Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Swatches and Review

press sample affiliate link I’ll Be Your Glow for All Seasons… Charlotte Tilbury has been synonymous with healthy-looking, natural beauty for several years now. Bohemian rapture is how I describe it: full, pouty looks in nature-inspired shades. Their mascara is life, their eyeshadows are uplifting, and their lip colors are to die for. Now, for the first time, I’ve sampled Unisex Healthy Glow and I’m in heaven. (And

Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate review

press sample affiliate link I’ve known for a while now that Vitamin C isn’t only good for staving off colds and scurvy. Pure Vitamin C is a big-time antioxidant with powerful skin protection. That same Vitamin C you take in a pill or in your OJ to protect your body

Get Ready to Glow! Let Pixi Skintreats Help…

press sample affiliate link For ten years, Pixi Skintreats has been the affordable skincare line for discerning beauty-obsessed beings on a budget. Beginning in London, the brand exploded worldwide due to their simple, natural products that work. Flawless and fuss-free is their mantra, and, unsurprisingly, it’s mine, too. As I ride out my 40’s, I find myself drowning in an ocean of overpriced products, all promising skin-saving miracles. Pixi is one of the few that threw me a live saver I can afford. The Skin Rescue Essentials that Pixi has lined up are to “restore, revive and reveal your radiance.” To do this, they give us Glow-O2 Oxygen

REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm: Anger Management for Your Skin

press sample affiliate link Angry skin. I’ve got it. Many of us have it. The pros tend to call it “rosacea,” but I just call it “angry skin”. My skin can get angry at extreme cold or extreme heat. It can get angry at my third cup of coffee or my first glass of red wine. It gets slightly upset at habaneros, and mad at many a face wash. This general sensitivity is usually combated with good sense and good cosmetics. The first often escapes me, but I found REN goes a long way in helping me with the second. I first became enamored with REN after trying their Perfect

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss: Swatches of all 20 Shades

press sample affiliate link Glosses that Dance to the Beat of Every Drummer Is there anything more fun than lip gloss? Not for me. Not right now. Why? Because new to the scene is Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine lip gloss in twenty colors and four finishes (at a totally reasonable $20 a piece), and we got to swatch and try all of them. Paaarrr-taay! We all know that Urban Decay is the patron saint of makeup glitter and funky colors, as well as the creator of the uber-popular Naked palettes, So while fun and funk is abound, there is always something

NEW Aveda Invanti Advanced for Thinning Hair

press sample affiliate link Naturally Thick, Full tresses are only a Pump and a Squeeze Away My hair battles are tortuous. My scalp is mostly to blame. Intensely oily skin and scalp makes for oily hair, greasy scalp and a hyperproliferation of skin cells. Unlike dry dandruff, the dead skin is seemingly glued to my scalp, awaiting exfoliation of some sort (which often is picking…ew, I know). Most things I tried haven’t been great. Nothing has worked across the board. My biggest fear is that I pull hair out with dead skin, damaging my scalp and preventing hair growth. Dear God, please don’t let me go bald. So then

CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion swatches and review

press sample affiliate link Introducing the Korean Skincare Line with a Bright Horizon The Asian aesthetic of clean, simple design is evident in many things that the Western World admires: fashion, décor, organization and, of course, beauty. CLE Cosmetics is a Korean Cosmetic line (that’s actually based in California!) that is minimally designed “for the modern woman”. CLE celebrates the effortless beauty of the natural state, and the self-care that is needed to achieve that beauty. We Wonder Women don’t need much, it seems. Not much more than taking care of ourselves and highlighting our beautiful, imperfect selves. Let’s start with the highlighting part. CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion ($30) is

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

press sample affiliate link Oh, the foodies! What fun it is to buy a gift for that foodie friend. Sort of. Tastes are definitely not universal, even for those with refined palates. Foodies, however, seem to be bound by the common thread of willingness to be adventurous—to be experimenters of all things wondrous, unique and edible. I, for one, have lots of fun shopping for that

Ren Perfect Canvas; a Primer, a Serum and Much, Much More

press sample affiliate link Ren Perfect Canvas review I love a perfect face. I haven’t got one, but one can dream. I may have a Botticelli body, but not that creamy Venus skin. My oily skin, big pores and rosacea bumps really make the look of perfection difficult. But I just tried Ren Perfect Canvas (30 ml $55), and I realized that my neglected, angry skin could look a whole lot closer to piece of art than I had ever hoped. I am an artist myself. Ish. I never really took it anywhere. There were

Holiday Gift Guide for Fragrance Lovers (that ARE NOT perfume)

press sample affiliate link Don’t be that person. I’m talking about those of you like my brother who knows Mom loved Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew perfume, and has bought it for her for Christmas for the past forty years. Forty years. My Mom rarely wears perfume at all, but she likes Youth Dew. Or at least

Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Bohemian

press sample affiliate link The Holiday Season is upon us, and with it expect a slew of gift guides from we heart this targeting someone on your “nice” list. Today, we’re aiming for that Boho member of your ranks, the modern hippie, if you will. So, let’s lay out a little Bohemian Rhapsody for those you list-readers. Cue the thunderbolts and lightening… 1. Target Project 62 Cream Tufted Wall Tapestry ($29.99) Target has created a collection

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Collection Review

press sample affiliate link New IT Cosmetics products Send Red Skin Packing The perils of rosacea are many. First, there is the itchy redness and inflammation of an acute outbreak following a stressful episode, a glass of wine, intense heat or a moment in the bright sun. Then there are the lasting monikers of rosacea such as broken capillaries and red bumps and uneven texture. It’s a battle that ebbs and flows,

Phytoceane Costa Rica Moisturizing Body Water

press sample A Powerhouse of Skin-Quenching, Scent-Infusing Refreshment I wonder how many of my posts over the years touted the sea in some manner? I know my favorite ones did. By nature, the sea is healing and calming, yet somehow the source of energy and life. I love its power. Which brings us to Phytoceane, the French born company that scientifically extracts the sea’s most desirable assets, and from them creates the most powerfully amazing beauty products. Up till now, I had known that Phytoceane made splendid facial scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers. (In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say

A Beauty Hack from Across the Pond: Dr. PawPaw Balm

press sample affiliate link Who out there isn’t looking for a low maintenance multi-tasking beauty product? It’s summertime and we are all in need of something to perk up our bare face, or help out our sun-dried visage. Today we bring you the quietly awesome, celeb and makeup artist touted, all-around multi-tasker Dr. PawPaw Balm. Dr. PawPaw is a relative newcomer to the beauty scene,

Because Red Teeth are Never Cute, There’s Wine Wipes…

press sample affiliate link Have Your Wine, And Drink It Too (Without the Stains, Without the Straw) Wine is my beverage of choice. White is my color of choice…for my teeth. Unfortunately, if you drink red wine, you’ll likely never have white teeth again. Oh, the shame of meeting new friends in your toothy purple grin! It doesn’t have to be so, though. Borracha created Wine Wipes just so you aren’t

A Lip Savior: Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

press sample affiliate link A New Secret Weapon Targets Balm Addicts I am a balm girl. Lip balm, that is. I use it obsessively on non-lipstick days at the beach. I use it to prep my lips before applying lipstick. I never have less than seven in cups, pockets, lockers or purses: some tinted, some flavored, some medicinal. It’s not that I even have dry lips. I’m not prone to chapping and I live in a mild climate. I was born to balm; from the time I was old enough to eat a tube of Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers to the present day. The reason for it is obvious: we all want soft, youthful, kissable

Tom’s of Maine Body Wash review (and Beauty Bars too!)

press sample affiliate link Everything old is new again. Half a century ago the hippies created a movement of natural ingredients, earthiness and purity. The movement itself was a retro one, an answer to an industrialized worldwide growth spurt—one that leapt over nature and verged on the supernatural. This back-to-nature movement has never really left, but has definitely resurged in recent years. When the going gets tough, the tough harkens for simpler times. Through it all, for over forty years, Tom’s of Maine has supplied us

3 Things: Caftans (and Jon Hamm, but mostly Caftans…)

Today I bring an obsession of mine to all of you: to be judged, praised or scoffed. I submit to you all, the Caftan. I’m not sure if my years-long love of caftans surfaced because of their comfort, my advancing age and girth, or just because I think they are so darn chic. I do know that the caftan first appeared in Mesopotamia, some 600 years before

Eyes on MAC review, and a MAC Eye Shadow Finish Guide

Pizzazz-Packing Eye Shadow Palettes Promise to Bewitch Is there anything so lovely as a perfectly curated eye palette? The world is filled with palettes of half-usable shadows and half-wasted hues. I’ve had the best of luck with neutral palettes, but always long for a touch of pizzazz. So you know who does neutral plus pizzazz palettes phenomenally? MAC, of course! Let’s focus

NEW Milani Make it Dewy Setting Spray review (and more!)

press sample affiliate link Drugstore Brand Sets Sights On World (of Makeup) Domination Right off the bat, I’ve got to reaffirm for all you we heart this readers that Milani is, as a whole, my favorite drug store brand of makeup. It is the brand that I chose to purchase exclusively when I went on vacation once, forgetting my makeup bag and needing a replacement…everything. Milani’s hallmark is in creating quality drugstore products that perform as good or better than their more expensive department store counterparts And when a brand that good introduces new face primers and setting sprays, I pretty much could vouch for the products before I

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Prep & Shape Pro Kit and Infallible Pro Contour Palette review

press sample affiliate link A Dependable Brand Proves Its Worth Some makeup brands are so iconic that I never have a second thought about reaching for something new of theirs at the drugstore. I mean, before entire stores became dedicated to pricey brands, and dropping a couple of Benjamins for some face paint became d’riguer, I shopped the mean streets of my local pharmacy. L’Oreal is one of those old school, dependable brands. Long

MAC Shadescents Swatches and Review: Here’s a Story…

press sample affiliate link Who doesn’t love a story? Stories motivate us. Would you all have put a top hat on a snowman, baked cookies for St. Nick or poured maple syrup on spaghetti without knowing the stories of Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus and Buddy the Elf? I think not. Stories always further the

bareMINERALS barePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation swatches and review

press sample affiliate link barePro Offers Yet Another Choice in Amazing Mineral Foundations Hey Ho, everyone! It’s me, Sherri, the bareMinerals superfan here to share my thoughts on yet another new bareMinerals foundation: BarePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation ($30). Cut to the chase—it’s good. Better than the rest? That depends. Let’s chat and take a walk down foundation memory lane… bareMinerals has been my long-time saving grace and