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5 of the Best Fruit Flavored Kombucha Recipes + How to Get That Fizz!

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Child-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for the Gardening Aficionado in You

Most moms regret the fact that they don’t get out to the garden often enough when they have small children in the home. It seems as though the moment you decide to prune the roses or check for fruit on the squash plants, the little ones decide to smell the pretty flowers, only to wail in fear because a trickle of blood arises from those pesky thorns. Actually, there’s no reason why you can’t create a child-friendly garden environment so

Benefits of CBD Oil for Relaxation and Sleep

In the last few years, Cannabidiol has become a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Researchers have discovered that it has some very useful effects, but you may be largley in the dark about what it can do for you because it is shrouded in mystery and stigma.

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7 Natural Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

Living a natural lifestyle means making choices for your health that aren’t filled with chemicals, additives, and the like, and that includes the food you eat. While most people assume your diet is only beneficial to your health and general well-being, it’s also a good move for your teeth and oral health too. According to Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry, “Most people think of oral health in terms of brushing teeth and flossing

Slow Cooker Beef and Cheese Sandwiches

Looking for an easy recipe for your beef chuck roast that doesn’t involve something hearty like pot roast, beef stew, or beef stroganoff. This easy peasy sandwich recipe has you covered.  Even the kids will like these beef and cheese sandwiches. The base recipe has only 5 ingredients (beef, onion soup mix, beef stock, cheese, and sandwich buns). Score! Of course there are a couple optional ingredients you can add to elevate these simple sandwiches for mom and dad. Either way to choose to make them they are easy to make and assembly is fast. Beef Chuck Roast Sandwiches With Cheese Ingredients: 2 lb chuck roast 1 packet dry onion soup 2 Cups beef broth/stock Shredded or sliced cheese of your

Why you need prebiotics with your probiotic

As the Daily Green family ages, we have begun to explore dietary supplements. While we are no scientists, we can offer anecdotal evidence of our experiments. And we are extremely pleased with the results. At the beginning of the summer, Our Daily Green had the opportunity to partner with Vibranelle and Nutrivee to test the probiotic and prebiotic supplements. While many folks have heard about

Homemade Blueberry Rhubarb Jam

Two of the easiest crops you can grow in your home garden would be blueberries and rhubarb. They are also perhaps two of the most delicious and they pair really well for desserts and jams. It is just the right combo of sweet and tangy, in fact you may decide you like this pairing better than strawberries and rhubarb. It’s Blubarb! This recipe is lower in sugar than many others (ie 1 cup versus 5-6) and because it doesn’t have a lot of sugar I use Pomona’s pectin powder with calcium water to help it gel. Since it does not require sugar to jell, jams and jellies can be made with less, little, or even no

Fun And Safe Activities For Teens This Summer

Summer is in full swing and it is time to get out there and being having fun. The pools are going to be open and the campgrounds will be full. As a parent, you’ll definitely want to take some time off of work to spend with your children. And you also want your teens to have fun when you are not there to supervise right? You can help them choose fun activities to keep them occupied that are also safe. Within this guide, you will discover fun and safe activities for your teens and tweens this summer

Easy DIY Herbal Deodorant Without Baking Soda

Homemade deodorant in actually one of the easiest home beauty products you can make. The issue is that many homemade deodorant recipes use baking soda as a key ingredient and it can be an irritant to the skin. Even if you don’t notice anything at first, days or even weeks down the road you may start to feel itchy, irritated, and raw from using this harsh ingredient on a daily basis. This goes for many natural store bought brands too…which is often why so many

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Top 10 Surprising Hidden Sources of Toxins in the Home

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Vitamin C: 6 Surprising Things for Moms and Kids to Know

Think you know everything there is to know about vitamin C? There is always more to learn! Recent studies and advice from medical professionals show us that not only can it boost your family’s health in some surprising ways. But it is also nature’s natural beautifier for moms (and dads, too)! Here are 6 facts you to know about

Get Rid of the 3 Most Toxic Cleaning Products in Your Home

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Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly School Supplies for the Best Year Yet

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Planning a Family Ski Vacation

Don’t let the prospect of going on a ski trip with the family, kids and all, intimidate you. Ski resorts nowadays have tons of amenities and activities to keep your kids busy and entertained. Some of them even offer getaway time for the adults. By offering babysitting and after-hour activities, you can get away for some fun adult time. During the day, you can leave the kids in a camp-like environment or get them skiing at a young age. Most resorts offer professional lessons for

5 Good And Healthy Habits For Kids To Teach As A Parent

Undeniably, a behavior pattern, when repeated over and over again, develops into a habit. Gradually, habits form an individual’s character, which ultimately defines him or her. Though it is not impossible to develop new habits during your adolescence, habits, when practiced during childhood, leaves a huge impact. As we grow up, we find it extremely hard to modify our ways to lead lives or develop good

Why Being a Mom is a Good Reason to Get Fit

Having kids is the most amazing part of life. They enrich your life in so many ways, just by being a daily and an important part of it. One of the things that a lot of moms say is that they decided to go through the wellness and fitness route because it is important to be fit as a mom. It is true that women with children want to look their best to maintain their youth and vigor. However, many moms ultimately feel that trying to get fit for yourself seems like a very selfish reason. This is so not true

Make your garden a haven for wildlife

With summer in full swing, we’re all spending more and more time in our gardens and outdoor spaces. So, if you’re looking for a summer project to enjoy with your children over the summer break then why not give nature a helping hand? Turning your garden into a haven for wildlife is pretty simple and pretty budget friendly too

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles in the Garden

This is my first year fighting the dreaded Japanese Beetle. They are not quite as bad as the squash vine borer but very, very close. I suppose they have been in my garden all along munching on some kale here or there but I never really noticed. Then this year, I added a young cherry tree and BOOM they migrated to my yard and set up a permanent

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3 Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits for the Entire Family

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet that research suggests may benefit both children and adults. When followed consistently, the keto diet leads to the state of ketosis, a condition which allows your body to use fat for energy. Ketosis can trigger weight loss, increase energy levels, and lower blood sugar. Furthermore, research has found that the diet may reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures in some people. Weight Loss Following the keto diet is an excellent way to lose weight. Studies have shown that people on low-carb diets lose weight more quickly