Best Grill Brush 4-In-1 Head Design | 18″ Grill Cleaner Scraper Tool | Lifetime Replacement | Steel Bristles, Won’t Scratch Grate | Perfect BBQ Tools Gift For Men, BBQ Grill Accessory | USA Designed

Throw Your Old Nasty Grill Brushes Away! Ladder 8 Steel Is Here To Save Your Grill.Down at Station 1 we don’t get a new grill too often, so we need to ensure it stays clean and in good shape (we’re rough on stuff!) The Ladder 8 Steel is our go to grill cleaning tool, and here’s why:Why Ladder 8 Steel?Because as firefighters we demand quality, we can’t have any less, and it’s what we’re used to. We also need our grill to last awhile, so HERE’S WHAT WE LOVE:The Industrial Steel Bristles: They’re

$ 19.87