Environmental programs grow a better prison system

Organizations like Planting Justice reduce recidivism and impact on inmates, taxpayers, communities and the environment.

8 guiding principles for building ethical global supply chains

A peek into the sourcing framework used by essential oils company doTERRA.

How to build the 5 levels of ethical company culture

A look at the pyramid of employee dynamics that provide the base to an ethical organization.

Smooth sailing: The fight against maritime corruption

Cash, cigarettes or frozen chickens? The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network makes sure companies can ship goods without the threat of bribery.

Elemental Philosophy: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as Environmental Ideas (Suny Series in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics)

Explores the ancient and perennial notion of the four elements as environmental ideas. Bachelard called them “the hormones of the imagination.” Hegel observed that, “through the four elements we have the elevation of sensuous ideas into thought.” Earth, air, fire, and water are explored as both philosophical ideas and environmental issues associated with their classical […]