14 pink animals that wow and woo

Consider these blushing beauties your valentine from Mother Nature.

Photo: Wolf spider super macro

Wow! Look this spider right in the eyes.

The Gulf of Mexico’s Connecticut-sized dead zone is proving hard to kill

We need to start thinking not just at the scale of an individual farm but at the watershed scale.

Eat much fish? Mercury levels in Yellowfin tuna have risen 3.8% per year since 1998

Coal burning is most likely to blame.

Lost and found: 10 million ‘missing’ gallons from the 2010 BP oil spill turn up on sea floor

Government officials and BP cleanup crews could not find millions of gallons of oil…

Photo: Little Blue Heron takes some time to preen

These birds may also use their feet to groom themselves.

Secrets of the groundhog revealed

In 22 sentences, we present everything you ever needed to know about the patron rodent of February 2.

This little animal can potentially live forever

Immortality, much? Scientists believe that the hydra may be able to eternally resist going gentle into that good night.

Sierra Nevada Red Fox spotted in Yosemite National Park for first time in 100 years!

A rare sighting of one the most endangered mammals in all of North America.

Photo: Sunapee sunset glows yellow, red and blue

The setting sun streaks the sky with vivid colors in Sunapee, New Hampshire.

Panther Passages: Connecting habitat to protect a federally endangered species

Connecting vital habitat in Florida to allow the endangered panther to flourish.

Rare frilled shark meets sad fate in Australia

In which we stand up for yet another underdog species.

Photo: Ghost plant pushes up from among the leaves

You can see from this photo why these plants invoke spirits or smoke.

Photo: Winter plants perfectly encased in ice

The forms of plants become smoothed and emphasized by a thick coating of ice.

4 ways animals sense a world invisible to humans

We think we get it all, but there’s so much more than meets the eye.

NASA and NOAA confirm it: 2014 was the hottest year on record (since 1880)

We can’t keep burying our heads in the sand.

Photo: Blue-footed booby spotted in the Galápagos

This bright-footed marine bird was photographed on Isla Isabela in the Galápagos.

Photo: The palest blues on a winter’s day

I just love the pale colors of this snowy field, under a blue sky and a blanket of clouds.

Photo: Bee feeds on a fuchsia thistle

A thistle flowerhead offers this honey bee the perfect place to find a meal.

Photo: Waves wash onto Southampton beach at sunset

A serene sunset photographed at the beach.

A bird’s eye view of the first ever ‘zero emission’ scientific station in Antarctica

This looks a bit like the Hoth rebel station in Return of the Jedi…

Photo: Black and white woodpeckers share a mullein stalk

This pair of woodpeckers appear to be checking each other out.