Stealth Tax Or Necessary Expense?

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Any big plan to make a difference in the world, in this day and age, is likely to be met by at least one person, and probably several more with the question “And who’s paying for all this?”.

It is typically a rhetorical question, although they’re usually prepared to offer the answer themselves anyway.

The implication, or the bald statement is that they fully expect the cost of the project to come out of their taxes and they don’t much appreciate this frittering away of their hard-earned cash.

Now, there are arguments to be made for and against that argument. Certainly, there always ought to be some consultation before any municipal or federal body spends tax money on a big project.

However, the idea that all environmental projects amount to stealth taxes on the citizen is one that falls somewhat wide of the mark.

As often as not, the funds are raised for these projects entirely separately from the tax levy – and equally often, the projects concerned are for the betterment of the area as a whole.

The idea that governments are prepared to visibly cock a snook at their taxpayers to fund an unpopular pet project defies political logic, apart from anything else.

Environmental projects are rarely, if ever, just an excuse to milk the taxpayer for a few extra coins. More often, they are designed to stop a blossoming problem before it becomes a crisis.

If we ignore the various problems that may arise, who will be paying? Us, our kids, and generations to come.

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