kind to the environment. Ever bought your kids a gift only to have them play with the box? The cardboard box holds endless allure for kids and cats and adults too. The best thing about recycled cardboard box crafts is that your kids get to participate in their creation and

4 Reasons You Need to Switch to Mineral Sunscreen

Important reasons why mineral sunscreen is better than chemical sunscreen both for your health and for the environment. Thank you to Goddess Garden for sponsoring this post. It’s that time of year again! Time to scrutinize your sunscreen supplies and see what’s still good and what needs to be tossed. First, check the expiration date….Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Best Natural Make-up Review: Foundation and Face Powders

I don’t wear a lot of make-up because of all the toxins found in make-up and a significant amount of green-washing by the cosmetics industry. Let’s just say I have trust issues… But, a recent make-up review of natural brands has left me very pleasantly surprised! Our requirements were that the products be cruelty-free, vegan and natural. I

6 Best Herbs to Ease Anxiety

Guest post by Emily Taylor* Anxiety isn’t just feeling worried or stressed; it is a serious condition that can have a number of physiological and emotional manifestations. Anxiety isn’t something you can simply put out of your mind and, for those who have to deal with the stress of anxiety on a daily basis, it can be tough both emotionally and physically. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions and can result in: Shakiness Insomnia Faster heart rate Nausea Feelings of fear, panic Cold feet or hands Dry mouth Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms? Luckily, there are many natural ways to combat anxiety and ease the effects. Chamomile ­ This