In a long-lost city, scientists find an ‘exuberance’ of life

A team of researchers led by Conservation International explored the biological treasures that exist in an inaccessible corner of Central America.

Conservationist to corporate leaders: ‘Just doing the right thing is not enough’

Major companies have committed to ending deforestation, but global progress has been slow.

Takeout produces a lot of trash. It doesn’t have to

The latest Climate Lab video discusses how to be environmentally responsible with takeout.

Scientists say nature should be ‘no-brainer’ for climate action

Scientists show that preserving nature is needed to fight climate change.

Clinton to conservationists: Despite setbacks, ‘you’re winning’

Bill Clinton talks about his decision to protect Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

In South Africa, the future of sustainable ranching looks bright

In Africa’s most biodiverse grasslands, a fifth-generation rancher tackles the challenges of sustainable livestock.

Sustainability heavyweights take aim at environmental impacts of soy, beef, palm oil

A new effort is aiming to minimize the environmental impacts of soy, beef and palm oil with some significant players in sustainability.

5 things to know about Trump’s review of national monuments and parks

The Trump Administration is reviewing national monuments and parks across the United States. Here’s what you need to know.

A tug of war in the night

From a poacher of bush meat to a small-business owner, Magic Mabunda illustrates the transformation underway in the communities outside Kruger National Park.

An accidental ranger finds his calling

When a scientist finds himself in the middle of anti-poaching operations, he asks himself whether there is a better way to conserve nature.

In the news: Degraded land spurs conflict in Kenya

A new report by acclaimed journalist Jeffrey Gettleman explores the roots of land conflict in Kenya, a topic he recently discussed with CI CEO M. Sanjayan.

In the news: Escaped lions highlight plight of park neighbors

A recent case of escaped lions in South Africa’s Kruger National Park is a tragic example of the tension that can exist between people and wildlife around protected areas.

In the news: 6 steps to ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’

In the journal Nature, Christiana Figueres and a group of distinguished climate advocates and researchers identifies six key global climate milestones to reach by 2020.

‘People are more important’: A conversation with Anote Tong

With its vast expanse of ocean, the Pacific island nation of Kiribati is experiencing the future of our oceans now.

The most valued anti-poaching equipment? It may surprise you

In recent years, the battle against wildlife poaching in Africa has taken a high-tech turn. But for rangers on the ground, the basics can make all the difference.

Statesman of the melting North: A conversation with Ólafur Grímsson

On the eve of the People’s Climate March, former president of Iceland Ólafur Grímsson discusses why the time for climate change action is now.

Coins, cigarettes, stewardship: In Indonesia, ocean conservation means giving back

In Indonesia, doing business with the ocean is a two-way street. Now, a new landmark investment looks to uphold our end of the bargain — forever.

Nature’s new ambassador: A conversation with Christiana Figueres

After leading the world in the creation of a landmark climate change agreement, Christiana Figueres is taking on a new role.

Indigenous-led conservation takes center stage in ‘Under the Canopy’

Follow indigenous guide Kamanja Penashekung deep into the forests of Amazonia in CI’s latest virtual reality film.

Best of 2016: How to discover nature’s value? Just ask

CI scientists use sophisticated tools to determine the economic value of nature. But one low-tech method continues to be the most effective. 

Best of 2016: Historic protections for Darwin’s island laboratory

In a banner year for marine conservation, the Galápagos Islands led the way.

The hidden star of ‘Moana’: the Pacific voyaging canoe

For centuries, these boats have connected Pacific Islanders with the sea they depend on.

Historic airline emissions agreement could be good news for forests

A new international agreement on aviation emissions has the potential to boost forest conservation, for the benefit of people and the planet.