Natural Treatments for Children and Teens with Depression

More and more children and teens are being diagnosed with depression. This is not a case of the “blues” that everyone faces now and then. These children feel alone. They are struggling to function and overcome feelings of hopelessness. It disrupts every aspect of their lives from their school work and extra curricular activities to their relationships with peers and family. It is not uncommon to hear that preteens are on depression

Meal Plan Monday – French Onion Theme

It’s meal plan Monday! I plan my meals out every Saturday (my grocery shopping day) but I use a Monday-Sunday calendar. It just gives the week an organized feeling and if I don’t plan things then I end up going to the store with no plan and I buy what I “think” we may need. 100% of

6 Money Podcasts to Listen to This Year

I am a die hard podcast listener and have been for years. I typically have my headphones on, listening to podcasts (or audio books) for 8ish hours every weekday while I work and do other things. To me it is about learning and making my mind better at every opportunity. The topics range from health, to housekeeping, to gardening and homesteading, to the law of attraction. This particular blog post will focus on my favorite money podcasts. Money is an important

Easy French Toast Casserole

On lazy weekend mornings, and when it’s crazy cold outside, I like to make french toast casserole. You can use just about any type of bread but I like to use bread that has gone past its prime and needs to be used up. This can be stale loaves, uneaten english muffins, the remains of the French bread from dinner, etc. This morning I made some using a large baguette we used for the previous night’

Dollar Store Homestead Supplies

The dollar store has become the hot place to shop it seems. This all passed by me unnoticed. It wasn’t until very recently that I came across a Youtube channel that featured dollar store diy decor ideas that I learned of its popularity. I asked some friends and they were bewildered that I had never shopped there. Buying “cheap plastic crap” did not appeal to me. After seeing some impressive and cheap diy decor projects I decided to step inside and see what they had to offer. While they did certainly have a lot of cheap looking (ie low quality) stuff they also had some things

Hot and Sour Seafood Soup Recipe

I simply love this recipe for Hot and Sour Soup. It takes the classic soup that we love from our favorite Asian restaurants and mixes it up a bit. This recipe can also be made a variety of different ways because I used to gobble it down when I was a vegetarian as well (minus

8 Ways to Be a More Present Mom

At some point we all feel as though we are just going through the motions. We’re multitasking like never before and we are just getting by with all we have to do. When it comes to meaningful connections with our kids we may sometimes feel we are skating by with the bare minimum. How can we be more present and enjoy simple parenting moments more often? By making a few small changes to our routine and being more mindful of all the ordinary moments that present the opportunity to

Best Skin Care Products of the Year for Aging Skin

I had a big birthday this year. Yep…I hit the big 4-0. Almost as if a light switch was turned on I started to think more about anti aging products and skin care. I knew next to nothing about these topics so started subscribing to anti aging podcasts and Youtube channels, really diving into the subject to see where I should start. I wanted to improve the look of my skin, start taking better care of it, and prevent wrinkles.

Eat That Frog and Get Stuff Done

Complaining about things going wrong in your life isn’t a good long-term strategy for life improvement. In fact, if you ascribe at all to the law of attraction theory you know it does the exact opposite. Complaining about problems attracts more problems. Let’s piggyback on that idea by eating the frog. Many times the things we complain about are the things we don’t want to do (ie clean house, go to work, etc). It’s the things we dread doing and or keep putting off. We spend more time worrying and complaining about these things than is good for ourselves. Worst of all it makes us feel less confident and less competent. Instead of

A More Mindful Baby Registry

Are you going to be welcoming a new baby soon? Congrats! No doubt once you begin to share your news with friends and family you start to be inundated with questions. What do you need? Can we help with a shower? Are you registered for gifts? Getting gifts for the baby and/or having a baby shower is one of the most fun things about being pregnant, at least it was for me. I generally didn’t enjoy being pregnant but I certainly loved the anticipation and getting to share my excitement with those closest

Here’s How Tech Can Be a Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

There’s nothing like granola and tech as a part of your healthy, well-balanced breakfast. We certainly hope it is healthy as we all start the day with it – tech, that is. We’re still working on the granola. The alarm clock has been replaced by the smartphone. So we get up on time. We check our sleep stats to make sure we are improving in that area. Before we finish getting dressed, we’ve got a handle on our schedule so that there are no surprises. Our tech has even told us

A Designer Purse for Your Essential Oils – A Giveaway

If you are a true essential oil enthusiast then you have a fairly large supply of the oils. After all, you can use them for so many things. Making your own natural remedies, DIY beauty solutions, and green cleaners can’t be beat. Another consideration is how you can take them with you when you are on the go. I love being able to get at a bottle of peppermint when I need a pick me up at work or a bottle of lavender if I suddenly get hives. I also like to keep some oils on hand to diffuse in my collection of diffuser necklaces. It’s just convenient to be able to carry a

5 Fall Adventures for Families

Are you planning a family vacation this year and aren’t sure of where to go? Well, if you’re into nature, the great outdoors, and relaxing in thermal pools, Colorado may be perfect for you. There are several mountain cabins for rent in Colorado or boutique hotels to choose from in Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs. And the best thing is, the state gets on average of 300 days of sunshine, so you’re almost guaranteed dry weather. Here are five of the best things to do on a family vacation this fall. 1# Drive Along the Trail Ridge Road: The Trail Ridge

Natural Remedies for Baby’s Fever

It is very frustrating to have a small baby with a fever. They are uncomfortable and restless many times and all we want to do is comfort them. But we can and should avoid reaching for that bottle of baby Tylenol or Motrin. There ARE natural solutions that are much healthier for them. In most cases, your infant’s fever should be left alone. Fever serves a very useful purpose and is the body’s ally in fighting infection. There

Staying Positive and Avoiding Situations That Bring You Down

Hopefully we all have people in our lives that act as our cheerleaders and who are great for our self-esteem. They lift us up and make us feel great in our own skin. There are also places we can go that promote the same feelings. The beach is one of those places for me. The rush of the ocean and

Back To School Favorites List

Back to school season has ended in my neck of the woods. I have two kiddos who have been back to school for a few weeks and one who starts this week. Yay! They are back in school and I have more free time to myself. Yes, I said it. I am also pretty pleased with how the back to school shopping shaped up as well. All school clothing was thrifted. The only new stuff I bought was socks and underwear. I also shopped at Dollar Tree for the majority of the school supplies. Last year I spent $75 on the basic supplies…this year, $30. Booyah! Of course there were

The Art of Frugal Hedonism

To be frugal is to be sparing or economical with regard to money or food. Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence. At first it seems like these two words or concepts are at odds with each other but they actually aren’t. Not at all. I wrote an article some years about this very subject titled Frugal Luxuries…about how frugality and simple living allow you to enjoy luxuries you may not other wise be able to enjoy. A few frugal and money wise choices here and there allow

Save Money & Trees by Cutting Your Toilet Paper Usage in Half

When you ask minimalists, frugalists, or tree huggers how you can get by with no wasteful toilet paper or “less” toilet paper you will typically hear them sing the praises of family cloth. I have dabbled with it myself over the years but usually return to toilet paper, for the sake of less laundry. Family cloth is is basically the use of reusable cloth rags or wipes instead of toilet paper. You have a collection of the cloths by

Tips on Creating An Indoor Herb Garden and Its Benefits

Are you planning to build your indoor herb garden? Did you know that having your indoor garden has a lot of advantages? Get to know how you can create your indoor herb garden and the benefits that you can get from them by reading the information below. People who are a big fan of homemade meals with fresh herbs will love the comfort of having an indoor herb garden. Just a few leaves can bring out the rich flavor of the meal. If you have a window in your home that can get enough sunlight of at least 4 hours, there

Fascia Blasting Resources, Products and Supplies

Fascia blasting has turned out to be a more involved process than originally thought. You see, you need to heat your body internally and externally for the best results. You need to exercise specific muscles in specific ways to fire and build the underlying muscle. You also need slippery oils (DIY or purchased) and a way to store your devices without breaking them. It can get quite pricey when you add up

How Parents Can Protect Their Children When They Are Online

The World Wide Web is endless, providing people from all walks of life entertainment and information at will. Children are especially curious, so they are more than likely going to spend more time surfing the web than adults. For this reason, parents need to find effective ways to keep them safe, when they are online. If you are not familiar with

Spruce Naturals Deodorant

I have written about deodorant many times here over the years and reviewed my fair share of products to find the best ones. It is actually a tall order to find a good, natural deodorant. You may find many that are made of safe and natural ingredients, that part is not hard. But finding one actually works like their conventional, toxic counterparts is quite a bit harder. The ingredients list may be impressive but the ability to actually control odors for more than an hour is usually what is lacking. It smells mice, it feels nice going on, and then an hour or two later you reek and you walk around wondering

Best Foods to Beat Stress

Did you know that making a few changes to your diet can help you beat the stress you experience at home and at work? When you eat junk foods, you don’t feel as great about yourself. Foods that are high in sugar and junk carbs can leave you feeling bloated and tired, which will make stress even worse. Choosing the right foods can improve your general health and leave you smiling when you encounter stress. You can even toss in