Wildlife loss, flight footprints, Irish action: 3 big stories you might have missed

Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

What on Earth is REDD+?

Human Nature breaks down what “REDD+” is and how it helps to conserve forests.

This $118 million mutual fund pays companies in carbon credits

Backed by SAP, Danone and Schneider Electric, the new Livelihoods Fund aims to avert the emissions of up to 25 million tons of carbon.

Episode 89: Corporates grow onsite solar; what is ‘climate gentrification’?

In this week’s episode, Expedia takes a community approach to carbon offsets; an interview with Denver’s CSO; is alternative energy dead?

Why travel giant Expedia paid a premium for these carbon offsets

At least 60 percent of the revenue related to COTAP offsets goes directly to addressing economic inequity.

How business can yield solutions for the soil

We’re spending natural resources faster than we can replenish them. But brands, retailers and traders can help nourish the health of farmlands.

Carbon pricing is on the rise: How your business can benefit

The number of global companies using an internal carbon price has tripled in the last year, and more are poised to join them. Here’s their rationale.

Green Festivals to Offset Emissions with Carbon Credit Capital Partnership

Most people know about renewable energy in the form of solar, wind or geothermal power, for example, and the biggest and best firms in the world are pouring resources towards finding better ways to produce longer lasting products with less input. Little is being done, however, to foster a strong network of projects that reduce greenhouse [&hellip Green Festivals to Offset Emissions with

What next for Colorado’s home-grown carbon offset program?

Eight years after launching a public-private carbon offset program, it’s time for a shift in strategy.

Companies are tackling climate emissions in creative ways

From offsets to carbon pricing, a new report reveals the latest strategies for reducing carbon footprints.

Shop ClimateStore For Lower Carbon Living

Thank you to ClimateStore for sponsoring this post. As a blogger in the world of green and healthy living, I am pitched a lot of “opportunities” and products to share with my readers. Many of them just aren’t a good fit, for a variety of reasons. You see, I

Competitive surfing drops in on the sustainability wave

Geologist, clean tech evangelist and surfer Kevin Whilden is bringing sustainable practices to the surfing industry.

JetBlue’s secret for sustainability liftoff: People

JetBlue still believes that treating people well affects profits. That includes protecting ecosystems to benefit communities.