Utilities may suffer ‘significant losses’ from carbon taxes

Trucost finds that 150 percent of profits in the sector could be at risk from carbon pricing, while auto and chemicals are also in line for a shock.

Episode 107: State of Green Business hits and misses; mainstreaming climate risk

In this week’s episode, the bell curve for connected cars, corporate energy buyers face tax changes and climate disclosure gets serious.

In the complex world of sustainability, taxes are still certain

Countries remaining in the Paris accord may impose energy taxes on U.S.-refined products, which could create a new tracking and reporting nightmare.

8 Ways to Sequester Carbon to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

By Mary Hoff Klaus Lackner has a picture of the future in his mind, and it looks something like this: 100 million semi-trailer-size boxes, each filled with a beige fabric configured into what looks like shag carpet to maximize surface area. Each box draws in air as though it were breathing. As it does, the fabric absorbs carbon dioxide, which it later releases in concentrated form to be made into concrete or

More blockchain experiments that could unlock innovation

More than 200 potential applications are in the energy sector alone. Plus, don’t overlook emerging models for self-driving vehicles and tracing lumber.

Is a carbon tax on consumption the happy medium we’ve been looking for?

Here’s a better way to regulate carbon — and change the tired environment-versus-economy debate.

Carbon Tax: A Good Idea, Even if It’s From Republicans

A group of former Republican officials (including James A. Baker, Henry Paulson, George P. Shultz, Marty Feldstein and Greg Mankiw) are proposing a carbon tax starting the tax at $40 per ton, that would gradually increase. The proceeds of the tax would be distributed to every American. The average family

President-elect Trump should heed these state mandates

As the climate denier heads for the White House, here’s how other energy and environmental ballot measures fared Tuesday.

Call for action on climate change with a letter to the editor

Credit: Climate solutions and Justice via Flickr (function(n,e,w,m,o,d){m=n.createElement(e);m.async=1;m.src=w; o=n.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];o.parentNode.insertBefore(m,o); })(document,’script’,’//engage.newmode.net/embed/4/60.js’);

Here’s A Way To Spend Your Christmas Cash: Tesla Raffle Tickets

If you were lucky enough to get some cash for Christmas, or even if you didn’t but you’re feeling lucky, there’s a simple way to put that cash toward a worthy project, while also getting a chance to own one of the best cars on the planet – a Tesla. The Climate XChange Tesla Raffle, Here’s A Way To Spend Your Christmas Cash: Tesla Raffle Tickets was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join thousands of others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage.

The real social cost of carbon: $220 per ton, report finds

New research suggests that government models for the economic costs of climate change drastically underestimate the true toll of carbon.