Unfinished business at the conclusion of the Brexit bill

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is rapidly approaching the end of its parliamentary journey, but it does so with a distinct whiff of unfinished business in relation to the environment. At the outset, the environment was largely absent from the government’s narrative. There was little recognition of the governance gap that would be created upon the UK’s exit from the EU,

Just how independent will the new independent green watchdog be?

This post was first published by Business Green. It’s by now becoming a familiar refrain: we will consult on establishing a new, independent watchdog to hold the government to account. This commitment was first proposed by environment secretary Michael Gove in November, has been repeated many times since and was encapsulated in the Defra consultation document on environmental principles and

The day protecting the environment became the right thing to do

When first announcing the government’s plans to legislate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU the prime minister assured the nation that the same rules and laws will apply on the day after exit as on the day before and that we will have a workable, certain, continuing system of law. This really matters for the environment as 80 per cent of

Why the House of Lords is holding out for a strong environmental watchdog

; The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is being debated in the House of Lords and peers have been raising their concerns about the bill’s gaps and deficiencies. They have tabled over 100 amendments to the bill, several of which are being voted on and mostly passed. The worry that Brexit might erode environmental safeguards has featured heavily  throughout the bill’s parliamentary

The Lords debates show the extent of concern about the Withdrawal Bill

At the end of January the EU (Withdrawal) Bill was the subject of a record-breaking debate in the House of Lords. One hundred and ninety peers spoke at the bill’s second reading, including several members of the expert Constitution Committee, which concluded that “the Bill risks fundamentally undermining legal certainty in this country”. There was also widespread concern about the

This parliamentary debate was a significant moment for the UK’s environment

It’s so often the case that environmental issues are overlooked in parliament, squeezed in time and overshadowed by other priorities. But last night saw something rather special: three hours of uninterrupted parliamentary debate on the environment in which politicians from all parties were competing to speak and make and seek commitments about future environmental protection. In advance of the debate

MPs’ scrutiny of the Withdrawal Bill is crunch time for the environment

As Greener UK has already highlighted, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is crucial in ensuring the protection of the UK’s environment. So we will be on high alert when MPs begin their detailed scrutiny of the bill in a little over a week. It has some major deficiencies, including the omission of the environmental principles which underpin many of our strongest