Why You Should Care About the NRDC’s Antibiotics Scorecard

Since 2015, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has been publishing its Chain Reaction report, produced in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, Consumers Union, Food Animal Concerns Trust and Center for Food Safety. Chain Reaction is basically a report card, showing how well major fast-food (and -casual) restaurants are doing at limiting their reliance on meat products raised on antibiotics. Here’s a look at 2017’s scorecard: As you can see, far more restaurants earn an “F” than an “A.” Many of them probably don’t want you to see this scorecard. The NRDC’s report looks at where restaurants are getting meat and poultry, their policies, the total amount of antibiotics in their meat products

Chipotle’s New Videos Highlight Food Safety, Quality Ingredients

On Tuesday, Chipotle celebrated National Taco Day by launching new chorizo tacos, but some have speculated that the promotional release might just be one more way the Tex-Mex chain is trying to regain customers following multiple food-safety scares last year. As Chipotle continues to fight an uphill battle to reassure customers, it has revamped its food safety program with supplier interventions, new technologies such as high pressure systems, farmer support and training, enhanced restaurant procedures, a food safety certification program for its managers and field leaders, more restaurant inspections, an advanced electronic tracking system for

Chipotle Hopes to Reassure Customers with ‘A Love Story’

Will the power of love help Chipotle recover from its food safety woes, defecting customers and still-struggling stock price? The fast casual restaurant chain has once again produced an original animated short film in an attempt to advocate for fresh, unprocessed ingredients and ‘cultivating a better world.’ The film, which premiered online on Wednesday and hits movie theatres today, follows two young drink-stand entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, through an escalating rivalry that leads them to build competing fast food empires. They unwittingly abandon their integrity to win customers, and one day realize they can no longer recognize their creations. Ultimately, they “discover what truly matters, their love for real

How to Define – and Align – Your Brand’s Purpose, Vision and Mission

With a growing body of evidence showing that purpose-driven brands are more successful at attracting customers, retaining talent and delivering financial returns, it’s increasingly important to define some essential elements that can bring meaning to your brand: purpose, vision and mission. Whether you’re building a global brand or a young challenger brand, any brand big or small can benefit from this kind of clarity. Here’s how one of each — Unilever and Burger Lounge (a client of mine) break it down: Unilever Purpose: To make sustainable living commonplace. Vision: Double the

Touching Your Soul: Responsible Brands, the Survival of our Species and the New Nutty

Great brands don’t stop at connecting with mere outward expressions of who we think we are or what we want to be. The very best brands connect with long-held mystical beliefs underlying our rational selves, the parts of our sub-consciousness that manages and helps us to cope with all the irrational, arbitrary, inexplicable unknowns in life. These thoughts take shape in symbols forged from ancient stories reflecting patterns of thought and beliefs about how

Chipotle Continues Effort to Educate Consumers on What’s in Their Food with ‘Friend or Faux’

While major restaurant chains including McDonald’s, Subway, Panera and Taco Bell have recently begun to move away from unpronouncable, unfamiliar ingredients such as propionic acid and Yellow No. 5, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been ahead of the game, taking its suppliers to task for not meeting its rigorous animal-welfare standards, narrowing the number of ingredients it uses overall, and moving away from genetically modified foods.Now, on Tuesday, July 21, Chipotle is launching “Friend or Faux” — an integrated marketing campaign and interactive digital experience, optimized for mobile and desktop use, that invites consumers to learn about the differences between Chipotle’s ingredients and those commonly used to make fast food.“Friend or