Are The Skeptics Right?

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There is a clear and obvious difference of opinion in society with regard to the importance of the issues facing our environment, and in some cases there is a difference of opinion as to the existence of some of these issues.

It is only natural that – as questioning, naturally curious beings – we might start to wonder whether the skeptical people are the ones who have got it right.

Have we been working on environmental issues for nothing? Are we the fools for believing propaganda?

It is easy to look to the people questioning the importance, indeed the mere existence, of man-made climate change and call them “climate change deniers“.

This language may echo the term “Holocaust denier” and inadvertently or deliberately place skeptics on the same moral level as those who deny the Holocaust, but is it something that environmentalists should apologise for? Does it make green-friendly people look like the cranks?

Those of us who believe strongly in the importance of looking after the environment have plenty of ammunition on our side. It is not beneficial to our argument to throw around accusations that make us look vindictive or wild-eyed.

The facts point to the existence and the potential consequences of man-made climate change. Though some scientists disagree they are in the minority.

So instead we should be unafraid to state our case strongly, and leave accusations to those who have no stronger argument to offer. People with a strong case have nothing to fear from debate.

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