Field notes from “Cambodia’s beating heart”

Cambodia is trying to stop the loss of its lifeblood: the fish that thrive in these waters.

Amazing Things to Do When Camping in Cambodia

With nearly 2 million visitors every year, Cambodia provides endless opportunities to experience new adventures. As one of the top adventure destinations in South-East Asia, Cambodia is home to stunning forests and mountain views, and verdant jungles. The cities provide  a fun-filled introduction to Cambodian culture, or find your zen in the 

Our critical allies for elephants

Elephants illustrate a core truth about conservation work: It must be done alongside local communities.

Hatch and release: Can turtle tourism save a species in Cambodia?

Releasing an endangered freshwater turtle into one of Southeast Asia’s most important rivers is an exhilarating experience for a growing number of tourists.

Sometimes All You Need to Protect Turtles Are Some Duck Eggs

In Cambodia, CI has resorted to creative methods of encouraging local people to save this rare species.