Is decarbonising our energy system right… or left?

It isn’t a good time to be a private provider of public services. So far, 2018 has seen the collapse of Carillion; the government intervening on the east coast mainline franchise due to imminent failure; and a public debate on the negatives of private finance initiatives. As such, it is understandable that coverage of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech earlier this month

This relationship’s too good to lose. Let’s work on it in 2018 and #showthelove

It’s that time of year again when hope is in the air. The nights are getting lighter, sunlight can be felt on our skin for the first time in months, and those who believe in love can go to overpriced restaurants to watch doe-eyed couples try to eat sea

Conference diary: hovering in anticipation

The overwhelming atmosphere at Conservative Party conference this week was one of anticipation. Throughout the fringe events and the hotel bars, even in the main hall, a sense that something big was about to happen seemed to pervade everything. This wasn’t helped by Boris Johnson who, last weekend, set out his ‘red lines’ on Brexit and commented on domestic policy.

Conference diary: policy ideas are more than a simple chant

“My MP is a shepherdess. What can I do to get her to ensure the Withdrawal Bill protects the environment?” Not the most obvious question you expect a panel to be asked at a Labour fringe event, but one that was indicative of the new energy that permeated through this year’s conference in Brighton. Everywhere you looked there were new

A green Brexit?

The fact that the summer of 2017 is turning out to be one of the hottest on record was not apparent in WWF’s Living Planet Centre today as Michael Gove set out his first public speech on the environment since becoming secretary of state. As one of the most energy efficient buildings in Europe, heat pumps are engaged to transport

Will the Withdrawal Bill work for the environment?

Though the triggering of Article 50 occurred just over 100 days ago, it has felt like the Great Repeal Bill has been coming for a lot longer. And this is the first big change we will have to make: the Great Repeal Bill is no more. As it passes through parliament it will now be known as the European Union

This Queen’s speech will chart the course to our environmental future

If the past month has taught me anything it’s that making political predictions is a mug’s game. Most of the political commentariat seemed as far off as me in their expectation of a parliamentary majority. Likewise, it’s hard to guess what exactly will be in the Queen’s speech tomorrow, but here is what Green Alliance thinks it should contain.  It

What are the manifestos promising on the environment?

Next Tuesday for the first time in this election campaign, the public will get the chance to put questions directly to the major parties’ on their ambitions and aims for the environment in the next parliament at the Greener UK hustings. The debate will include issues like air quality and pollution, nature protection, international leadership, farming and fisheries, climate change

100 days of May: how have green issues fared with the new PM ?

2016 has proven to be one of the most politically tumultuous years in recent memory, with a history-making referendum, a change of government, leadership elections in several of the opposition parties and Ed Balls dazzling the nation on live Saturday night TV. As such, last Friday should have been Theresa May’s 40th day as prime minster but, thanks to the

Conference diary: a bird’s eye view from Birmingham

I used to work for a conservation charity famous for protecting birds and once, on a call, a woman used the phrase “let’s kill two birds with one stone, here�. I barely noticed what she’d said (it was water off a duck’s back to me) but the caller got so embarrassed that she garbled an