7 ways to build a sustainable work culture

Hint: Start small, show momentum and make sure to pack an effective punch.

Trending: New Tools Help Companies Measure Workplace Culture, Employee Impacts

Companies are increasingly becoming aware that the business case for corporate social responsibility has grown beyond environmental sustainability and social impact to include positive workplace culture and employee well-being as values necessary to remain competitive in a rapidly changing economy. WeSpire, an engagement platform that provides sustainability and social impact programs to global corporations, has expanded its SaaS platform to include two new modules: Well-being and Positive Culture. The new modules aim to enable forward-thinking companies to improve employee well-being and create and sustain positive organizational values, behaviors and cultures. With Forbes dubbing 2018 “The Year of Employee Experience,” WeSpire’s expansion is a timely one. New research conducted by Gallup has also demonstrated

Designing a company that nurtures big ideas

The key to developing people and creating a regenerative business.

3 ways companies will push climate action in 2018

And the prime opportunity days to highlight your company’s leadership this year.

Was 2017 the year the C-suite got woke?

It’s time to act on business leaders’ newfound awareness about the need for climate resilience.

Sustainability leaders look ahead to 2018

What’s in the viewfinder? Members of the GreenBiz Executive Network weigh in on the near future.

Purpose After Polman: How the Poster Child for Purpose Paved the Way for Future Leadership

Last month, when news broke that Unilever would begin the search for Paul Polman’s successor, it sent shockwaves through the business world. As the poster child for Purpose in business, what would this mean for the future of businesses that aim to grow while prioritizing sustainability? Over the years, Polman has been one of the most vocal, determined and passionate advocates for businesses embracing their responsibility to do more than simply make a profit. As he famously said at the launch of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan: “We cannot choose between [economic] growth and sustainability — we must have both

10 Minutes with Mats Lederhausen

The founder and CEO of Be-Cause on paranoia, listening to customers and studying the top priorities of your company’s CEO.

Diageo, Adidas, Virgin call for climate action

More than 50 major global corporates called for G20 countries to come up with concrete, long-term measures to accelerate the fossil fuel phaseout.

10 Minutes with Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund

The nonprofit leader reveals the secret to remaining innovative, 33 years in.

France Scores Top Spot on Food Sustainability Index

France has once again topped the Food Sustainability Index (FSI), an annual ranking of major countries on their commitment to food sustainability created by The Economist Intelligence Unit in partnership with the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition. The FSI ranks 34 countries according to their food system sustainability. These countries represent over 85

A 21st-century business ‘cookbook’ offers a success strategy

Executives Dave Stangis and Katherine Valvoda Smith lay out the future of corporate citizenship and the business of sustainability.

Carlsberg’s sustainability director on the 3 skills all CSOs need

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, the brewery’s sustainability director, talks planetary boundaries and reaching zero emissions by 2030. We’ll toast to that.

25 C40 Cities Commit to Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

Just weeks after 12 C40 mayors signed the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration in an effort to curb air pollution and improve the quality of life for urban dwellers while tackling climate change, the mayors of 25 pioneering cities have pledged to develop and begin implementing more ambitious climate action plans by 2020 to deliver emissions neutral and climate resilient cities by 2050. The plans will ensure the cities deliver on their share of emissions reductions required to realize the goals of the Paris Agreement. Developed with the support of C40 Cities, these climate action plans will help the world’s largest cities reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The plans will also demonstrate how each city will adapt

Bard: A Burgeoning Brand in Sustainable Business

Dr. Eban Goodstein is a contradiction of sorts. Trained in “the dismal science” — economics — Goodstein is an inveterate optimist about the prospects for business to lead the way to a sustainable future, and sooner rather than later. He is turning that optimism into reality as director and founder of the Bard MBA in Sustainability program in New York City. That Goodstein is at the forefront of the sustainable MBA world is not surprising when one considers his career path. “I was influenced by the work of Hunter and Amory Lovins, as well as

Getting unstuck on the climate change debate

We have enough data, now we need to fix our solution deficit.

10 minutes with Christopher Gavigan, Honest Company

The co-founder with Jessica Alba aims to change the conversation in consumer product goods.

Depok: The Front Line in Indonesia’s Fight Against Waste

In a country infamous for being the second-biggest contributor of plastic waste to the oceans, a city in West Java has achieved a close to 100 percent segregation rate. This is how Depok transformed its waste system. Waste is rapidly becoming one of the most pressing issues of all time. More than a decade after Bandung’s Leuwigajah dumpsite disaster in West Java

Earning Trust Through Transparency

Trust. It can sound a lot like a buzzword or business jargon, a word or phrase thrown around by leaders when trying to identify, define or solve a problem. Sometimes it’s not even a consideration until it’s lost. According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, only about half of the general population trusts business, government, media and nongovernmental organizations to do the right thing. Trust in business fell to 52 percent, and CEO credibility also fell globally. In short, no one knows who to trust. For a business, this translates to moms and dads not knowing what brands they can trust to bring

The art of kickstarting your heartbeat

A daughter of the Navajo reconnects with what it means to be truly part of the planet that gives us life.

RMI @ 35: A conversation with Amory Lovins

The co-founder and life spirit of the Rocky Mountain Institute looks back — and forward.

4 rules for effective corporate governance

Although there’s no cookie-cutter approach for everyone, companies such as Shell and IBM have used these guidelines to establish structure and direction.

The seven groups extractives companies must engage

From employees and business partners to small-scale miners, engaging with these groups means the difference between a successful project and failure.