50 Facts About the History of Santa Claus Around The World

Like most kids who grew up in the US, I became fascinated with Santa Claus from a very early age. From his fuzzy red suit and his long white hair and beard to the reindeer who pulled his sleigh, this jolly old elf who distributed presents to kids all around the world was a larger-than-life legend. But unlike other children, I never really grew out of my interest in St. Nick. Always the inquisitive kid, I had so many questions: Who was Santa Claus? Where did he come from? How did he get to be so beloved by children all around the world? Raised in the Episcopal Church, I

The Best of Christmas in Atlanta: 40+ Can’t-Miss Holiday Events

The Best of Christmas in Atlanta: 40+ Can’t-Miss Holiday Events originally appeared on Green Global Travel. Everyone knows that we’re passionate about ecotourism and nature conservation. But unless you’re a long-time reader, you might not know that our family is equally wild about spending Christmas in Atlanta, our hometown. From mid-November right up through Christmas Eve, we make a point of attending as many different Atlanta Christmas events

60 Christmas Traditions Around the World

60 Christmas Traditions Around the World originally appeared on Green Global Travel. It’s no secret among friends and family that we’re nuts for Christmas traditions, decorating our house from wall to wall and immersing ourselves in local holiday celebrations. In fact, it’s the one time of year that we simply refuse to travel. But even we didn’t know much about the various Christmas traditions around the world until we began researching this story. Hope you’ll find these 60 fun Christmas facts as fascinating as we did! ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS The origins of Christmas can be traced back to ancient pagan celebrations such as Deus Sol Invictus (observed Dec 25), the Kalends (Jan 1-5), and Saturnalia (Dec 17-23). The Christian Church

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3 Things: Secret Santa

I’m pushing 40 and I’ve only been engaged in a Secret Santa situation once in my life. What made it super fun was that I worked at a place that had 5 Krista’s with a K on staff. So when it was time to exchange our secret Santa gifts, I ended up with nothing because everybody assumed the Krista they were shopping for was another Krista and I was new on staff. When one of the other Kristas saw she had 2 gifts, she realized one was mine (because I was the only person out of 30 people at the holiday party sitting

9pk 80mm Shatterproof All Green Christmas Tree Ornaments

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3 Things: O Christmas Tree

I typically put my Christmas tree up as soon as the leftovers from Thanksgiving are put away, but I’m running late this year. It’s pretty much going to be an all-day affair tomorrow from start to finish. I’m hoping copious amounts of mulled cider and eggnog give me the mental fortitude to get it done. Which brings us to this week’s 3 Things! 1. When does your

100-Count Green Christmas Light Set

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