Dropping the ball: how the sports industry affects biodiversity

Tourism and energy and mining, oh my.

The 4 benefits of building a green home

Americans do want greener homes. They just don’t call them that.

The ultra-efficient, hidden heat source for Amazon’s new HQ

The “ecodistrict” project required cooperation from the city, architects and a corporate neighbor.

Behind the green building blueprints of JPMorgan, Boston Scientific and Salesforce

Their common approach: Remain open-minded, review often.

Making the rounds at Greenbuild 17

In Boston, there was a greater focus on resilience and biophilic design among the usual parade of advances and innovations at the annual expo.

Could stretch codes supercharge the green building marketplace?

To achieve the Paris Agreement targets, local jurisdictions must adopt far more aggressive energy-efficiency code requirements.

Why sustainable communities must look above the street level

And how real estate developers and investors can play a role in their creation.

Calling ‘code red’ on weakened building regulations

Policymakers in Washington and in some states are rolling back regulations that have made America’s buildings among the safest in the world.

Under construction: USGBC CEO shares an evolving blueprint

Almost a year into his new role, Mahesh Ramanujam discusses building a new generation of climate leaders alongside greener communities and cities.

Eco Buildings (German Edition)

Die aktuelle Modefarbe ist grün – und wird es hoffentlich auch bleiben. Der Ökotrend hat mittlerweile auch die Arbeitswelt erfasst. Green Buildings, Green Offices und Eco Stores sind Leitthema für wissenschaftliche Studien und Handelsmessen. Wenn auch mehr und mehr Unternehmen auf eine ökologisch nachhaltige Arbeitsumgebung setzen, nimmt ihnen nicht jeder Kritiker die Lauterkeit ihrer Motive […]

We need net-zero buildings by 2050

It’s an essential building block to tackling climate change.

Creating a truly green building may be harder than rocket science

Promised energy savings in buildings don’t deliver. The problem is inept modeling systems that fail to capture how buildings really work.

How New Orleans plans to survive the next Katrina

The Gulf city has become the poster child for building to withstand extreme weather, climate change and social or economic shocks — but there’s a long way to go.

Lessons from China’s ambitious green building movement

The nation seeks to grow this sector fivefold by 2030 with help from

Contextualizing the circular economy in building design

The circular economy is ultimately a tool, one that should be considered in most, if not all, building projects.

The commercial building sector is disrupting the lighting industry

Moving beyond energy savings and building codes for the adoption of “human-centric” lighting controls.

Interserve shows how to build green BHAGs

The outsourcing and construction services giant spins new resource use and carbon emissions targets without using industry initiatives as a pattern.

Owners, tenants raise the roof on green leases

Green leases, like one held by TD Bank, reduce office building energy consumption, save costs and create competitive advantage for building owners.

The next step in sustainable design: Bringing the weather indoors

New research points that building in harmony with nature improves employee health, attentiveness and productivity.

3 ways building controls must evolve

The dream of energy efficient, comfortable and intuitive buildings lies in better operational controls.

Making Better Buildings: A Comparative Guide to Sustainable Construction for Homeowners and Contractors

From foundation to finish, a wealth of information is available on sustainable construction methods—entire volumes have been published on individual green and natural building techniques. But with so many different ideas to choose from, there is no single resource that allows an owner or builder to quickly and objectively compare the merits of each system […]

Carbon pricing, sustainable seafood, lumens as a service

The latest crop of reports you need to read (or at least scan).

The blueprint to a low-carbon construction industry

How the construction industry can meet rising demand while navigating regulatory and financial risks and meeting climate commitments.