How to Make a DIY Leave in Conditioner for Damaged Hair

If you are struggling with brittle, dry and damaged hair, the problem may be your conditioner. Store bought conditioners are often loaded with synthetic ingredients and preservatives that can make your hair feel worse over time. Try this DIY hair conditioner to craft the perfect product for your hair’s specific needs. It is fast and easy to make. As an added benefit, it uses common household ingredients. Gather Your Supplies Before you can move on to making your DIY leave in conditioner, you will need a few supplies first. For starters,

Tips for Decluttering Your Life – Not Just Your Home

Clutter and organization are hot topics. There are hundreds of books out there dedicated to helping you master the clutter, organize your home and workspace, and let go of household items that you don’t need. I am all for decluttering your home and making it a liveable place that sparks joy, filled with

Tips for Assigning Chores To Your Children

Chores are an important part of growing up. They teach kids important skills that they’ll need when they are adults. They help balance the workload. They fortify a kid with self esteem because they feel needed and have pride in a job well done. In a large family, training kids to do chores is especially important so that mom isn’t overwhelmed! Some people believe in chores without any kind of compensation or payment. Others believe in a commission system

Natural Remedies for Common Aches and Pains

Everyone has had to deal with aches and pain at one time or another. It can be from exercise, work, stress, or an accidental injury. No matter the source, muscle pain can be “a pain” to deal with. Back pain especially is a problem because our back, combined with our abdominal muscles, makes up

The Benefits of Playing Games Together As a Family

The family is the very foundation of an individual’s personality development. Psychologists believe that children who grow up with a family that has a sound background with strong family ties are the ones who are happier and positive towards life. Playing together as a family during childhood days is one of the factors that

Learning About Botany and Wildcrafting

This journey we call life is a truly, truly amazing thing. Years ago, as I entered adulthood, I never would have imagined the person I would become and the interests and hobbies I would have. My younger self would probably look at me and think I was “hippy dippy”. Even my California surfer dude husband is now a converted hippy dippy. We live quiet lives on an urban

Tips for Saving Water and Money At Home

Water is essential for the survival of all species, including humans. When the water supply depletes, industries will collapse; chaos will erupt, and many people will die. It’s no longer a far abstract concept that can be ignored now. By 2025, 25 percent of the world’s population will be living in places where water supply is completely scarce. Even today in the United States, some cities and states, like Los Angeles in California, Salt Lake City in Utah, and Miami are facing severe water crisis. In two years, countries like Botswana, Chile, Estonia, and Namibia

The Health Benefits of Organic Safflower Oil

Organic safflower oil is a very healthy and nutrient-rich oil that continues to increase in popularity. Safflower oil is derived from the safflower plant. It has a very rich history of being used for many things over the centuries. But with all of the Safflower Oil hype, is this a supplement that’s actually worth trying? It turns out, its versatility is what makes safflower oil among the most widely used plant-based oils in the world. In this article, we will be discussing the numerous health benefits provided by organic safflower oil Safflower is an annual plant that is mainly grown in India, Mexico, and the United States but is native to most

A GUIDE to Morel Mushroom Hunting

Hunting and foraging for wild edible mushrooms can be the most fun. You get out in nature, getting great exercise and lots of fresh air and sunshine. Then you hopefully come home with the makings of some very good meals. And when it comes to morel mushrooms you are coming home with some of the tastiest and priciest morsels you can buy. I

How to Grow Your Own Raspberries and Blackberries

Growing your own fresh raspberries and blackberries is actually quite easy and cost effective. All that’s needed is a little space in a sunny location and you will be rich in berries every year. Follow these tips for growing these berry varieties so you can enjoy the delicious flavor and nutrition homegrown raspberries and blackberries have to offer. Location Select a location that is in full

Starting a New Spring Morning Routine

When spring arrives, you often want to reset your body and your life. The environment around you is being reborn so it only makes sense that you want to experience some of this rebirth as well. For many of us, these feelings and goals are experienced around New Years and around the time spring hits. Why else would spring cleaning be a thing? It is time to shake off the old and start something new. To start a new healthier lifestyle or habit, begin with your morning routine. The way your morning goes can make all the difference in your energy, focus, and mindset throughout the rest of the day. Journal or

The Health Benefits and Magic of Light Therapy

When we hear the words “light therapy” we probably think of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This was in fact the reason I became familiar with light therapy. I am Southwestern gal from Phoenix, Arizona and I moved to Columbus Ohio where cloudy days, rain, and snow were more common than sunshine. I had never experienced issues with sadness or depression until a few years after my move and I think it is directly tied to less activity and less sunshine. Light therapy is often prescribed for the winter blues, but, as it turns out, it may be useful for much more than that. What is Light Therapy? First, let’s take a look at what light therapy

3 Reasons to Grow Lavender in Your Herb Garden

When you think of herbs often times you think of the major culinary ones…rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, and cilantro. Lavender sometimes gets overlooked when it comes time to do the planting in a home herb garden. It gets relegated to the “pretty” category and forgotten in favor of the ones that will be soon be in your grandma’s famous

Storing Your Fresh Cut Herbs

Herbs can grow quite fast and you need very little for maximum flavor in your culinary dishes and for medicinal purposes. So how do you get the most out of your herb garden? You want to prune and harvest regularly so that your plants continue to grow and provide fresh herbs to use, but you need to store those cuttings someplace. You have a few choices available and what you decide may depend on which herb you’re storing and how long you want it to last. Storage in the fridge Fold a cloth napkin and put it inside a zipper bag, place your fresh herbs on

What to Journal About in the Spring

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal . Spring is the time when you often feel ready for a restart in your life. It almost brings more excitement for change than New Years. Maybe it is the sunshine, warmth, and new life that inspires us to to want to make changes ourselves. I don’t know but it’s powerful! Flowers are blooming, the sun is coming out, and you want to revamp your body and mind. Many people turn to journaling during this time of year, or at least re-dedicate to it, but what do you journal about? Here are some ideas that are perfect for the spring season. Create Your 90-Day Goals Every

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018!

I am super excited to share that you can now get the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2018…but only for a few more days. I am a customer myself and I love these bundles every year. As a person always reaching for knowledge, wisdom from others, and ways to better myself in general this bundle of awesome products is the ultimate in

Foraging and Cooking Ramps – Wild Edibles

Ramps or Allium Tricoccum (also called wild leeks) are one of the first harbingers of spring and one of the most delicious wild edible greens you can forage for. They are native to Eastern North America and you can forage for them about six weeks. They grow in forested areas and have flavors of garlic,

Meal Plan Monday – Wild Rice Soup and Breakfast Enchiladas

It’s meal plan Monday! I plan my meals out every Saturday (my grocery shopping day) but I use a Monday-Sunday calendar. It just gives the week an organized feeling and if I don’t plan things then I end up going to the store with no plan and I buy what I “think” we may need. 100% of the time this results in me spending too much. I have to meal plan to stay on my budget. Works like a charm! Here is what we are eating this week… Monday: Wild rice soup with mushrooms – made in my Instant Pot Tuesday: Breakfast Enchiladas Wednesday: Venison

This Amber Teething Necklace Will End Teething Woes

As parents, just about all of us have been there: your baby has started teething, and you have no idea what to do. Or maybe our toddler woke up in a great mood, only to dissolve into a sad, drooling mess halfway through the day. Whatever the age, the next steps are usually the same: you panic, flail around trying to figure out the best way

Five Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen

Forget the expensive beauty treatments that you buy in a store and which cost you half of your paycheck to purchase. Some of the best beauty products available can be found right on your kitchen shelves. Here are the top five beauty treatments that you could walk into your kitchen and make or use to improve your beauty regimen today. #1: A Teeth Whitener Like You’ve Never Seen Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but all you need to make the most amazing teeth whitener are some strawberries and some baking soda.

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

When most people first delve into the minimalist lifestyle, it is fairly common for them to make hard and fast rules about the sort of things they plan to have or not have in the home. They might consider “clutter” to be all the stuff laying around that makes their house look unkept and untidy and they think about what they can donate to various groups. As they learn more about this process though, they will realize clutter can include their wardrobe as well. All your clothes, neatly hanging in hangers and tucked away by the closet door, is a big source

How Contaminated Water Affects Children

Growing children need anywhere from five to eleven cups of fresh, clean water a day, depending on their age and sex. Water helps keep young bodies hydrated and functioning properly. The body is made up of more than 60% water which helps to lubricate joints, maintain blood volume, and remove toxins. Water also helps the body to regulate its temperature while transporting oxygen and nutrients to its cells. Water Related Illnesses With the increased reports of illnesses related to tainted drinking water, it is important to know exactly what

Vacationing in Panama City Beach Florida

I admit to you that I have never been a big “Florida” person. Coming from the southwest the Pacific and California were my go-to places when I had an inkling to go somewhere with sand and surf. Heck they even have Disney and Universal there too so why would I ever go to the sunshine state? Well, I did go a few times, mostly to the Orlando area and it was nice