A conversation with a lithium-ion battery pioneer

On the eve of receiving the Japan Prize, Dr. Yoshino looks back at his battery research that helped pave the way for today’s booming lithium-ion market.

How Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are cruising toward renewables

Plans to switch to 100 percent renewable power and install Tesla batteries won’t cost extra.

How Whole Foods uses saltwater to cut costs and boost resilience

The grocer is installing batteries in California and Hawaii to hedge its bet against power outages.

The end of natural gas is near

The once-vaunted alternative to oil and coal turns out to be a “bridge fuel to nowhere.”

Steep utility fees are killing electric-car charging stations

Sales of EVs are on a roll, but high rates are putting the brakes on fast-charging infrastructure.

Battery storage opportunities offer consistency for customers

It’s becoming increasingly clear in high-renewable electric grids that flexible resources are more valuable than flat, unchanging generation and load.

Expect strong growth this year for commercial energy storage

A perfect storm of market dynamics is making installations that combine solar PV with batteries far more attractive.

What Siemens and Walmart know about ESCOs

A younger crop of energy service companies installs batteries and software systems to boost customers’ energy cost savings.

Utilities juggle approaches to power procurement

From batteries to blockchain, new technologies in the energy sector carry the potential to upend traditional infrastructure and business models. and business models.

Looking past the horizon of renewable energy

For one, experts are coming to view energy storage as a “Swiss Army knife” for renewables.

How to solve the energy ‘trilemma’

It’s where environmental sustainability meets energy security and affordability.

Battery storage holds promise in the commercial market

Here’s how a new report from NREL shows that 25 percent of customers could reduce their utility costs.

Momentum picks up on Paris Agreement goals

Amazon, Ikea, Kellogg’s and more corporates continue making low-carbon policies, low-carbon investments and participating in the Paris Agreement.

Clean energy buyers team up to reshape policy landscape

Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Salesforce and Walmart flex muscle in the new Advanced Energy Economy trade group.

In Denver, it took a village to build a microgrid

Fifteen contracts were involved in getting the grid-tied Pena Station off the ground.

REBA, a Google SVP and a physicist find the equation for change

Google’s Urs Holzle, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and John Goodenough have the imagination and capacity to make the impossible possible for renewable energy.

How hybrid energy storage aids corporate sustainability

What happens when a single battery isn’t enough? Why solutions that include multiple technologies could be beneficial for companies that need to manage renewable energy assets.

Hydrogen fuel finds a home in Hawaii

Hydrogen fuel cells are making a come back in the renewable energy field. And in Hawaii, we’ll soon see hydrogen fuel cells in cars, fleets and microgrids.

At Enel and AGL, utilities beyond the U.S. embrace low-carbon future

Why they’re listening to customers more closely than ever to get there.

Soccer meets storage? Nissan, Eaton team up with Manchester City

A sponsorship deal will offer fans Manchester City-branded home storage devices as developers try to make energy technology mainstream.

3 reasons to get charged up about energy storage

How did batteries become such a sexy discussion topic among sustainability professionals? Here’s some advice for deciphering the headlines.

How energy-data-as-a-service is enabling innovation

Energy is now a resource that can be optimized with enterprise benefit. Energy companies are taking lessons from tech to offer energy-as-a-service.

Get ready for virtual power plants

Could this be the holy-grail application for distributed grid resources?