Artist Builds Glass Tiny House that Dreams are Made of Deep in the Woods

Neile Cooper has created a thing of breathtaking beauty in the woods behind her house in Mohawk, New Jersey. When she needed a reading room and studio, this talented artist and jewelry maker did what she she does best. Crafted from old windows and handmade glass panels, this cabin deep in the lush woods is just stunning. The frame of the cabin was created from lumber and filled in with old, repurposed windows. The

Pat McGrath Labs is Worth. Every. SINGLE. Penny

That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 5.7.18 Question of the Week: What’s the most expensive eye shadow palette you own, and is it worth it? Answer: It’s the beauty shown here, Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette in Decadence. At $125, it’s a big splurge. But this is palette perfection! The pigment is off the charts,

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss: Swatches of all 20 Shades

press sample affiliate link Glosses that Dance to the Beat of Every Drummer Is there anything more fun than lip gloss? Not for me. Not right now. Why? Because new to the scene is Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine lip gloss in twenty colors and four finishes (at a totally reasonable $20 a piece), and we got to swatch and try all of them. Paaarrr-taay! We all know that Urban Decay is the patron saint of makeup glitter and funky colors, as well as the creator of the uber-popular Naked palettes, So while fun and funk is abound, there is always something

Yummy and Healthy Avocado Dip

Avocados are a creative way to increase your fruit intake during the fall and winter months. You can add them to almost any dish. Avocados contain about 8% of your recommended daily value of fiberPhoto Credit: Elena White @lifethegreenwayper serving. Dietary fiber from fruits, as a part of an overall healthy diet, can

5 Things you Didn’t Know you Could Cook on a Campfire for Cinco de Mayo

If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the great outdoors, you’ll need to fuel your fun. But campfire dinners don’t need to be an impossibly orange blob of dehydrated mac and cheese or a gloopy ‘just add water’ mystery dinner. You should be eating like king and enjoying delicious Mexican campfire meals that make memories and taste so much better when enjoyed with friends. Camping Breakfast Burrito 4 Eggs 4 Tbsp. oil 1 Avocado (sliced) 1 Onion sliced 1 Chorizo sausage (thinly

How Cricket is Combating Climate Change

A recent study by the Climate Coalition, England’s largest climate change action group, tapped cricket as being the sport most affected by climate change. It found that “wetter winters and more intense summer downpours are disrupting the game at every level”. Glamorgan Head of Operations Dan Cherry, agreed that inclement weather could “fundamentally change the game”. “The less cricket we play, the fewer people will watch it, the less they will come to the ground and pay to enter, the less chance there is for young people to be inspired,&#

A Safe Haven for our Youth

Toronto’s homeless youth are at record levels. In the city, and across Canada, these numbers are rising. Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth is an innovative shelter fighting this crisis. Its model may be what saves our vulnerable youth. By Jarrett Hasson Photo credit: Eva's Initiatives / LGA Architectural Partners and Ben Rahn/A-Frame It is 8:30 a.m. on a weekday in a non-descript building in downtown Toronto. As still and plain as the building appears from outside, a breathtaking scene is unfolding more

It’s an Oldie, but a Goodie: My Favorite Liquid Lipstick

affiliate link That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 4.30.18 Question of the Week: What’s your favorite brand of liquid lipstick and why? Answer: I come back to Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22) almost every time! Here it is in Beso, the most lush, pure matte red EVER. This formula is everything you want in a liquid lipstick: long wearing (it stays put until you remove it) yet comfortable, (your lips don’t end up feeling like the Sahara in an hour). Here’s what was up with the League last week… Blushing Noir – You NEED to check out the new Too Faced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. Without giving too much

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation: swatches of all 12 shades

press sample affiliate link What’s your shade? IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation swatches If IT Cosmetics had a cheerleading squad, I could be team captain. I get bubbly with happiness when I hear about a new release, and love pretty much everything the brand does. Even though I already own a bounty of IT’s face products, I’m giving a big “YAY team!” to its brand new Bye Bye Foundation release, which expands the color range to 12 versatile shades. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation ($39.50, 1fl oz.) is what it calls a

Proenza Schouler Arizona Hits All the Desert Notes

press sample affiliate link That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 4.16.18 Question of the Week: What perfume is currently gracing your pulse points? Answer: Ever since the arrival of Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau de Parfum ($100 for 1.7oz), I’ve worn nothing else! Made in France, but based on Arizona, the scent combines “living cactus flower and creamy orris accord.” This is one of the scents where I understand EXACTLY where the creators were coming from. To me,

Pixi Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator Kit swatches and review

press sample affiliate link On the heels of last year’s “Pixi Pretties” YouTube beauty influencer collaborations, Pixi has teamed up with three more influencers for a brand new launch of pretty palettes. I got to check out the Pixi Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator Kit ($20) created in conjunction with YouTube

Spill It: What’s in Your Purse?

That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 4.2.18 Question of the Week: Spill it; what’s in your purse right now? (beauty product-wise) Answer: I have a surprisingly low amount at the moment (no doubt because my Marc Jacobs bag is on the smaller side). But it’s still lip product heavy, per usual. Here are the highlights: Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance

Here’s What You Should Buy at the Sephora VIB Sale…

affiliate link That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 4.9.18 Question of the Week: We’re right in the middle of Sephora Spring Bonus time; 15% off this weekend for Rouge, VIB and Insiders. So, what are you buying? Answer: I have quite a few things in my cart (no surprise!) But here are the things that I’m sure

5 New Urban Decay Products You Need Now

press sample affiliate link Is it just us, or is Urban Decay really knocking it out of the park lately? They seem to have a new product every couple of weeks, each more fabulous than the last. Plus, their new products often have a nod to an existing product or are extensions to collections. So fans get

Lipstick League MEGA Giveaway: Win $1000 in Beauty Products

The Lipstick League has joined forces yet again! You know that we do that weekly with our blog posts, but this time we’ve done it for a MEGA giveaway (and I do mean mega.) The best beauty blogs in the biz have united to give away 29 beauty products with a more than $1000 retail value. That’s right, win this giveaway and you’ll

Three Key Spring Fashion Pieces You Need (and they’re all part of the Shopbop sale!)

press sample affiliate link It’s spring time in the California desert. The sun is shining, it’s 80 degrees, it’s gorgeous. But I know that’s not the case yet for a lot of you. So I thought we’d do some spring fashion shopping as a reminder that spring is coming. Really, it is. And what good timing, because there’s a Shopbop sale going on right now! CLICK HERE for all the details (exclusions, etc.) But here’s a cheat sheet, too: When: April 10th, 2018 – April 14th, 2018 What: 20% Off Orders Under $500 | 25% Off Orders of $

NEW Aveda Invanti Advanced for Thinning Hair

press sample affiliate link Naturally Thick, Full tresses are only a Pump and a Squeeze Away My hair battles are tortuous. My scalp is mostly to blame. Intensely oily skin and scalp makes for oily hair, greasy scalp and a hyperproliferation of skin cells. Unlike dry dandruff, the dead skin is seemingly glued to my scalp, awaiting exfoliation of some sort (which often is picking…ew, I know). Most things I tried haven’t been great. Nothing has worked across the board. My biggest fear is that I pull hair out with dead skin, damaging my scalp and preventing hair growth. Dear God, please don’t let me go bald. So then

Which is better: Ulta or Sephora?

affiliate link That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 2.12.18 Question of the Week: Which is better, Sephora or Ulta? Answer: Whew, that’s tough. I love that at Ulta you can get drugstore and prestige under one roof. And a bang trim if you need it! I also have to say Sephora hasn’t been treating me sweet lately. Shipping problems, plus I NEVER get

Five Bold Design Pieces to take your Living Room to Geometric Heights

affiliate link When it comes to home decor, there are a few steps to ensuring your home stays stylish while also being functional. One of the best ways to do this is to make your “canvas” (aka your walls) a neutral shade, which allows for bold design pieces as accents. Choosing a wall color that is in the realm of white, grey, beige or something neutral allows you to make much bolder choices when it comes to accessories and trendier pieces! If you’re a fan of even more fun and colorful pieces, choosing neutral large furniture, such as couches, tables or bedroom furniture, allows you so much creativity. With a light gray couch

Space NK has the Best GIFT WITH PURCHASE available now!

press sample affiliate link On Feb 13, get ready to snag the mother of all GWP! That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 2.5.18 Question of the Week: Have you ever bought a product JUST because you want the GWP (gift with purchase?) Answer: Oh, HELL yeah I have! And the gift with purchase going on right now at Space NK is so good, I think I may actually shop to get another one in addition to the press sample I was sent! Here’s the details… On Tuesday, February 13th, Space NK is hosting the “Spring Beauty Edit” event at its 28 US locations (freestanding boutiques, as well as Space NK inside select Bloomingdale’s). Customers can check out

What is The Mitty? And Why Will You Love It?

press sample Anyone who knows me can tell you that there is little I hate more than cluttering up the environment with a bunch of junk. Yes, disposable items are convenient and easy to use, but laziness is no excuse for turning the world into one big, ugly landfill. I don’t even use a whole cotton ball most of the time. Instead, I tear one ball up into a lot of little pieces. Which is

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