Welcome to the Global Climate Strike: The Largest-Ever Mobilization to Fight Climate Change

Here we are! We’ve arrived at the first-ever Global Climate Strike, the first of two massive mobilizations (the second next week, on Sept. 27) where over 150 corporations, 6,000 websites and hundreds of thousands of citizens around the world have been inspired (and, possibly, embarrassed) into action by perhaps history’s most influential 16-year-old, climate

Climate Week NYC: 3M, HP Among Brands Using Their Might, Science to Protect Precious Resources

3M, Clean Air Asia partner to improve air quality in two at-risk Asian cities New Delhi, India | Image credit: alvpics/Pixabay Coinciding with its participation in Climate Week and the UN General Assembly, 3M has partnered with international NGO Clean Air Asia on science-based air quality solutions for New Delhi, India and Metro Manila, Philippines; ultimately advancing the organization’s mission to create healthier, more livable cities in Asia.  To move toward this goal, 3M will spend the next five years assisting Clean Air Asia in its efforts to assess baseline air quality conditions, design capacity-building programs for air quality management, implement awareness and education campaigns, develop

Ekoa: The Wonder Material That Could Help Save the Rainforests

Deforestation contributes to about 18 percent of all global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is accelerating, despite at least a decade of efforts to turn things around. Merely slowing our rate of deforestation won’t cut it if humanity is going to make a dent in climate change — major disruptions are needed. That’s what San

Fighting Fire with Fire: Zippo Pledges to Help Fight Effects of Global Deforestation

Zippo — maker of the ubiquitous, flip-top lighter — is intimately aware of fire’s usefulness, as a force of nature to be summoned at will. But this power, when wielded carelessly or allowed to run rampant, can have devastating effects. Nowhere is this more evident than in fire’s impact on forests, here in the US and across the globe. Wildfires destroy 4 percent of the Earth’s surface each year, with 84 percent a result of human activity. Image credit: Zippo Zippo is working with Woodchuck USA — maker of custom wood products and gifts

Companies largely blind to magnitude of climate change risks, new study finds

A new study found companies are largely underreporting the financial implications of climate risks to investors.

Best of 2018: 3 things you didn’t know trees did for you

Human Nature looks into some of the benefits of forests that you might not know about.

Nat Geo, Wattpad Call for Stories About Global Plastic Crisis

The only positive side of the marine plastic problem is the growing tide of actions from the global business community to try and solve it — in the past year alone, the issue has spawned campaigns, documentaries, cross-industry collaborations, scientific breakthroughs, startup incubators and accelerators, widespread bans on single-use plastics and more. Now, to build on its multiyear

Activating Community: How Box Inspired Real-Time Digital Social Impact

How do you get a community to take immediate social action when you have just a handful of minutes onstage? This question doesn’t get asked often — or sound plausible — because most organizations have created an imaginary line between things that happen in ‘real life’ and things that happen in ‘digital life.’ At

Brexit deal must safeguard environment standards on the island of Ireland

This post is by Mike Walker, Brexit advisor to the Irish Environmental Pillar and Donal McCarthy, senior policy officer at the RSPB and member of Greener UK’s ‘EU-UK negotiations group’.  The past few days have seen a frenzy of activity in Brussels as negotiators have burrowed deep in the ‘tunnel’ (the term used to describe intense negotiations without third party disclosure)

You can’t reach net zero without resource efficiency

Earlier this week, the climate minister, Claire Perry, asked the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to investigate a pathway for the UK to become a net zero emissions economy. This followed the publication of a major International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warning that the world must make deep cuts in carbon emissions. These, the scientists say, are necessary

Episode 145: A ballad to Oakland during VERGE 18, clearing the air on carbon removal

Plus, two unique examples of corporate innovation in renewable electricity procurement.

Financing an equitable, sharing city

With private economic inequity at a high, public financing for community health and wealth is more important than ever.

Lyft Commits to Full Carbon Neutrality, 100% Renewables

Earlier this year, we announced our Green Cities Initiative, a new business unit dedicating significant resources to tackling climate change. As Lyft continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources towards our values in order to maximize the positive impact of the Lyft platform. Our first step

How Young People Are Changing the Fashion Industry

New York Fashion Week is here and there is a growing fashion movement that has the potential to fundamentally change the industry: sustainable fashion. If designers want to endear themselves to Gen Z, they’ll take note of this important shift. The last ten years have seen a dramatic rise in the

Brexit means the UK can fully demonstrate its environmental credentials

This post is by Lord Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party and former secretary of state for the environment. The British people have voted to take back control of their money, their borders and their laws. This huge transfer of power back to the British people gives us the opportunity to fulfil the government’s ambition to be the

Plastic was invented to save the environment, so beware of the next solution

Plastic has been in the press a lot lately for the damage it has been causing to the world’s oceans, but it might come as a surprise that its invention is intricately linked to an effort to avoid an environmental disaster. In the second half of the 19th century, the world faced a crisis that stemmed from the love of

Global climate action, meet the bike industry — now, collaborate

Bicycles can make powerful progress along the path to reducing carbon pollution. But “unusual suspects” are missing an opportunity to work together.

What will it take to end plastic pollution?

Collaboration. Innovation. Persistence. But, mostly, patience.

Why you should be watching California in September

At the Global Climate Action Summit in California, non-state actors will work to make the commitments necessary to avert the worst effects of climate change.

Confessions of a Former Fast Fashion Executive

I have been an executive for large fashion companies most of my career. I held senior management positions in buying and production in Footwear and Accessories for multi-chain retailers. It was not clear to me at the time, but truth be told, I played a part in the explosion of fast fashion and mass consumerism, as we know it today. All of the jobs I had were fueled by America’s desire for fashion. I started my career on the manufacturing side in the early ‘80s, when most U.S. companies had discovered the lure of cheap labor in China; overseas apparel and shoe manufacturing was booming. This was the beginning of mass consumerism and

Could You or Your Colleagues Be Waste Fit Champions?

Have you been busy shedding paper weight? Do you know someone who’s lost pounds of plastic, aluminum and glass? Is your business slimming down sustainably? Rubicon Global — a leader in providing waste, recycling, and smart city solutions to businesses and governments — is on the hunt for the leaders who are shaping up their organization’s sustainability plans by slimming down on waste. More and more companies and cities across the U.S. are focusing on reducing waste and achieving a more circular economy, and we want to recognize all the sweat equity that goes into building and

Why public engagement with climate change needs a rethink

This post is by Jason Chilvers and Helen Pallett of the 3S (Science, Society & Sustainability) Research group, at the University of East Anglia The drive to engage wider society around energy and climate change in recent years has been impressive. There have been many examples of impactful government-led programmes, such as Sciencewise’s public dialogues, the Behavioural Insights Team, and

The green watchdog is a sound investment for our future

This post is by Tom West, ClientEarth’s law and policy advisor. A major lesson from ClientEarth’s air quality challenges is that we cannot always rely on the government’s promises to meet its legal obligations. It wasn’t that long ago that the UK was known as the ‘dirty man of Europe’ for causing acid rain across the continent, dumping sewage straight