Microsoft cutting emissions by 75% by 2030

The action will prevent 10 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Wind turbines can tackle energy demand of the coldest days

Wind speeds are typically slower on cold winter days, but a new study shows that on the very coldest days, wind turbines can keep the heat on.

Play PacMan Vs. Hunger and earn money for local charities

A twist on the arcade game lets players fight hunger with every ghost PacMan chomps.

Google Earth gets a major visual upgrade

The software gets a facelift, letting users virtually travel the world in even greater detail.

Ultra-thin solar cell is flexible enough to wrap around a pencil

The super flexible solar cell could be used on just about any surface.

Software lets you see the world like animals do

You can see what objects look like to fish, bees, birds and more.

Solar panel coating increases energy output by 30%

Having each panel put out more energy could significantly slash the cost of solar installations.

Self-powered camera can take photos forever

The camera runs on the light reflected from its subjects.

Urinal generates power from pee in England

The toilets could be used to power lighting in refugee camps.

Old fishing trawler becomes wave power plant

The Norwegian ship has been given a new clean energy life.

Explore one of the West’s last wild rivers with Google Street View

The software lets you virtually float down the Yampa River, which has been largely unchanged by man.

8 art supplies you can make at home

Next time you need more paint, clay or other art supplies, just whip some up with ingredients already at home.

Smart desk moves you between sitting and standing throughout the day

The high tech answer to keeping you moving while working.