Komodo dragons, beefless Whoppers, bleached reefs: 3 big stories you might have missed

Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

The problem with online shopping

Our brains can’t handle it.

Why you should join the ‘do nothing’ club

It’s not lazy, it’s restorative.

Carnival Corp. violates environmental laws, even on probation

The giant cruise company is supposed to be cleaning up its act, but continues to dump heavy fuel oil, sewage, and food overboard.

It’s time to dump Earth Day and join the Extinction Rebellion

There is a big green wave coming this way that makes Earth Day look like tired baby boomer nostalgia.

Grand funeral for a tree to be held in NYC

Actor Matthew Morrison will preside over services for the felled “Will O. Baum,” in what promises to be quite a celebration, complete with gospel choirs, poetry, music, & more.

Why aren’t young people interested in getting licences or buying cars?

On this Earth Day and in the middle of this Extinction Rebellion, I like to think that it’s because they see what is coming down the road.

Modular prefab Drop Box is a portable habitat for natural locations

Intended for short-term stays in nature, these prefab units can be transported and ‘dropped into’ almost any location.

These caterpillars build their own mobile homes

Tiny home on wheels, caterpillar-style.

Artist’s laser-cut paper artworks interlace complex geometries & color

Made with numerous layers of paper, these laser-cut pieces are inspired by patterns from nature.

Finnish concept of ‘sisu’ is all about our magical hidden strength

The cultural construct describes the enigmatic inner power that pushes people to get through hardships.

Protected areas good for health, wealth: study

Protected areas can be good for both wildlife and people, according to a new study.

Remember Peak Oil? It’s back!

It seems that the biggest Saudi field is losing its punch.

Bald eagles are littering Seattle backyards with gory landfill trash

Some 200 bald eagles are scavenging the goods at Cedar Hills Regional Landfill and dumping the leftovers in suburban backyards.

What on Earth is REDD+?

Human Nature breaks down what “REDD+” is and how it helps to conserve forests.

The new Apple AirPods 2 get a big fat zero for repairability

IFixit took them apart, but they can’t put them together.

Huge LED installation now livestreaming Earth images in real-time (Video)

In an homage to influential images of Earth taken from outer space, this art installation takes it up a notch by livestreaming views of Earth in real-time, prompting us to contemplate the bigger picture.

Indonesian province leaps ahead in conservation

The government of the province of West Papua announced legislation establishing it as Indonesia’s first “conservation province.”

Plastic pollution and over-tourism: It’s not (totally) your fault

When it comes to the relationship between over-tourism and plastic pollution, the headlines don’t paint the full picture.

Valentine’s Day, animal edition: 6 weird ways animals get it on

From kinky spider bondage to death-inducing foreplay, Human Nature dives into the fascinatingly depraved world of animal mating rituals.

Deforestation, heat waves, rejected recyclables: 3 big stories you might have missed

Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

Modern 226 sq. ft. micro-home is hidden in converted garage

A derelict garage is transformed into a compact, minimalist living space.

The Deliverator electric cargo motorcycle covers the last mile in style

It’s a lot cleaner and greener than your usual delivery van and takes up a lot less space.