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Energy Upgrade California Launches ‘Play Your Part’ Sweepstakes to Enlist Residents’ Help in Meeting Energy Goals

Energy Upgrade California®, a statewide initiative aimed at helping residents make more informed energy-management choices, has launched a ten-week contest that will reward Californians playing their part in reducing the state’s energy demands.The winners of the “Play Your Part” contest will win a package containing products that will help them reduce their overall home energy usage.“The Play Your Part sweepstakes is a fun and engaging way to help Californians see there are plenty

Largest Tuna Supplier in Western Pacific Agrees to Provide MSC-certified Tuna

FCF Fishery Company (FCF) has announced that its joint investment, Nambawan, and its associated fleet, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with PNAO/Pacifical as a commitment to maintaining Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability standards while trading tuna harvested from Pacific Island Nations (PNA) waters.Under the agreement, FCF will work with the PNA and Pacifical on criteria for certification and ensuring traceability and reporting from fish harvested to transportation, and processing into its semi-finished and finished products.FCF has been a leader

Does tackling climate change matter more than protecting nature?

This post by Miles King first appeared on the Guardian website. Human-induced climate change is with us, and is one the nine reasons why scientists are now concerned that the rate of environmental degradation is a threat to the future of … Continue reading →

Three Home Appliances that can Shrink your Electric Bill

Electric bills are like opinions. Everybody has one, and not all of them are good. If you’re electric bill has skyrocketed these past few months, you may want to check your consumption and see if one of your appliances is out of whack, or maybe one member of your household sleeps with the lights and TV on.In any event, your job as a consumer and earth defender is to lower your carbon footprint. To do this, you must be vigilant about your current crop of appliances and the ones you are currently in the market

Johnson & Johnson targets supply chain for health care sustainability

The pharmaceutical giant’s czar of all things health, safety and sustainability talks overhauling supply chains.

‘What if…?’ questions for 2015 pave the path to a better future

Companies can forge ahead with the groundwork laid by leaders such as GSK, Nike, Tesla, Unilever and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Living on the Edge in the Gaza Periphery – Jerusalem Post Israel News

Jerusalem Post Israel NewsLiving on the Edge in the Gaza PeripheryJerusalem Post Israel NewsThe people living along Israel's border with Gaza have suffered artillery and missile attacks for many years, making life for local residents extremely stressful. School children have spent much time in bomb shelters instead of in classrooms or playing …and more »

North Carolina pays for sending living Franklin County man to morgue – Lake Wylie Pilot

Lake Wylie PilotNorth Carolina pays for sending living Franklin County man to morgueLake Wylie PilotAn affidavit filed that year with the N.C. Industrial Commission, which decides suits against state officials, says Green had accumulated medical bills exceeding $650,000 and needed continuing care from a nursing home. As of May, Green, 39, was still …and more »

At Home in the Out-Back

In Vancouver, a gift of land brings three generations closer.

Scraps to Fight Over

Alabama Chanin’s home collection includes throws, decorative pillows, napkins, candles, potholders and even drink cozies.

8 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy This Winter

It’s cold outside, baby. You know it and your pet knows it…

Annie Leonard: My Take on the State of the Union

There’s no question that we’ve come a long way with a President who will not only acknowledge climate change in his State of the Union address, but…

City of Vancouver bans organic waste from regular garbage

The use of a green bin has been recommended for years, but now it’s the law in Vancouver, as part of the city’s plan to cut down on unnecessary food waste.

Mesmerizing Fibonacci sculptures are 3D printed (Video)

Found in pinecones and sunflowers, the famous Fibonacci sequence is used to create these captivating, spinning sculptures.

Grid-Edge Investments Total $1.3 Billion in 2014

The transformation from a centralized to a distributed electricity system is fueled by activity at the edge of the grid. Companies making this transition happen raised $1.3 billion from private equity firms and venture capitalists in 2014. This ranks ahead of grid-edge investments in 2013 and 2014, but down from a high of $1.4 billion in 2011, according to the latest report from GTM Research, The Grid Edge 100: M&A and VC

Which Veggie Will Be The Kale of 2015?

We all know that kale was the darling veggie of 2014. It was everywhere!  Kale salads, kale chips, even kale soda! But as I was reading through the predictions for health & wellness trends in the upcoming year, I noticed that there wasn’t much agreement on what will be the superpower vegetable of 2015. Everyone wanted to put a stake…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Gifts for the Manliest of Men On Valentine’s Day

I recently read an article about a new term for some men called Lumbersexual. I got a real kick out of it because it fits my husband to a tee. The definition is something along the lines of a metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor

Repurpose Thrift Store Finds to Create Amazing Home Decor

For the original post, visit Accidentally Green – Making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environmnent. I don’t write about the topic very often on Accidentally Green – because it doesn’t address healthy or green living – but I love, love, love to decorate my home. Not so much in the cram every area with knick knacks or crafts sort of way, but in the define each room sort of way. I try to give each room in my home its own personality while making sure that all of the rooms complement each other in a

What’s so Scary about a Hairy Mary?

OK, prudish people – or potential suitors Brad Pitt and Emile Hirsch – look away now. I want to talk about something controversial. I prefer to think of it as a very fascinating thing called nature! Ladies across the world can empathize with the feeling of lazy relief when summer is over, and you are free to enter a new phase of natural body wilderness. By this, I mean a complete carefree approach to hair removal! With the exception of those who don’t give a crap all year round ( we salute you..!) and those who continue their waxing regime well into the winter, most of us are more than a little sporadic

Easy Recipe: Hummus Chicken Salad

press sample The deli in my local supermarket sells a delicious chicken salad, laden with so much mayo that I can almost feel my arteries clogging as I chew. But what I really love about it is the combo of dill and olives, which gives a herbal brightness matched with the umami of black olives. So I decided to make my own chicken salad recipe, substituting hummus for mayo for a healthier, and dare I say yummier, version! Ingredients: 1/2 cup hummus* 3 tbsp finely chopped celery 2 cups diced chicken 2 tsp chopped dill 2-3 tbsp water 3 tsp plain Greek yogurt *I used Sabra Olive Tapenade Hummus, which is delicious (my

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