P&G Latest CPG Company to Disclose Fragrance Ingredients as Part of Transparency Push

As consumer demand for product transparency grows, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to disclose information about the ingredients that go into to their products. Following this call to action, Procter & Gamble (P&G) has unveiled plans to list all fragrance ingredients down to 0.01 percent for its entire product portfolio in the US and Canada by the end of 2019. P&G will share information regarding over 2000 of its fragranced products online, making it the first company to commit to this level of

Trending: New Water-Saving Tools, Products Drive Textile Industry Paradigm Shift

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population, a number which is projected to rise. While about 2.5 percent of the world’s water is freshwater, only 0.5 percent of that is made available to satisfy society’s needs. Water is also an important resource for manufacturing and reducing water consumption through the deployment of sustainable production processes can be advantageous for both companies and the communities they operate in, as demonstrated by Ford’s water stewardship efforts. DNV GL and Paradigm Shirt are two more

New Ford Sustainability Report Reveals Progress on Water Stewardship Goals

The Ford Motor Company has released its 18th annual Sustainability report detailing its environmental progress across the world and commitment to continued sustainability actions in the future. Coinciding with the release is a short film highlighting key milestones the company has achieved on its journey towards sustainability. The mobility giant began publishing its Sustainability Report in 2000 as a way to measure and track its progress on key

SAP Ariba Takes Aim at Forced Labor with Supplier Risk Management Tool

Despite the attention the issue has received in the past decade, child labor and modern slavery are still prevalent across the world and in many corporate supply chains. The figures are stark – the United Nations estimates that 168 million children are victims of child labor across the world, while the Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people are enslaved. Eliminating child labor and modern slavery will require dedicated action from the entire business world. SAP Ariba is well positioned to lead on this. Its products already connect over two million buyers and sellers around the world, with over $1 trillion in transactions. “That’s more than 2.3 times

7 companies to watch in sustainable shipping

Delivery supply chains are inching toward electrification. Here are the leaders where EVs and old-school logistics converge.

3 telltale signs you’re shifting the supply chain

Lessons in sustainable sourcing from Canopy, whose new partners include the Gap and VF Corporation

Now All of Giant’s Customers Can Understand ‘HowGood’ Their Food Choices Really Are

Transparency hasn’t always been a strong point for the food industry, but a new partnership between HowGood, a research organization and in-store rating system that identifies industry leaders in the food system, and supermarket chain Giant Food could serve as a turning point for the sector. The relationship, which started as a test pilot

How Dell Is Leading the Pack on Supply Chain Diversity

While eliminating human trafficking and sourcing from environmentally responsible suppliers are now common topics in supply chain management, in fact they are just two of many ways a company can have a positive impact on communities through its supply chain. Dell is one company showing that increasing the diversity of suppliers, with a focus on women and minority-owned companies, can not only help bring opportunities to new sectors, but build a better business, as well. Dell is a leading member of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, which was founded in

Chemical footprinting strides to become mainstream with Walmart

Big companies are breaking new ground by measuring and reporting their chemical footprints. What steps can your business take?

Solidaridad, QuizRR Roll Out Digital Trainings to Boost Textile Industry’s Workers’ Rights Performance

With their sights set on creating more ethical, responsible and sustainable supply chains, international development organization Solidaridad and QuizRR, an educational tool and platform for suppliers and global buyers, have announced a new partnership. The collaboration will provide business opportunities for the European textile industry to meet their sustainability commitments while offering solutions based on measurable and scalable training for decent working conditions, safe workplaces and fair wages in developing markets. Through the partnership, the organizations seek to provide companies with ties with and operations in developing markets with the tools they so often lack to develop and secure functioning systems for workers’ rights, safety and health, as well as dialogue opportunities

5 Global Corporations Adopt ‘No Fees’ Ethical Recruitment Provisions Across Global Supply Chains

Efforts to safeguard workers against human rights violations continue to grow, as demand for greater supply chain transparency tightens its grip on the global economic landscape. Following the launch of a new digital mapping initiative in the Bangladeshi garment sector and the unveiling of a groundbreaking traceability platform between Sourcemap and Provenance, five high

British retailer Tesco to detoxify clothing

Fashion brands from H&M to Benetton to Levi Strauss have committed to Greenpeace’s initiative to detoxify the industry.

TSC: Supplier Engagement Better Equips Business to Tackle Supply Chain Sustainability Issues

Integrating sustainability measurement, tools and practices into supply chains allows businesses create more sustainable consumer products and avoid risks to their bottom line says a new report from The Sustainability Consortium (TSC). The organization’s 2017 Impact Report, The Call for Collective Action Across Supply Chains, revealed that not only has supplier engagement increased,

Re-Teck Harnesses C2C Business Model to Revolutionize Tech, Slash E-Waste

As circular business models begin to gain steam, a new strategic service is helping companies in the technology, electronics and telecom sectors uncover new ways to reuse, remanufacture and recover technological devices, while simultaneously turning costs into profits. Dallas and San Francisco-based Re-Teck provides companies with Reverse Supply Chain Management (RSCM) technology and engineering expertise to rethink the way products are designed, manufactured, sold and repurposed

Halting Deforestation: Three Essential Things Your Business Can Do

One of the most complicated supply chain issues for companies is deforestation. Why? Because deforestation may take place in areas distant from company headquarters in countries that may not have the strongest government regulations. This is a problem for companies, because many agricultural supply chains rely on soy, beef or other goods from areas prone to deforestation, such as Brazil. Corporations are increasingly making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure that their products don’t contribute to deforestation. But bad governance and weak governmental support are jeopardizing the ability of companies to meet their deforestation and greenhouse gas emission-reduction goals. Consider Brazil, for example. The country has cut the

Research: Supply Chain Performance, Not Profitability, Behind Food Firms’ Traceability Schemes

According to a new study by the University of Milan, voluntarily implemented food traceability schemes are linked to a motivation to enhance information, safety and quality management with supply chains rather than a need to maximize profits. Entitled Do motivations affect different voluntary traceability schemes? An empirical analysis among food manufacturers, the report explores links between the motivations leading firms to adopt quality certifications and the kinds of voluntary traceability implemented to comply

How Apple is moving its supply chain toward clean energy

So far, the tech giant has helped eight companies move toward solar and wind power. The latest commitment, by Jabil, represents the largest pledge yet.

MondelÄ“z International Revs Up Forest Protection Efforts in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire

Mondelēz International continues to make moves to clean up its cocoa supply chains by teaming up with governments across West Africa in an effort to tackle the problem of deforestation. Through its Cocoa Life sustainable sourcing program, the snack company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Côte d’Ivoire’s Ministry of Environment as part of the country’s REDD+ program and a Letter of

HP Inc., Thread Roll Out Ink Cartridges Made from Plastic Bottles Recycled in Haiti

Plastics continue to make headlines as brands uncover new and creative solutions that transform trash into profitable products. Building on its efforts to reinvent how products are designed, manufactured and used, HP Inc. today launched Original HP ink cartridges made from plastic bottles recycled in Haiti. The sustainable ink cartridges were made possible through a partnership with Thread, a B Corporation that transforms trash from the developing world into recycled fabric, and the First Mile Coalition. While Thread usually makes yarn for apparel

Trending: Stella McCartney, IKEA Find New Uses for Garbage, Plastic Bags

Brands continue to uncover new ways to transform waste into valuable materials, providing critical solutions for pressing problems such as ocean plastics. Stella McCartney is the latest label to team up with Parley for the Oceans in an effort to keep plastics out of the world’s oceans. The designer, who previously designed a sneaker for adidas in partnership with Parley, intends to use the nonprofit’s recycled plastic yarn in lieu of woven or recycled polyester in her line of shoes, accessories and outerwear. “To take something that is destructive and turn it into something that’s sexy and cool

How Signet polishes a conflict-free jewelry supply chain

In response to consumer demand, the world’s largest diamond retailer launched open-sourced supplier protocols to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

Sustainability and pallets: Making change for the long haul

Corrugated cardboard is far lighter than wood, plus it simultaneously saves money, reduces carbon footprints and advances zero-waste goals.

3M Report Reveals Better Supplier Engagement Could Help Drive Innovation

Supplier collaboration and sustainability can drive innovation and growth in top supply chains, but only 43 percent of suppliers feel fully empowered to collaborate with their partners, says new research from 3M. Surveying 237 suppliers around the globe, the report uncovers insight on the most urgent trends, opportunities and challenges facing suppliers today. Across the board, suppliers indicated that running a sustainable operation results in positive business outcomes. Additionally, creating a more socially responsible supply chain, compliance and brand reputation were also identified as top priorities. Yet despite supplier buy-in of sustainability, half of all suppliers surveyed admitted having held back from making strategic recommendations due to lack