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Caring for the environment is very important. Today, we are experiencing a lot of environmental problems. If we don’t start acting now, we will wake up one day regretting all the times that we take the earth for granted. It’s not hard to advocate for the environment. It only takes dedication and self- commitment. You have to know that all things start small.

A big task always start with a commitment to one’s self, the awareness of the desire to do something that is not only for your own good but also for the good of the other people around you.

Here are some tips you can follow to start caring for the environment.

Save Resources

Exploiting resources like electricity, fuel and water is one of the reasons for global warming. Try to learn to conserve our resources.

Never put equipment on standby mode. If you’re not using an appliance, turn it off. You’ll be able to conserve more electricity by turning unnecessary equipments off than leaving them on standby mode. Let the sun in your house during the day, especially in cold weather by drawing your curtains back. This will let heat enter your home so you won’t have to use the heater during the day and turn the lights on.

When no one is in the room, it’s better to turn the light off. During the night, try to sleep with your light off. If you can’t do this, draw your curtains a little so the light from the street lamp or moon can enter your room. Avoid using unnecessary equipments. Doing things manually wouldn’t hurt. Washing the dishes with your hands is easy to do. If you don’t have too much laundry, you can wash your clothes with your hands too.

Save on gas and money by not using your car all the time. Use the public transport frequently. If you’re not going for a long drive, try walking or biking to get to your destination. This is not only helping the environment, this is also helping yourself be healthy and fit. Carpooling with your neighbors and friends is also a good idea.

This way, you are also helping your friends save on gas and money. Also, carpooling will make your relationships with each other stronger.

Always make it a point to check on old pipes. Look for leaks and repair these damages immediately. This will help you conserve water. Avoid using grass sprinklers. They waste too much water. Use a water hose so you can easily stop the flow of water once you think you’ve watered your grass and plants enough. Avoid taking long showers.

While standing under a hot shower is soothing, keep in mind that you are wasting water when you do this. Also, turn the shower off when you’re soaping your body. Use a glass when brushing your teeth and turn the faucet off.

Follow The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don’t throw away trash instantly. Before you discard an item, make sure that it has no use anymore. When throwing things, keep in mind to put it in its proper place. Segregate your wastes.

What may not be useful to you anymore may still be useful to others.

Caring for the environment is easy. Have the dedication and commitment to be an environmental advocate. Live the environmental principles that you know and tell others to do the same.

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