How cities can use data to take climate action

Data has never been bigger, but barriers to accessibility remain.

7 ways cities can encourage better energy performance in rentals

Looking at you, Boulder, Colorado.

Episode 115: Leadership from the Climate Collaborative to the Climate Group to Palo Alto

In this week’s episode, Helen Clarkson of the Climate Group and Erin Callahan of the Climate Collaborative. Plus, meet the rockstar journalist joining GreenBiz.

Why New York City is divesting from fossil fuels

Chief Resilience Officer Dan Zarrilli on the city’s divestment plans, fiscal responsibility and why the announcement is more than a symbolic gesture.

Green Seal stamps a new CEO; a Whole Foods exec fights food waste

An energy industry veteran charges up EVs, Fidelity names its first sustainable investing lead and Freddie Mac leads on diversity.

4 strategies for equitable, sustainable cities

Ensuring that underserved urban areas can implement environmental projects without resulting in environmental gentrification.

Gen Alpha: Change the water, not the fish

The ‘digital habitat’ for the generation fated to be ‘screenagers’ is crucial to any hopes for sustainability.

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times for urban mobility

New services can complement public transit, but they also could lead to worsening traffic congestion and other unwelcome effects if not managed.

Dear global mayors: Solving food waste is money in the bank

If food loss were a country, it would be the world’s third-largest emitter. Chew on these facts.

Cremona, Italy, makes the circular economy real for cities

In the last two years, Cremona has increased the percentage of waste collected separately — necessary for recycling — from 53 percent to 72 percent.

St. Louis pursues 100 percent clean energy, shrugs off coal opposition

The Gateway City is crafting its plan despite being home to one of the largest U.S. coal mines.

Uber’s competitors shift mobility to the fast lane

Mapping out the global expansion of urban mobility.

Vertical farming climbs in Cleveland, Chicago, New York

LED-powered vertical farms will generate $6 billion by 2023 — and change the way Americans eat for the first time since WWII.

Making the rounds at Greenbuild 17

In Boston, there was a greater focus on resilience and biophilic design among the usual parade of advances and innovations at the annual expo.

Savvy city planners will be tomorrow’s climate heroes

Too much of today’s conversation focuses on energy generation rather than urban design, land-use planning and zoning interventions.

Is it time to retune our mindsets?

The frame with which we approach big challenges is crucial.

It isn’t strange that cities are leading on climate action

A new partnership from C40 Cities and Climate-KIC will prioritize building retrofits, mobility and closed-loop systems.

Cities and the private sector partner for high-power innovation

Cities such as Houston and Amsterdam are tackling current climate-related challenges and generating savings and economic opportunities.

How Las Vegas aims to be the next Silicon Valley for water innovation

With millions in state funding, a new startup incubator has begun luring water innovators to Las Vegas. The goal is to create a destination for water entrepreneurs akin to the culture of Silicon Valley.

Why these cities are accelerating their autonomous vehicle initiatives

Equity, safety concerns emerge as common threads in urban mobility discussions.

Nature speaks, cities listen

Cities are in a race against climate change, and they’re in it together. The recent C40 Talks revealed the “relentless” pace from Austin to Paris and beyond.

The roots of forest bathing

Power suits, meet “Power Forests.” In Japan, Nissan and Mazda maintain agreements with a Forest Therapy Base.

Under construction: USGBC CEO shares an evolving blueprint

Almost a year into his new role, Mahesh Ramanujam discusses building a new generation of climate leaders alongside greener communities and cities.