Moving the needle: toward a more holistic and ethical fashion industry

A Q&A with Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator founder, Debera Johnson, on accelerating sustainable and digital technology in apparel production.

LA’s new cleantech chief and a champion for tomorrow’s talent

July’s monthly Names in the News roundup of sustainable business career moves covers cities, clean tech and more.

The sustainable superpower? 5 reasons for China’s clean tech boom

The Asian nation’s ascent coincides with a seismic shift in global climate policy.

Episode 84: China’s clean tech ascent and that Salesforce tower

In this week’s episode: Michelin, GM halt deforestation; a G20-approved guide to disclosure; and the troubling new math on carbon reduction.

4 ways AI helps business protect the environment

Connecting the dots for better insights and solutions is difficult because the relevant information is often siloed, but cognitive technology can help humans find patterns and interconnections.

Accelerating sustainably in Tel Aviv’s fast lane

The first start-up accelerator was founded in Tel Aviv as recently as 2011. By 2015, the city had accelerated like a Tesla.

7 companies steering the self-driving car craze

Tech heavyweights like Alphabet and Apple are just two of the contenders to watch in the fast-evolving market for autonomous vehicles.

Kering and Silicon Valley find a good fit in sustainable fashion

The acclaimed fashion company behind Gucci and Saint Laurent teams with a startup accelerator to find the next big thing in circular, durable and decarbonized fashion.

Apple’s new campus partially built with green bonds

In fiscal 2016, it dedicated over $441 million to 16 projects.

4 ways to help clean tech hit a home run

The Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures has promised to invest $1 billion in technology solutions for clean energy. These four strategies can make that money get the results we need for a sustainable future.

How virtual reality will change the world

“VR isn’t going to be a big thing… it’s going to be everything.”

9/11: A sustainability story

Everyone, it seems, has a 9/11 story. Here’s mine.

Steve Jurvetson on Deep Learning

At VERGE 15, Steve Jurvetson talks about being an early VC investor in Tesla and how the pattern recognition and optimization capabilities of “deep learning” software will help us humans adapt to a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable due to climate change. “Instead of programming something to do something, you generate a computer program that is itself, like our brain, capable of learning anything,” said Jurvetson.

From GMOs to robots, the fight over the future of food is here

Labor shortages, bioengineering and the ill-effects of climate change are just the beginning when it comes to feeding a surging global population.

Episode 36: Brexit, VW and 21st century environmentalism

This week’s podcast: Times are changing politically across the business landscape and in what’s expected of advocacy groups like the Audubon Society.

Energy meets security: Can the military scale clean power?

The state of Hawaii, famous for its large military presence, is at the center of a much bigger conversation about how national security intersects with climate adaptation.

Apple swings for the fences with $848 million solar deal

The tech giant on Tuesday announced a plan with First Solar to power all California operations with the sun, potentially becoming the budding renewable energy sector’s biggest commercial deal ever.

High-speed chargers drive EVs closer to the mainstream

Drivers have dreamed of an EV charging network for over 100 years. Auto makers and ChargePoint are bringing them home for real.

Will the oil price slump hit sales of cleaner cars?

The auto market appears committed to low-carbon vehicles, despite analyst predictions of a boost in sales for gas guzzlers.

How California took the lead in energy storage R&D

With Southern California Edison leading the way, the state is showing how batteries can help integrate renewables into the electric grid.