Companies largely blind to magnitude of climate change risks, new study finds

A new study found companies are largely underreporting the financial implications of climate risks to investors.

Best of 2018: 3 things you didn’t know trees did for you

Human Nature looks into some of the benefits of forests that you might not know about.

Green Caen là Mer

Description: Sarah Baxter travels to the French region of Caen via train, ferry and bike, discovering the green spaces and rich history of this often overlooked destination. Sarah Baxter travels to the French region of Caen via train, ferry and bike, discovering the green spaces and rich history of this often overlooked destination.A view of Caen. Photo: Sarah BaxterAnd relax… As the train pulled up at Portsmouth Harbour station, disgorging me amid the tallship masts of the city’s historic dockyard, I felt the adventure beginning

What on Earth is a ‘non-timber forest product’?

Human Nature breaks down what “non-timber forest products” are.

Holiday gifts you can feel good about giving

Conservation International’s gift guide for 2018 has something for everyone.

Artist’s symbiotic fiber sculptures depict life and decay

Made with beads, yarns and other fibers, these hybrid sculptures seem to transform before your eyes.

Reduce packaging waste this holiday season

You don’t have to strive for zero waste perfection. Every effort to reduce unnecessary paper and plastic waste is worthwhile.

Protected areas are not forever

Protected area coverage has grown, but their impermanence means they must be defended.

Without traditional knowledge, there is no climate change solution

Traditional indigenous knowledge is the key to solving climate change.

Why is biodiversity important?

Four reasons biodiversity is essential to humanity.

Energy Jobs: Netflix Talent Moves to Cleantech, Exec Ousted at Tesla, GE Restructuring Continues

The energy industry may be more exciting to work in now than at any other time in recent memory, but it’s still difficult for energy companies large and small to compete against the likes of Google and Apple to recruit top talent. One cleantech startup, Lumin, which offers smart home controls via the circuit breaker, has found a way to entice a lead data engineer to its team with its recent hire of Brian Sullivan as head of data engineering. Sullivan spent more than six years at Netflix as director of the streaming data engineering team.

Renewables May Prove Cheaper Than 96% of Coal Plants Worldwide by 2030

The uphill battle confronting coal seems to be getting steeper. A new global analysis of 6,685 coal plants finds that it is now cheaper to build new renewable generation than to run 35 percent of coal plants worldwide. By 2030, that percentage increases dramatically, with renewables beating out 96 percent of today’s existing and planned coal-fired generation. The 4 percent exception is in markets with extremely low fuel costs, where coal is cheap and plentiful, or with uncertain policies for renewables, like Russia. The study, conducted by pro-climate-action financial think tank Carbon Tracker, covers about 95 percent of worldwide operating capacity and about 90 percent of under-construction capacity. The report’s authors lay out three inflection points for the transition away

Discussing climate change on the net

Today, many discussions about climate change happen on the internet. People interested in the topic share information and have lively discussions about the latest studies and findings. But, you’ll also find many contributors voicing not just minor doubts about human-caused climate change but also those who outright deny it. In this blog post, I suggest some options which exist to deal with these dissenting voices. The suggestions are based on a presentation I prepared for the K3-conference in Salzburg in September 2017 and which I was invited to write about for the Promet journal published by the German Weatherservice (DWD). Consensus among scientists – lack of

The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

This is a re-post from the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy by Sarah Finnie Robinson When do 97% of people agree on anything, even ice cream? In scientific circles, consensus is a rare trophy, held to famously exacting standards. When a scientific consensus is finally reached — e.g., the Earth orbits the sun; water freezes at 32°F, 0°C; blood is red — a new fact joins the foundations of

But their Emails!

Here we go again. It’s always emails with these people. First there was “Climategate!” — the misquoting, selective quoting, and uninformed quoting of stolen emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in Great Britain. Emails between CRU scientists and other climate scientists around the world promised to peel back the curtain and reveal the global warming scam. Alarmist scientists had used “tricks” to “hide the decline”! They “can’t account for the lack of warming” so they have to fake the temperature data! The whole thing is a hoax! Not so much. With out-of-context quoting you can make scientists say anything. And that was the case with Climategate — it suffered from an

Mercury, the other geologically persistent planetary poison

The thing that really gets me in the gut about global warming from fossil fuel combustion is how long it will last. Carbon mined from the deep Earth and injected into the “fast carbon cycle” of the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface will continue to affect atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and climate, for hundreds of thousands of years into the future, unless we clean up the atmosphere ourselves. It turns out that human emissions of the element

Climate Change and Extreme Summer Weather Events – The Future is still in Our Hands

Summer 2018 saw an unprecedented spate of extreme weather events, from the floods in Japan, to the record heat waves across North America, Europe and Asia, to wildfires that threatened Greece and even parts of the Arctic. The heat and drought in the western U.S. culminated in the worst California wildfire on record. This is the face of climate change, I commented at the time. Some of the connections with climate change here are pretty straightforward. One of the simplest relationships in all of atmospheric science tells us that the atmosphere holds exponentially more moisture as temperatures increase. Increased moisture means potentially for greater amounts of

Resplandy et al. correction and response

Guest commentary from Ralph Keeling (UCSD) I, with the other co-authors of Resplandy et al (2018), want to address two problems that came to our attention since publication of our paper in Nature last week. These problems do not invalidate the methodology or the new insights into ocean biogeochemistry on which it is based, but they do influence the mean rate of warming we infer, and more importantly, the uncertainties of that calculation. We would like to thank Nicholas Lewis for first bringing an apparent anomaly in the trend calculation to our attention. We quickly realized that our calculations incorrectly

The long story of constraining ocean heat content

Scientists predicted in the 1980s that a key fingerprint of anthropogenic climate change would be found in the ocean. If they were correct that increases in greenhouse gases were changing how much heat was coming into the system, then the component with the biggest heat capacity, the oceans, is where most of that heat would end up. We have now had almost two decades of attempts to characterize this change, but the path to confirming those predictions has been anything but smooth… Predictions At least as far back as Hansen et

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