Field notes from “Cambodia’s beating heart”

Cambodia is trying to stop the loss of its lifeblood: the fish that thrive in these waters.

Yummy and Healthy Avocado Dip

Avocados are a creative way to increase your fruit intake during the fall and winter months. You can add them to almost any dish. Avocados contain about 8% of your recommended daily value of fiberPhoto Credit: Elena White @lifethegreenwayper serving. Dietary fiber from fruits, as a part of an overall healthy diet, can

3 reasons elephants make the best mothers

On this Mother’s Day, here are three reasons why elephants make some of the best mothers.

2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #18

A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week. Editor’s Pick Earth’s atmosphere just crossed another troubling climate change threshold Recent CO2 measurements at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) For the first time since humans have been monitoring, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have exceeded 410 parts per million averaged across an entire month, a threshold that pushes the planet ever closer to warming beyond levels that scientists and the international community have deemed “safe.” The reading

5 Things you Didn’t Know you Could Cook on a Campfire for Cinco de Mayo

If you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the great outdoors, you’ll need to fuel your fun. But campfire dinners don’t need to be an impossibly orange blob of dehydrated mac and cheese or a gloopy ‘just add water’ mystery dinner. You should be eating like king and enjoying delicious Mexican campfire meals that make memories and taste so much better when enjoyed with friends. Camping Breakfast Burrito 4 Eggs 4 Tbsp. oil 1 Avocado (sliced) 1 Onion sliced 1 Chorizo sausage (thinly

Global warming will depress economic growth in Trump country

A working paper recently published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond concludes that global warming could significantly slow economic growth in the US. Specifically, rising summertime temperatures in the hottest states will curb economic growth. And the states with the hottest summertime temperatures are all located in the South: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Arizona. All of these states voted for Donald Trump in 2016. This paper is consistent with a 2015 Nature study that found an optimal temperature range for economic activity. Economies thrive in regions with an

How Cricket is Combating Climate Change

A recent study by the Climate Coalition, England’s largest climate change action group, tapped cricket as being the sport most affected by climate change. It found that “wetter winters and more intense summer downpours are disrupting the game at every level”. Glamorgan Head of Operations Dan Cherry, agreed that inclement weather could “fundamentally change the game”. “The less cricket we play, the fewer people will watch it, the less they will come to the ground and pay to enter, the less chance there is for young people to be inspired,&#

The Ecology Ethic

Nature Our one shared living biosphere is collapsing and dying. Continued being depends urgently upon reconnecting with nature through global embrace of an ecology ethic whose individual affirmative outcomes for natural ecosystems are sufficient in sum to sustain the global environment. A primary ethical measure of a person is the degree to which their lifestyle positively or negatively impacts nature. “Ecology is the meaning of life. Truth, justice, equity, and sustainability are the ideals whereby ecology is maintained.” – Dr. Glen Barry “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” – Aldo Leopod, The Land Ethic

Taking High-End Green Living to a New Level – Mansion Global – Mansion Global

Mansion GlobalTaking High-End Green Living to a New Level – Mansion GlobalMansion GlobalYou switched to LEDs, covered the walls with low-VOC paint and invested in natural fiber furnishings. But for your home to be truly eco-friendly, there's so much …and more »

Lower utility bills, green living part of new master-planned community –

KXAN.comLower utility bills, green living part of new master-planned communityKXAN.comThe Whisper Valley development is a 2,062-acre mixed-use development east of Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park. Continue Reading. Hospitals participating in TexasAIM… Previous. Hospitals participating in TexasAIM… 17 people at women's NCAA golf.

Absolute Radical Green Freedom

Big Brother is not your friend On the rise of high-tech global authoritarianism, as freedom and ecosystems fail, and Amerika falls into Russian and Chinese style tyranny “Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct.” – The White Rose, Hitler Resistance Pamphlet “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot

Nenana Ice Classic 2018

Another year, another ice out date. As in previous years, here’s an update of the Nenana Ice Classic time series (raw date, and then with a small adjustment for the calendrical variations in ‘spring’). One time series doesn’t prove much, but this is of course part of a much larger archive of phenomenological climate-related data that I’ve talked about before. This year the ice on the Tanana River went out on May 1st, oddly enough the same date as last year, after another very warm (but quite snowy) Alaskan winter. My shadow bet on whether any climate contrarian site will mention this dataset remains in play (none have

NTP Scientist: Glyphosate Formulations ‘Much More Toxic’ Than Chemical Itself

Amid conflicting scientific studies and growing public concern over the impacts of the world’s most widely used herbicide, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) has launched research to examine the health risks of glyphosate and glyphosate-formulations. “Due to the multiple interpretations of evidence on the potential health risks of glyphosate exposure, major public concern about exposure risks, and reported differences in the toxicity of different glyphosate products, NTP is conducting more research on glyphosate and its formulations,” according to the NTP website . The NTP’s initiative was first reported by Carey Gilliam in The Guardian . Gilliam is an author, investigative journalist and research director for U.S. Right to Know . Glyphosate, the star

Climate indicators

The climate system is complex, and a complete description of its state would require huge amounts of data. However, it is possible to keep track of its conditions through summary statistics. There are some nice resources which give an overview of a number for climate indicators. Some examples include NASA and The Climate Reality Project. The most common indicator is the atmospheric background CO2 concentration, the global mean temperature, the global mean sea level, and the area with snow or Arctic sea ice. Other indicators include rainfall statistics, drought indices, or other hydrological aspects. The EPA provides some examples. One challenge has been that the state of the hydrological cycle is not as easily summarised

A Safe Haven for our Youth

Toronto’s homeless youth are at record levels. In the city, and across Canada, these numbers are rising. Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth is an innovative shelter fighting this crisis. Its model may be what saves our vulnerable youth. By Jarrett Hasson Photo credit: Eva's Initiatives / LGA Architectural Partners and Ben Rahn/A-Frame It is 8:30 a.m. on a weekday in a non-descript building in downtown Toronto. As still and plain as the building appears from outside, a breathtaking scene is unfolding more

The Catalan Pyrenees, from the sea to the summits

Description: Our blog and video about our 12-day trip from the sandy beaches and coastal towns of Costa Brava to the snowy forests and towering peaks of Val d’Aran in the Catalan Pyrenees From the sandy beaches and coastal towns of Costa Brava to the snowy forests and towering peaks of Val d’Aran, Greentraveller’s bloggers Richard Hammond and Holly Rooke travelled with photographer Chris Willan through the wonderfully diverse landscapes of northern Catalonia into the Pyrenees. The trip was featured on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #CatalunyaExperience #Visitpirineus. Below are some of the highlights of the trip.1935 Hotel & ApartmentsOur first night was a great introduction to Catalan cuisine. In our opinion, the food

Rock Climbers and Supporters ‘Climb the Hill’ for Public Lands

U.S. rock climbers and their non-profit and corporate allies are setting themselves a difficult challenge this week—persuading Congress to act to protect public lands. Thursday marks the second day of the third annual Climb the Hill event in Washington, DC, organized by leading climbing-advocacy nonprofits American Alpine Club (AAC) and Access Fund to give climbers a chance to speak

McDonald’s to take a bite out of carbon emissions

McDonald’s announced it would eliminate deforestation from its supply chain while reducing its carbon emissions by 36 percent by 2030.

Couple converts van into full-time traveling home for $13K

This cozy van home interior includes a bathroom and kitchen.

Villages Nature Paris: bringing sustainability to large-scale tourism

Description: Holly Rooke visits French eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of 900 holiday cottages just 20 miles from the capital, to see what large-scale sustainable tourism in action looks Holly Rooke visits French eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of 900 holiday cottages just 20 miles from the capital, to see what large-scale sustainable tourism in action looks likeVillages Nature Paris. Photo: Holly RookeThe new eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collaboration between EuroDisney S.C.A. and Groupe Pierre & Vacances Centre Parcs, is a collection of over 900 holiday cottages and apartments set in a tranquil, car-free landscape of forests, lakes and gardens. It expects to attract 1 million

To tackle environmental challenges, start with students

A new partnership between Conservation International (CI) and Arizona State University (ASU) forges a new approach to conservation and sustainable development.

Here’s a new idea: off-the-rack prefabs by top architects

Cube Haus is “disrupting the existing housing market, delivering high-design value, modular homes at reasonable prices.”

Social media turns tide of ocean protection in Brazil

Brazil recently announced the creation of two marine protected areas totaling 900,000 square kilometers.