Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches and Review

press sample affiliate link Will this killer palette bring the same firepower as the original? Before I talk about the Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded palette ($44), I have to give you an idea of *exactly* how much I revered the original NAKED palette. Birthed in 2010, the Urban Decay NAKED palette quickly became a cult classic, and for good reason. It was unlike anything else on the market in terms of wearability, quality and price point with its beautifully curated selection of one dozen richly pigmented neutral shades in a velvet case. It also included a dual-ended brush and either a deluxe mini of

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray 12 Hour Wear Test

press sample affiliate link Urban Decay has been one of my favorite brands for a long time. As a teen I was obsessed with their cool packaging, ‘wild’ colors and edgy vibe. And today, UD continues to CRUSH IT when it comes to creating some of the best shades on the market. But what good is an amazing shade if it doesn’t last? So, we decided to put the classic Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to the test ($32/4oz, $15/1 oz). UD calls it a weightless spray that keeps makeup looking “just-applied” for up to 16 hours. If you&#

Finally! Murad Offers a Way to Outsmart Acne…

press sample affiliate link Murad Acne Control Outsmart Acne Clarifying Treatment review I had hoped that by the time I passed 30, I wouldn’t still be struggling with acne. These days, at 32, it’s mostly under control–although stress and a bad habit of resting my chin on my hand can cause my acne

NYX Eyeshadow Palettes: Big Color, Not Big Price

NYX is really a game changer in the budget beauty industry. The two latest NYX eyeshadow palettes-the Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette and the I Love You So Mochi Palette–are solid competition for expensive brands, both in their color range and formula. The NYX Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette ($20) contains four colors, and each color comes in three finishes (matte, shimmer and metallic). The Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette is available in four different color ranges: Smoke Screen (smokey tones); Sugar High (coral, blush, mauve tones); Warm Rust (warm rustic tones); and Electric (bright tones). I tested the Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette in Electric

Beauty from India via SkinYoga

press sample International Beauty via Cosmoprof… Today we have Beauty from India that our editor/founder/chief beauty junkie Stef discovered at Cosmoprof last year, SkinYoga. So, settle into your asana and read on… SkinYoga was founded by three sisters who grew up with a chemical-free lifestyle that was deeply rooted in nature, with a strong belief in the importance of mental, physical and emotional balance. Sisters Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika personally seek out the best sources for their all-natural ingredients, which are inspired by ancient skincare wisdom throughout the world. And of course, they never test on animals (SO important to this animal lover!) I got to check out two products from the

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Palette swatches, looks and review

press sample affiliate link ROCK goes GLAM this season… ROCK OUT with the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, featuring 20 amped up exclusive shades of metallic eyeshadow with a completely new eyeshadow formula to deliver maximum metallic madness. It’s a seriously jaw dropping palette–every detail of this palette was designed to release your inner glam-rock goddess. And if you act QUICK, it’s on sale at

The Latest Must Have Lip Product from Sara Happ

press sample affiliate link Sara Happ Plump & Prime Lip Airbrush Treatment Review Sara Happ’s lip care products get some seriously rave reviews from the we heart this team. Our editor-in-chief Stef has spoke of her love with the delicious array of The Lip Scrub multiple times. And

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Concealer and Powder

press sample affiliate link Kiss your acne and oily skin woes goodbye with IT Cosmetics As a 30-something year old who ADORES IT Cosmetics, and who still frequently struggles with acne and oily skin, I was stoked to see that IT Cosmetics was coming out with products specifically for my skin issues! I’ve always had great experiences with IT Cosmetics products in the past (especially their unbelievably soft cruelty-free makeup brushes, CC creams and concealer). The new IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder and Bye

Banish Boring Lipstick…Choose MAC

press sample affiliate link Why be normal? You just be you, boo. normal: adjective. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. noun. the usual, average, or typical state or condition. Yeah, this is one of those posts that starts with a definition, bear with me… There’s a serious disconnect between what “normal” means and the connotations of the word. Normal

3 Things: See Ya Summer!

We know, there’s still 20 days of summer. But Labor Day weekend always feels like the end of summer. So we’re sending it off with a 3 Things… I normally love summer–the sunshine, the warmer weather, the sandals. But man, this year was a little too toasty for me. In the Pacific North West we even reached 101 degrees! I know, I know, for some parts of the US, that’d be great. But for those of us who aren’t used to the triple digits, it feels a little rough. Especially if you live in a condo on the second floor (it doubles as a sauna!) So

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paris Dream Palette review and looks

press sample affiliate link Manna Kadar Cosmetics is a brand that our editor Stef discovered on her recent trip to Cosmoprof NA (the largest beauty convention in North America.) Though new to me, the brand has been around since 2012, and her products have been included in Birchbox and Ipsy–so this prestige brand is definitely on the rise! And, since I’m a huge animal lover, I really appreciate that Manna Kadar Beauty products are not tested on animals, and the ingredients are obtained from cruelty-free sources. So I was excited to test out Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paris Dream Palette ($59; BUT see deal below!) which is definitely dreamy. Inspired by Paris (the creator&#

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint swatches and review

press sample affiliate link Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm During the summer, I often swap out some of my beauty products for easy/sheer/quick options. Foundation gets replaced with tinted moisturizer and sunscreen; a full eye makeup look is swapped out for a bit of cream eye shadow and lipstick moves aside for tinted balm. When I’m sweating my face off in the sun, I’m not really in the mood to touch up my lips, ya know? So here’s my new summer go-to: Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms. These no-fuss, twist-up crayons promise a little bit of color AND a lotta moisture. Since my poor chapped lips were

3 Things: Treat Yo Self

Cross Stitch by House of Miranda on Etsy Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about self-care. I know, “Self-care” sounds very #firstworldproblems, so I’m thinking of it as “Treat Yo Self.” Not in the expensive material goods sense, but in taking care of your mind, body and soul. It seems like it’s increasingly common to run ourselves ragged, to our very breaking point, like it’s a badge of honor. But I really believe that health–mental, physical and spiritual–is more than just an absence of “sickness”. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how strong and resilient we can be instead? (Though, this will always be awesome…) If you’re asking

we truly heart this: Pixi Peel & Polish

I don’t tend to change up my skincare–it really has to be an INCREDIBLE product for me to incorporate it into my regular facial routine. There are a few reasons for this: For over a decade, my cystic-acne ridden face was subjected to trial-and-error with countless products (total product burnout with both prescription and non-prescription strength). I’ve finally found a combination of products that seem to work well together (So I’m hesitant to rock the boat). A little bit of laziness and frugality (there’s just SO many products, and researching/trying

Spring 2017 Milani contour & highlight products – review, swatches & look

press sample affiliate link Bring out your favorite features with the spring 2017 Milani products Milani’s newest batch of contouring and highlighting products are divine. As a beauty blogger, I try out a lot of products, and it really takes an awesome product to get me excited. But Milani–the affordable brand available at your local, humble drugstore–has been keeping me on my toes since 2012. That’s

DRAMA! Starring the e.l.f. Prism Eyeshadow palette in Smoke

press sample affiliate link With a special appearance by e.l.f. Velvet Matte Lipstick in Vampy Violet e.l.f. (eye lips face) cosmetics has been a favorite at we heart this for years because of the variety of products that they offer at a really low prices (seriously, you can get things for $1.00!)

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection swatches, review and looks

press sample affiliate link “The only thing brighter than my hair is my Urban Decay lipstick.â€� –we heart this blogger Marilyn In my opinion, there are a lot of fashion trends from the 90’s that should STAY in the 90’s–frosted tips, overalls, scrunchies and fanny packs immediately come to mind! And then there are the ones that I’m alright with if they’re updated a little, like jelly sandals, denim jackets and Doc Martens. Lastly, there are the rare 90’s-era jewels that I’ve been missing terribly–namely, Urban Decay’s vintage products and colors. I still remember visiting Nordstrom with my aunt and being fascinated by Urban Decay’s funky packaging and wild colors (I could have stared at

Artis brushes: Fluenta Oval 4 review

press sample affiliate link To be honest, when I first saw ergonomic makeup brushes, I was fairly certain that it was just another beauty fad. When MAC, one of my favorite makeup artistry brands, had first released their line of three “Masterclass” brushes in 2013, I thought that they looked like fancy toothbrush-makeup brush hybrids, with their dense bristles perpendicular to the handle. How could it possibly be easier or more ergonomic to use something that was completely different from the makeup brushes we’ve been using FOREVER?! At the very least, you’d have to re-train yourself on how to hold it–which didn’t seem very practical to me. Well, I

Urban Decay Vice lipstick swatches, review and looks

press sample affiliate link My VICE? Collecting all of the new Urban Decay Vice lipstick! I’m still a little 5 year old artist/hoarder at heart–please give me ALL of the crayons to color with! YES, the big box please, with 128 Crayolas. Now that I’m a grown-up (well, older than the legal age of adulthood), I don’t collect crayons anymore, but I sure do collect makeup. I recently meticulously organized all of my makeup so that I could easily find what I’m looking for, and it’s in neat little rows just like a freshly opened box of

NYX Plush Gel Lipstick review, swatches, looks

press sample affiliate link I recently organized my beauty product stash–it was an endeavor that involved a trip to Ikea, hours of assembly and many more hours sorting. Getting my stash under control helped me realize how many similar products I own. It also let me see what colors or formulas are missing from my makeup arsenal. NYX is a we heart this

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss – a limited edition made permanent

press sample affiliate link You often dream that a limited edition product will become permanent. But how often does it really happen? This is one time that it did… Last spring, I reviewed the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss. At the time, they were a new, limited edition product that sounded like a bit of a science experiment–matte gloss? But the formula was totally awesome, and they flew off the shelves. By the time I had tested out the product and my review was posted, it was nearly impossible to find one! Thankfully, the makeup gods at L’Oreal heard our pleas and they been merciful–they have added all six original shades to their

Tips for contouring: featuring the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

Contouring can seem difficult. I get it. It has spiraled a little out of control (google “clown contouring”). But, ladies and gentlemen, I’m pretty sure contouring and highlighting are here to stay. Don’t be afraid of it! Contouring can do awesome things, and it’s really not that hard. I pinky promise that you can learn it AND rock it. Here are my three basic tips on contouring and highlighting for newbies Use the right tools Keep

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono Eye Shadow swatches and review

press sample affiliate link Celebrating color and its everyday expression I’ve been saying it a lot, and I’ll keep saying for as long as they keep it up: the drugstore brands are REALLY upping their game. The high-quality, unique formulas and the wide range of colors are totally making drugstore brands competitive with their more expensive rivals, and I LOVE it. L’Oreal is already a budget beauty lovers favorite because of their Infallible shadows, which were a total game changer. And now they’ve come out with another new formula; the L’Oreal Colour Riche Monos eye shadow. Available in fifteen matte and shimmer shades, these Monos have an “infused gel technology” which gives