Financing an equitable, sharing city

With private economic inequity at a high, public financing for community health and wealth is more important than ever.

Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for the Post Carbon World

Questions of how the design of cities can respond to the challenge of climate change dominate the thoughts of urban planners and designers across the U.S. and Canada. With admirable clarity, Patrick Condon responds to these questions. He addresses  transportation, housing equity, job distribution, economic development, and ecological systems issues and synthesizes his knowledge and […]

‘We are not tourist attractions’: Indigenous leaders assert their voices in conservation

Indigenous peoples are Earth’s original — and perhaps last — stewards. Their leadership could define the next generation of conservation.

New tool could map out how countries adapt to a changing world

The latest edition of CI’s podcast series, “Inside Science,� explores the groundbreaking possibilities of the Resilience Atlas.

As Colombia pursues peace, nature could be powerful bridge

One of the country’s greatest assets offers a powerful route toward reconciliation.

Saving a shipwreck to save a village

One of Bali’s most popular dive sites is important for fish — and for local communities. Here’s how we’re helping to protect it.

Sustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide

Urban gardeners. Native seed-saving collectives. Ecovillage developments. What is the connection between these seemingly disparate groups? The ecological design system of permaculture is the common thread that weaves them into a powerful, potentially revolutionary—or reevolutionary—movement. Permaculture is a philosophy based on common ethics of sustainable cultures throughout history that have designed settlements according to nature’s […]

3 Conservation Heroes to Admire This Earth Day

With CI’s help, these three people have committed to protect the lands and waters that have sustained their communities for generations.

Filming in Cambodia, Part 1: Behind the Scenes with CI’s Video Team

Learn how the team captures their stunning footage in this three-part series.

Filming in Cambodia, Part 2: Why It’s Hard to Film in a Floating House

When you’re trying to get the perfect shot, things can — and very often do — go wrong.

Filming in Cambodia, Part 3: Fishing at Sunrise

The CI video team’s final day of shooting on Tonle Sap Lake.

Cyclone Pam Signals Slow-motion Disaster in Kiribati

CI’s Greg Stone gives a firsthand account of storm damage in the island nation — and explains why it’s a harbinger of things to come.

Indonesian Government Sinks Vietnamese Shark Poaching Boat, Creates New Dive Site

From local police to the president himself, Indonesia is cracking down on the illegal capture of its valuable marine life.

What I’ve Learned about Protecting Indonesian Forests from Rural China

A CI Indonesia staffer gains insight into community-based conservation on her first trip to China.

The Galápagos Islands’ Least Famous Residents: Its People

Human inhabitants of the Galápagos are important characters in its history, for better and worse.