Is Your State Bicycle-Friendly?

By Davis Harper Do you live in the safest or the most dangerous state for riding a bike? The 2017 Bicycle Friendly State Report Card has the answer. Each year, the League of American Bicyclists , an advocacy group founded in 1880 to improve street conditions for bikers, releases a detailed ranking that cyclists can use to track where it’s safe, and not so safe, to hop on wheels. The group also monitors each state’s progress toward increased bicycle safety. The rankings are derived from a variety of factors, including five key bicycle-friendly actions, federal data on bicycling conditions, and summaries with feedback on how each state

Toronto cross-town bike lane could be a game-changer

(Credit: Second Avenue Protected Bike Lane via Flickr) During the recent federal election, a candidate distributed flyers promising that, if elected, her party would make “historic investments in infrastructure”. “Infrastructure” can mean almost anything, of course, but after this vague language the flyer offered something concrete: “This means building cycling lanes and better public transit.” The transit pledge wasn’t unexpected — many politicians talk about that — but her other promise was surprising and welcome. Among the dozens of issues a candidate can mention, this one chose bike lanes. Perhaps the world is changing. This month the David Suzuki Foundation is launching a campaign to have bike lanes