Where to target ocean conservation? New research points the way

Around the world, oceans are providers: of food, of livelihoods, of entire economies. But, where do people depend on them

Best of 2018: Satellite tags shed light on sea turtle treks

Knowing where the turtles go is the first step to protecting them.

This kid dices onions and wields a kitchen torch

Week 6 of our meal-prepping series will introduce you to a dad who’s serious about teaching his kids how to cook.

Here’s a dash of hope for climate change

This speech cheered me up, so I thought I’d share.

How to design a truly sustainable office building

Here’s a checklist for an extreme green dream office, courtesy of Dr. Peter Rickaby.

626 organizations back legislation to address climate change

A modest proposal

As emissions rise, UN climate talks take on greater urgency

Shyla Raghav, CI’s climate change lead, discusses the importance of the UN climate talks in the face of a new report.

The climate talks: 3 things you need to know

Three takeaways from the UN climate negotiations.

What on Earth is a ‘non-timber forest product’?

Human Nature breaks down what “non-timber forest products” are.

Holiday gifts you can feel good about giving

Conservation International’s gift guide for 2018 has something for everyone.

Artist’s symbiotic fiber sculptures depict life and decay

Made with beads, yarns and other fibers, these hybrid sculptures seem to transform before your eyes.

Reduce packaging waste this holiday season

You don’t have to strive for zero waste perfection. Every effort to reduce unnecessary paper and plastic waste is worthwhile.

Protected areas are not forever

Protected area coverage has grown, but their impermanence means they must be defended.

We can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees — with nature’s help

Conservation International’s climate change lead says despite the findings of the IPCC report, there is reason for hope.

We’re in a global water crisis. It’s time to turn to nature

Freshwater supply is ranked third out of the top 10 global risks for humanity.

Inside a Beverly Hills Mansion, There’s a Gorgeous (and Ginormous!) Green Living Wall – Realtor.com News

Realtor.com NewsInside a Beverly Hills Mansion, There's a Gorgeous (and Ginormous!) Green Living WallRealtor.com NewsInspired by what he saw in restaurants and hotels, Shane Patel added a living wall to the interior of this Beverly Hills contemporary home, which is now on the market for $4.7 million. The luxe home was built this year on what was once a vacant …

Females Dominate the Online Green Living Space, But Guys Can Be Eco Influencers Too – Eco Warrior Princess (blog)

Eco Warrior Princess (blog)Females Dominate the Online Green Living Space, But Guys Can Be Eco Influencers TooEco Warrior Princess (blog)I'll give you five dollars* if you can think of a male eco lifestyle blogger or eco fashion influencer within 10 seconds. Go. Oh, what's that? Did you fail? Don't worry, you're not the only one. I'm still thinking of who else I can put on the list and …

The Trump Administration’s ‘Dishonest’ Attack on Fuel-Economy Standards

By John R. PlattThe Trump administration’s plan to freeze fuel-economy standards is “the most spectacular regulatory flip-flop in history,” said a retired EPA engineer who helped to develop new the standards under the Obama administration.”These standards weren’t going to be the ultimate solution for solving the climate problem, but they were a very, very important first step,”

3 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid Climate Disaster

By Stephanie FeldsteinThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire warning last week: We need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and we need to do it fast to avoid catastrophic climate change.At the current rate, our global carbon budget will be spent in the next 10 to 14 years. We

Witches are hexing Brett Kavanaugh

Witches are holding events to publically curse the guy.

Watch zebras being released in Tanzania after 50-year absence (video)

Half a century ago zebras were hunted to extinction in the region, now the area is being re-wilded and the zebras are leading the charge.

Cutting global emissions in half by 2030? With new roadmap, it’s possible

A new report says drastically reducing emissions is the only way to stop climate change in time.

3 forest stories you should know about

Human Natures shares three positive stories about forests.