43.6% of Denmark’s electricity came from wind last year

And the number of turbines has actually decreased…

Norway surpasses ambitious car CO2 goal, 3 years early

Thanks, Elon.

City of 11.9 million will have only electric buses by the end of the year

That’s 14,000 electric buses. In just one city.

How to set up a public electric vehicle charging station, the fast charging edition

As electric vehicle use spreads, demand for more—and faster—charging stations will grow too.

Bi-partisan climate consensus is here. Just not in the US. (Yet…)

Americans often miss how non-controversial the idea of cutting carbon emissions is in much of the rest of the world.

Supermarket giant to slash emissions 60% by 2025, 100% renewable by 2030

Tesco has made some major environmental commitments before. But this one shows a long-term commitment.

Kentucky coal museum goes solar (and miners made it happen)

When the coal industry turned its back on workers, they created a powerful solar lobby.

Man creates mountains of compost from Dublin’s waste—plus a storyteller’s perspective on immigration

“I’m just giving back what I got from people,” says Tony Lowth.

Scotland approves another floating wind farm project

If successful, these farms could be a major step forward for offshore wind energy elsewhere.

Alcohol as food? An eco-positive, food grade rhum

I don’t often do product reviews. But when that product comes in a bottle, I might make an exception.

What Trump’s election can teach us about green lifestyle choices

It’s no what you’d think.

Life with a baby in a 215 SF off-grid cabin

An open look at the emotional aspects of deciding to downsize.

Tyson Foods invests in "bloody veggie burger" company, Beyond Meat

Could it be that (realistic) fake meat is about to go mainstream?

Seagrass: The most important habitat nobody ever talks about?

100 scientists issue a call to protect the “lungs of the ocean”.

Compost poetry and the ‘magic at work in the rotten stench’

Another great example of compost poetry that celebrates the magic in our muck.

Britain sets target of 57% CO2 cuts by 2030

Brexit or no Brexit, the British government seems intent on communicating its commitment to reducing emissions.

Natural Building: Rediscovering the wonder of building with mud

Once thought of as “primitive” in the West, natural building techniques are enjoying a revival.

Australian Capital Territory plans 100% renewables by 2025

When individual regions act, entire countries may be forced to follow.

If climate action is anti-business, why does business demand climate action?

We’re in a new era of corporate activism as businesses voice their support for Obama’s clean power plan.

When even coal miners support renewables

The game really might be over for the coal industry.

Corporate giants pledge $140bn to help fight climate change

It seems Big Business is more ambitious than our political leaders, thank goodness.

Hillary Clinton unveils bold climate plan, pledges 700% more solar by 2020

The Democratic front runner also did not waste the opportunity to ding climate denying political opponents too.

These anti-electric car studies are silly. (And very important.)

Recent studies focusing on EV emissions do not make the case for gas cars. But they do have some important lessons.