Photo: Penguin portrait is a picture of contentment

The subject of our photo of the day basks in the sunshine.

Thousands of African gray parrots rescued from traffickers in Congo (video)

Wildlife Conservation Society is treating the purloined parrots at a specially built care facility; some 900 have been released back into the wild.

Scientists befuddled by huge 70-mile wide cloud of butterflies, caught on radar

Is this a flock or birds or….?

These 10 rivers likely the source of millions of tons of ocean plastic

New study finds that rivers deliver up to 4 million metric tons of plastic debris to the sea every year, with up to 95% coming from just 10 of them.

Thanks to pizza, NYC mice are biologically different from their country cousins

The metabolic pathways of urban mice are changing due to the “novel diets” afforded by city living.

Alternative Energy Sources (Science at the Edge)

Alternative Energy Sources looks at the different options for replacing fossil fuels. It explores how the energy potential of the oceans can be captured using wave power generators, how solar energy could be captured with solar paint and solar satellites, and how nanocrystals boost photovoltaic cell charge. It discusses the environmental concerns surrounding genetically modifying […]

I Am a 30-Year Veteran Scientist From the U.S. EPA: I Can’t Afford to Be Discouraged

By Rita Schoeny . . . And neither can you. Since January, we have seen a continual assault on our environmental protections . The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) has put a political operative with no scientific experience in charge of vetting EPA grants, and the agency is reconsidering an Obama-era regulation on coal ash . The well-established

Baby elephant and his doting collective of sisters, cousins, and aunts

Like all African elephants, this sweet one-day old babe will be raised by mom as well as his “allomothers.”

What are Cultural Landscapes, and why should we care?

A look at the themes behind this years’s Landslide list from the Cultural Landscape Foundation.

11 certified dark sky reserves, where the nighttime heavens are the star

Idaho is applying to become an official dark sky reserve, which would make it the first in the United States and the 12th in the world.

Photo: The amazing feats of leafcutter ants

Our photo of the day is a lesson in strength and perseverance.

What are Diablo Winds?

The winds fanning the historically dreadful California fires are borne out of a complicated mash-up of meteorology, physics, geography, and topography.

Photo: Tiny tree frog needs his own cartoon

Our delightful photo of the day comes from the rainforest of Ecuador.

Existence of legendary 18-inch long, coconut-cracking rat that lives in the trees confirmed

The mysterious and elusive rodent rumored to live in the Solomon Islands rainforest has been found after years of searching.

Photo: When all else fails, baby foxes!

Our photo of the day offers a perfect escape.

Photo: Portrait of the world’s bravest wildlife photographer

Our photo of the day reveals the lengths a photographer will go to get the shot.

Photo: Trees claimed by Colliford Lake

Our dreamy photo of the day comes from Cornwall, England.

This beautiful albino orangutan is waiting for her ‘forest island’

After rescuing the world’s only known albino orangutan from a cage, a conservation group in Indonesia is raising money to build a special reserve just for her.

Photo: Sleeping on the dock of the bay

Our photo of the day comes from Port San Luis Harbor, California.

Exquisite octopus slinks out of the water, wanders from pool to pool (video)

Specially adapted for land-based maneuvers, the algae octopus also has an enviable mating style and can run on two legs.

The atmosphere is changing the food we eat

It’s called the ‘great nutrient collapse,’ and yet no one is really talking about it.

Patti Smith, rising above and fighting climate change with art

In a press conference for an upcoming Carnegie Hall concert, Smith and the founders of Pathway to Paris talk about art, community, and keeping the spirit up for climate action.

Harvey delivered this fanged, faceless creature to the Texas shore

As Twitter chittered with spooked speculation over the poor sea creature, a Smithsonian biologist provides an explanation.