3 books to get you through the end of winter

Here are three books Conservation International (CI) staff can’t put down.

Why the private sector must protect tourist destinations

Businesses, resident and authorities must recognize the cycles of tourism that can lead to the destruction of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Understanding the root of our fossil fuel addiction

The underlying cause of the predicament of global warming is our wanting. In order to change the world’s trajectory, we must first understand ourselves.

A birds’-eye view of the value of natural capital

At a cost of 10 percent of the $75 trillion global economy, nature is vital to business growth and viability. Here’s how to preserve its value.

Inside Caterpillar’s culture of transformation

Starting in 2012, Global Director of Sustainable Development Tim Lindsey approached sustainability at Caterpillar as an innovative way of doing business.

How to win reputation and influence positive impact

A 21st-century executive’s guide to connecting corporate citizenship with business purpose — and the 10 questions you need to ask your all-star team.

6 Thrilling New Environmental Books for November

By John R. Platt The nights are getting shorter, the days are getting cooler and the bookstores are stocking up on great new titles. Here are six new environmentally themed books coming our way this November, addressing such issues as pesticides , poaching and climate change . Check ’em out: 1. A Precautionary Tale: How One Small Town Banned

Turn greener products into a profitable business strategy

A new handbook, considered in this review, explores the evolution of successful green marketing at big companies like GE and Johnson & Johnson.

The ethics of water as a finite resource

If water is essential to life, the ethical response is to share it with all of life.

To halt mining, a tribe and a logging community weave together

In the 1980s, a mining company tried to divide a Wisconsin community. Instead, it created “one of the country’s fiercest grass-roots environmental face-offs.”

Why we shouldn’t try to save the world

Even those of us who would like to see a very different world from the one we are living in often help to perpetuate its values with our habitual rushing around and our insistence on change over stillness.

An engineer’s perspective on the renewable energy shift

A journey through the energy system transition that must take place to shift the planet away from the worst impacts of climate change.

Your official GreenBiz back-to-work reading list

The GreenBiz community shares compelling books we can’t put down (or keep meaning to pick up).

To avert collapse, humanity needs a new narrative

A vision of the shift in which humanity pulls itself from the brink of massive disruption. From here, the future looks bright.

To avoid collapse, humanity needs a new narrative

A vision of the shift in which humanity pulls itself from the brink of massive disruption. From here, the future looks bright.

Episode 88: Salesforce opts into SuperGreen; RE100 surfs change

In this week’s episode: Climate change’s $535 trillion debt; connecting health and human capital; does “An Inconvenient Sequel” live up to the hype?

The Sustainable Living Book For Beginners: A Self Sufficiency Starter or How To Be A Self Reliant Homesteader & Have a Simple Life, Living Off Grid (Backyard Farm Books)

Free Gift with Every Purchase! All purchasers are now entitled to download a brand new bonus, The Backyard Farm Book of Organic Gardening – absolutely FREE! (See back of book for details) If you’ve spent any time watching the TV news lately, chances are you’ve seen at least one piece about the environment–and how our […]

An improbable ocean voyage to end plastic waste

In 2008, two sailors drifted across the North Pacific to Hawaii on a raft made from 15,000 plastic bottles. Their journey inspired a movement to save the seas.

Why sourcing organic meat is like finding a ‘hog in a haystack’

One small family farms’ long, painstaking commitment to “slow-food” meat sourcing.

Waste House, Library of Things disrupt city living (in a good way)

Circularity is the common denominator of new models of city living around the world.

Principles of emergent leadership for the green building community

The following is an edited excerpt from “Emerge: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community” by Kathleen O’Brien (New Hope Press, 2016).An introduction from the author:

The origins of the circular economy

The role of digital technology gave rise to circular thinking, impacting how we see the world, how the economy really works and how we can act within it.

A case for, and against, including insects in a sustainable diet

The surge of interest in edible insects might make them seem like a panacea for environmental problems. What is more likely is that no organism is inherently sustainable.