Living Sustainably in Hot and Arid Climates

Sustainable living in warmer-than-average climates can present more challenges to homeowners than those encountered by individuals living in milder regions. Nonetheless, there are some proven strategies that people can use to make their home more environmentally sound. These techniques require only minimal investments and can end up saving a substantial amount of money when it comes to expenditures on heating and cooling. Embrace positive change by making your home friendlier to the warmer environment that surrounds you. Keep Heating and Cooling InInsulation is the name of the game when

BASF’s Creator Space Hosting Symposium on Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future

At the first of three science symposia hosted by BASF in honor of its 150th anniversary, to be held this week in Ludwigshafen, Germany, more than 600 top ranking scientists from academia and business will discuss “Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future.” Speakers will discuss the latest innovations in the storage and sustainable

Trending: NGOs Prompt Sweeping Improvements to Animal Welfare in the Dairy Supply Chain

Animal welfare NGOs Mercy for Animals (MFA) and The Humane League declared victories this week, having motivated more large food companies to reform their animal treatment policies, this time after exposing supplier cruelty toward dairy cows and veal calves.Nestlé and Kraft Foods both enacted sweeping improvements to their policies regarding the welfare of farm animals in their supply chains, after MFA released undercover video of abuse, mistreatment and mutilation at various supplier facilities in 2014 and 2012, respectively. Now Great Lakes Cheese, one of the world’s largest cheese producers, has announced a significant new animal welfare policy following another

Walmart, Cargill, Tyson, McDonald’s join new sustainable beef roundtable

The newly created U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef aims to wrangle participants from across the supply chain to hash out issues related to sustainable beef — starting with what that even means.

Can Adrian Grenier help Dell’s entourage sell sustainability?

The entrepreneur and eco-advocate has signed on to help the tech giant raise consumer awareness for plastics recycling and new closed loop initiatives, among other projects.

An Insight into Earth-Friendly Flooring Options

Today, as the consequences of global warming have started to emerge, many people have become ecologically conscious. Apart from using Earth-friendly products and recycling, many people started constructing green houses. Since this endeavor is still futuristic and unaffordable, we could start using eco-friendly and renewable materials instead of regular and exhaustible ones. One of the best starting points could definitely be an amazing eco-flooring.(adsbygoogle = window.

What Does a More Energy Efficient Home Mean for the Environment?

Imagine living in a world with mild seasons, fresher water, and fewer health risks such as cancer. Making homes energy efficient will help us reach these goals. Homes contribute significantly to air pollution and global warming. In fact, the average home contributes more to global warming than the average car. Homes Damage the EnvironmentIn case you aren’t convinced, homes alone contribute to about 11% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. In order to heat and cool our homes, we have

RSPO Cleans House of Companies Failing to Meet Standards; NGOs Applaud

On Thursday, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) announced it has taken action against members that are not fulfilling basic membership obligations intended to create a more transparent, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible palm oil industry. A number of prominent NGOs working in the field — including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Rainforest Action Network (RAN) — commend the action as an important first step, but emphasize the Roundtable’s need for more teeth in ensuring progress toward a truly sustainable palm oil industry.The

Stormy Seas, Rising Risks: How Companies Can Better Consider Climate Change Risks in Business Plans

Ten miles outside New Orleans stands a two-million-barrel per day oil refinery, surrounded by the Meraux, Louisiana community. On low-lying ground along the Gulf coast, an elaborate network of pipes and smoke stacks looms beyond double-wide trailers, rows of single-family homes, and a playground. By 2050, the refinery and surrounding

Why you should answer the new CDP climate questions

The two new items on the climate change questionnaire may not be scored, but you gain a great deal by searching for the answers.

How Burger King’s ex-chairman grew a $10 million organic food business

Sweet Earth Natural Foods, founded by husband-and-wife team Brian and Kelly Swette, has scored high-profile deals with Target and Whole Foods.

Conscious Alliance Launches Program with Plum Organics, Justin’s, Suja Juice to Feed Hungry Kids

Three leading natural products brands — organic baby food company Plum Organics, nut butter and organic confections brand Justin’s, and organic, cold-pressured juice brand Suja Juice — are proud to announce a new initiative with Conscious Alliance (CA), a national nonprofit committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment. The coalition has banded together to launch one of the nation’s first Backpack Programs featuring only natural and healthy products. Leading up to this week’s Natural Products Expo West 2015, the brands are asking their industry partners to join forces with Conscious Alliance

3M and ForestEthics End Multi-Year Conflict Over Paper Sourcing Policy

After an often-heated six years of confrontation between activist group ForestEthics and paper and packaging giant 3M, the conflict finally came to an end yesterday as 3M announced its new paper and wood pulp sourcing policy. ForestEthics, which has been critical of the corporation’s sourcing policy, has applauded its new commitment to tracing its virgin wood fiber and ensuring it comes from renewable sources.3M has a range of paper-based products and packaging, with its wood supply chain

Global green consultancy market to hit $1 billion, but is it in a lull?

Latest Verdantix report suggests global sustainability consultancy market will exceed $1 billion by 2019, but is the sector facing growing pains?

5 essential practices help assure safer chemicals in products

Campaigners unite under common frame for holding businesses responsible for safer chemicals use. Disclosure and informed substitution are key.

UK Lagging in Remanufacturing Economy

Following the release of a new joint report from the Carbon Trust, Knowledge Transfer Network, High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute, Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse and Coventry University, leading experts from industry and academia have warned that the UK is falling behind other advanced economies in harnessing the value of a rapidly growing remanufacturing industry.Remanufacturing refers to manufacturing where parts or products at the end of their useful life are returned to like-new or better condition, with warranty-supported quality. Currently, these activities contribute roughly £2.4 billion to the British economy. According to the report, however, with appropriate

Association of Climate Change Officers Unveils First Professional Credentialing Program

The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) has announced its first professional certificate under the CCO Certification program.The Climate Governance Certificate provides a recognized credential to professionals who have developed the competencies and knowledge to integrate an understanding of climate change and related implications into their decision-making.The requirements and supporting curriculum that have been established for the certificate address a fundamental understanding of climate science and risk assessment, footprint management and reduction strategies, project finance and economic analysis related to climate initiatives, governance and engagement tactics and enterprise strategy. ACCO says bearers of the certificate will be recognized by hiring authorities and leaders as being candidates who are best suited to meaningfully address climate change in

Climate change vs. global warming: How to talk sustainability risk

Divergent terminology can obscure the threats posed by a volatile climate. Here’s why we need to get it right.

EV income? Nissan on how electric car owners could sell extra power

Nissan has a new potential perk to help sell the up-front investment in an electric vehicle: Cash in by selling excess power to the grid.

Ford Aiming to Revolutionize the Commute with New eBikes

Ford Motor Company is expanding its global Ford Smart Mobility plan with a new experiment to study how electric bicycles can work seamlessly with cars and public transport to deliver faster and easier daily commutes and help businesses operating in urban centers. Known as “Handle on Mobility,” the experiment was detailed this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This marks the latest mobility project the company has announced worldwide this year as

Dunkin’ Donuts No Longer Dunked in Chemicals

Dunkin’ Brands, Dunkin’ Donuts’ parent company, has agreed to remove titanium dioxide, a whitening agent that is a common source of nanomaterials, from all powdered sugar used to make the company’s donuts. As a result of this progress, the advocacy group As You Sow has withdrawn a shareholder proposal asking Dunkin’ to assess and reduce the risks of using nanomaterials in its food products.In 2013, As You Sow commissioned independent

Why climate breeds conflict: Syria, drought and civil war

The risk associated with climate change, exacerbated by a lack of resilience planning, are playing out in Syria.

Gap, General Mills, Symantec push for California drought action

A gaggle of multinational corporations are joining a Ceres-led effort to press the state to innovate and conserve its way around the problem.