Music & Your Child

This post is sponsored by Music Together Teacher Training in Tampa, March 20-22nd.  What role does music play in the life of your children?  I’m sure that music has been part of your own life as far back as you can remember.  For our family, music consists mostly of songs we hear on the radio.  We don’t censor the radio stations too much, so the kids end up signing and dancing along to whatever is popular.  I don’t mind listening to kids stations

How to Cook with Frozen Peppers from Summer Harvest

I love growing and eating peppers. Unfortunately, pepper season ends around October in zone 6. So, how do I keep my pepper addiction alive during the winter? I freeze my summer harvest of peppers! Yep, I freeze them and use them the whole winter. Let me teach you how. Anna, come on. If you defrost the pepper, then it is going to be mushy.  Gross. How do you use them? How to Freeze Peppers Freezing pepper is really easy. All, I do, is put them in a bag or container. They don’t stick to each other like frozen tomatoes. However, your pepper can

L’Oreal Glossy Balms Swatches and Review

Press Sample Affiliate Link A Drugstore Fave offers a Rainbow of Affordable Lip Crayons Lip crayons. They are the simplest, fuss-free way to get a good dose of color on those lips. Beauty trends come and go, but I think there’s a reason why lip crayons are still around. They really do make life so easy. The tips are more slender than your standard lipstick and the longer size makes them easy to hold. I’ve been

Finding the Perfect Decor Pillows with Lush Decor

Having problems picking the perfect decorative pillows for your bedroom or living room? See why we love Lush Decor here!

Earth – A New Wild: See Nature As Never Before

Do you love animal documentaries & learning about our planet? See why we love Earth – A New Wild & why we think you need to watch its premiere here!

Honeywell Scales Up Production of Low-GHG Propellant, Insulating Agent and Refrigerant

Honeywell has announced that it has started full-scale commercial production of a low-global-warming-potential (GWP) material used as an aerosol propellant, insulating agent and refrigerant.The diversified technology and manufacturing company says the material, known by the industry designation HFO-1234ze and marketed by Honeywell under its Solstice® line of low-global-warming materials, is being produced at the Honeywell Fluorine Products facility in Baton Rouge, La.HFO-1234ze is part of Honeywell’s line of Solstice hydrofluoro

The Myth of Biodegradability in Plastic Consumer Products and Packaging

In my last post regarding the long-term viability of bio-based polymers, I touched on some of the primary concerns we face regarding the rise of plastics labeled as “biodegradable.” It’s an important component of this broad discussion, and one that has become increasingly relevant in an increasingly sustainability-driven product market.For consumers, understanding what biodegradable really means is crucial to making sustainable purchasing and disposal decisions. Needless to say, marketers and advertisers have confounded this issue, making many consumers believe that the plastic products they are purchasing are more eco-friendly than they really are. I’d like to take this opportunity to address some of this confusion, along with some of the biggest

What’s driving the clean vehicle revolution?

Next-gen cars and trucks, falling battery prices and government policies are propelling fuel savings and emissions reductions in the U.S.

6 sustainability terms to kick-start a new impact job in 2015

Whether you’re planning your re-entry into the workplace or a career move, know these key concepts that will be on the industry’s lips.

Home Sustainable: How to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for ways to save money every month, consider making a few investments in your home. Creating a more energy efficient property is an easy way to enjoy passive savings throughout the year. You’ll lower the energy bills, and enjoy an interior environment that’s far more comfortable. Most of these changes are very affordable, but they’ll help you see lower energy bills for years to come.Insulate Unexpected AreasYou know that insulating your attic can make the home more comfortable in any kind

Energy Efficient: Five Of The Easiest Ways To Go Green At Home

Embracing the green movement by focusing on saving energy is a simple concept. Simply being aware of opportunities around the home for conservation is a major step forward. In addition, being efficient can actually save money by reducing utility costs. While certified appliances are now designed to enhance the efficiency of the home, several simple habits and easy renovations can yield significant savings over time and really make a difference in the efficient energy management plan of a home. Here’s a look at five of the easiest ways to go green at home:(adsbygoogle =

Greentraveller’s Guide to Somerset and Exmoor

Description: As part of our ongoing celebration of inspiring places to visit in the UK, we have produced a Greentraveller's Guide to Somerset and Exmoor, as well as a printed supplement and video. As part of our ongoing celebration of inspiring places to visit in the UK, we have produced a Greentraveller’s Guide to Somerset and Exmoor showcasing a range of tourism businesses that support sustainable rural tourism experiences.The guide includes 30 different ideas to

Longlist announced for Eurostar Ashden Awards for Sustainable Travel 2015

Description: The longlist for the 2015 Eurostar Ashden Awards for Sustainable Travel has been announced, including six sustainable travel schemes from the UK, plus two from Belgium and two from France. The longlist for the 2015 Eurostar Ashden Awards for Sustainable Travel has been announced, including six sustainable travel schemes from the UK, plus two from Belgium and two from France.The 10 projects are now in with the chance of sharing the £30,000 prize fund following a rigorous judging process, which will select four finalists in March

Urban Jungle: Singapore Leads the Way on Green Space

Singapore is a giant in the corporate and financial sectors. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also a haven for nature.

Harriet Green denied bonus by Thomas Cook in 2014 – The Guardian

The GuardianHarriet Green denied bonus by Thomas Cook in 2014The GuardianThe benefits she received during 2014 – which included the cost of Green living in Brown's Hotel in Mayfair during the week – also decreased by 18% to £152,991, helped by a 31% reduction in accommodation costs after she agreed to share the bill at one …and more »

Restaurant Report: Café ArtScience in Cambridge, Mass.

A Harvard bioengineering professor opens his latest venture, which aims to blend a French-American menu with palatable technology.

Cool Interactive Tool Shows You How Taxpayer Money Could Be Spent Instead of Subsidizing Big Oil

You can select from among five lucrative subsidies and tax breaks given to oil and gas companies and then learn what it could be…The post Cool Interactive Tool Shows You How Taxpayer Money Could Be Spent Instead of Subsidizing Big Oil appeared first on EcoWatch.

Senate Debates Keystone XL Hitting Hard on Impacts to Climate

“What’s going on here is that the Republican party has become the political wing of the fossil fuel industry. There’s always been a trend to…The post Senate Debates Keystone XL Hitting Hard on Impacts to Climate appeared first on EcoWatch.

Photo: Bee feeds on a fuchsia thistle

A thistle flowerhead offers this honey bee the perfect place to find a meal.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid unveiled with 22-mile range and 93 MPGe efficiency

Hyundai’s first plug-in hybrid.

GTM Research Identifies Regulatory Developments Driving the Utility of the Future

Across the country, utilities are beginning to confront the most dramatic transformation of their business in the past century. They face challenges from customer-owned distributed energy resources (DERs), as well as opportunities in the form of smarter distribution grid technology and analytics, both of which lead to new models for electricity delivery and consumption. Regulators will be solely responsible for designing these models, with an emphasis on fostering innovation and improvement while maintaining reliability and containing costs. For

Worries About Consumers Cutting Utility Ties Are Overblown, Say Moody’s Analysts

Many years ago, utilities awoke to a threat that an industry trade group warned might cause “major disruptions” to electricity supplies. Worries about the threat ran all the way up to the White House and Congress, where politicians predicted an unraveling of the electric system. “I think we're no longer at the point of asking whether or not there will be any power disruptions, but we are now forced to ask how severe the disruptions are going to be,” said Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. No, these warnings were not about a utility death spiral. They were about Y2K, the overhyped doomsday scenario for glitchy computers that never materialized. A

2 Eco Body Lotions + a Skin Softening Trick

Raise your hand if you’ve got crocodile skin! Winter is just so darned mean sometimes – as if freezing our buns wasn’t bad enough. Aside from moving to the tropics (which by the way sounds extremely tempting right now), the best way to combat dry, flaky, itchy skin is to find a body lotion that can stand up to winter’s…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;